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Abreva works wonders for me, but I've been putting a little bit on nightly. I know it's pricey but go to BJs or Sams Club and just use a little before bed, but do it nightly! Also, I used to eat pistachios, and as soon as I cut them completely out of my diet, I haven't gotten a fever blister(5 months so far). Also, it sounds silly but as soon as one appears, put some abreva on and sit down and relax for a half hour and focus on something else(watch tv) my blister disappears everytime


The best remedy I have found for fever blisters and cold sores is L-Lysine 500 mg tablets. At the onset of the 'tingle', take 1000 mg of Lysine twice a day the first day; then 1000 mg daily until it is gone. I continue to take 500 mg a day for a couple of weeks just to make sure it has gone. The fever blisters and cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex 1 virus and the lysine inhibits the virus' replication ability.

If you travel overseas, take lysine with you, because it may not be available in the country you are visiting. I am in that situation currently (hitting head against the wall), but I am going to try the aspirin/alcohol paste. Thanks for this site.


I get them all them time, I know my triggers are stress and sun. So sunday, I got really red I forgot to use my essential lip balm. Monday came my bottom lip was tight I knew it was coming so I took 1000 mg L-lysine.Tuesday I didnt feel anything, I should have taken a couple of lysine.So I wake up wed and bam! My whole left part of my lip was swollen, red, and painful. I took a 1000 mg lysine, 475 (x2) goldenseal and echinach, a super b complex, and 800 mg vitamin e. Used Lysine + lip balm. By afternoon its starting to shift into blister.formation. I ice it. I also take a benedryl and another lysine. Thursday, blisters still there hurts because the skin is taut. Still swollen also . So I did the same as before: lysine, 2 goldenseals, vitamin e, 1000 mg vitamin c, and 2 super b complexes, and put on lysine + balm. Looked for some more possible treatments and came across honey. It said I needed manuka honey, well I had plain old store bought clover honey. I put it on with a qtip, went and layed down for a little bit. I then.went and looked in then mirror it was amazing , not only did the swelling subside, my lip felt better, and it had progressed to forming a scab over it. it was like it completely skipped weeping. I continued putting the honey on throughout the day. Another lysine around noon. Another one before bed. I occasionally mixed the honey on my lip with the lysine balm. Today is friday, I slept with honey on, woke up early feeling parched, went amd got some tea, put some more honey on it, it felt dry and cracky, soothing after the honey. When I am fully ready to.get up I will still follow the same vitamin regiment, and the honey. With some luck it will completely disappear by tonight but I doubt it. when I am dumb enough to let my lips burn, eventually the whole bottom lip is included. So I already have multiple scabs formed. Just gotta wait for them to soften and heal or dry.up and fall off.


I have 3 essentail oils by DoTerra that I use for my allergies. Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon. Two small fever blisters started coming up and I dabbed the mix of these three oils (that I usually inhale) directly on the fever blisters. They did not get any bigger. Within 24 hours one was gone and the other is almost gone. I've never had any thing else work that fast.


Ice, ice baby! When I first felt that tingling on my lip, I immediately took 1000 ml of Lysine. Then I took an ice cube and put it on my lip until it melted. I did this twice. Then before bed, I put Vicks on my upper lip. When I woke up the next morning, I was blown away! The blister was tiny, tiny, tiny--not the usual ugly swollen bump! I'm going to the store for Abreeva now. But I'm beyond happy!


....woke up with the worst fever blister ever had!! .....used Abreva on it for two days..did nothing...then tried Tea Tree Oil...didn't seem to work...then third day today...tried the bleach treatment...wasn't going then I mixed a paste of a little bit of rubbing alcohol and 7 aspirin...made a paste, put it on it...immediately started feeling better...swelling is down...dried it up, not even crusty...the paste will dry and come off...but, leave enough on to still work...looking like it's gone away 10 fold from early this morning...AMAZINGGG!!!...we'll see what tomorrow holds!!... :)


When you first feel the onset of a fever blister, rub bleach on that spot. It may burn just a bit, but it will prevent the fb from erupting. If your fb has erupted already, dip a Qtip into some bleach and apply directly to fb. The bleach will instantly dry the sore. You can apply the bleach as often as you like, the more applications you apply the quicker the sore will be gone. After each application use a lip balm (Vaseline, carmex, etc). The lip balm will help the scab fall off. Using bleach should clear your fb within a day. Happy fever blister fighting!!!


Ear wax is the best remedy for fever blisters or cold sores. If you can catch it at the first sign of it using ear wax will keep it from forming. I have suffered from fb and cs my whole adult life. I have bought every over the counter ointment and nothing has ever worked. Good Luck, lmk if you try the earwax and the outcome


My fever blisters appear around allergy season. With sinus drainage setting up acid overload in the stomach I find an antacid helps greatly to squelch the cause. Then I hit the lip with what ever topical cream/balm/lotion I have on hand. I do not recommend popping the blister, secondary infections are harder to deal with. Experiment with the already stated ointments and OTC remedies to find what your body responds to. Salt or nail polish remover would be ones to avoid, in my opinion. There is a difference in drying up and irrating an already inflamed area. Common sense says lots of liquids and extra rest, too. Good luck!


I came to this website to see if there was something out there other then abreva. But there really wasn't anything that I haven't tried.
So... That being said my husband and I went to Walmart to buy the same ol abreva and came across a new medicine called Releev. So I decided to try it, I broke out with not one but 2 blisters at the same time one on my top lip and the other just below on my lower lip on Monday, today is Friday I started this med on tues night and they are already DRIED UP and almost completely gone!! This stuff is amazing.. It is a bit more then abreva but it's WAY worth it! Try it you will love the results.

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