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Got my first fever blister..I woke up this morning with it and immediately decided to go online to check quick resolutions. So I Decided to go with the what made lots of sence. I used apple cider vinegar off and on 4 to five times all day along with alternating ice packs and hot packs during the day 10 to 15 minutes at a time and when I went to bed I covered the blister up with Desitin (yes the baby diaper rash cream) and covered with a bandaid. The next morning I removed the bandaid and cleaned off the desitin with warm water..poof the blister had dissolved and was ready to heal up. This blister was completely gone n 3 days. Please note the apple cider vinegar stings. Hope this helps..good luck...


I had a huge blister 2 days ago and I am happy to say its almost gone. Here is how I did it:
1. The doctor gave me a prescription for acycloir.
2. I used ice compresses every 15 minutes...break then a warm compress then another.
Various times in the day.
3. I used witch hazel to clean the area.
4. After so much ice..the blisters popped
..witch hazel and abreva on it.
5. More compresses and by 3 rd day almost gone.
Quickest healing method ive ever used.

This sucks!

I currently have a fever blister... I came to this page because camphor was NOT working... I saw a post saying to try alcohol and then put some butt cream and a bandage.... HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! It is WAYYYYYYY BETTER IN JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS!!! I spray rubbing alcohol on it then dabbed on a&d cream, and applied a bandage.... Left it on about 2 hours let it air out for about 3 hoursand it was incredible! Now I'm about to go to bed so I sprayed more alcohol and just put more a&d and bandage.... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ALCOHOL AND BUTT CREAM!!!!!!!!!


when i get a fever blister, i immediately get the Dawn dish washing liquid, squirt a tiny bit in my hand, add enough water to make it bubble and apply may have to do it a couple times, but it is the best drying agent that i have found and it doesn't sting like alcohol

never use a chapstick or balm straight from the tube, it leaves bacteria, squirt it on your finger to apply

usually stress causes mine, but also if i eat too much citrus (oranges and strawberries are the worst), the citrus acid causes an overload to the system


Best remedy I have come across for fever blisters, good old 70% isopropyl alcohol. I used abreva at the tingle phase, but the blister came up anyway the next morning. I applied the rubbing alcohol frequently and allowed it to dry. It will sting a little if exposed to healthy tissue so be careful. It cooled the blister, and stopped that annoying itchy feeling. I still occasionally used the abreva too. However, I will tell you the healing properties were mostly attributed to the isopropyl alcohol. I probably could've cut out the abreva completely because I only applied it once or twice and followed up with the alcohol. The next morning there was a small spot, where a darker scab had formed, barely noticeable, and not swollen or itchy at all. This was the quickest drying time I'd ever experienced in over 20 years. Normally it wouldn't taken me about 3 days with abreva only at a minimum before it would even start to dry up. I'd like to add that abreva doesn't seem to work as well for me anymore. Note: I used it at the first sign of the tickle, in the past abreva didn't allow the sore to come up. Just my personal experience.


I get fever blisers all the time and as everyone knows they are embaresing.. i get them everytime i am super stressed out, well i have tried everything even Abreva and every other over the counter cream, and alcohol, you name it i tried it. well this last time i got one it was the day before the biggest meeting of my career and i freaked out and the only thing i had in the house was my sons maximum strength desitin, so i used alcohol on the blister and on the needle and popped the blister and applied more alcohol then i applied a large amout of the desitin to the sore and covered with gause and tape and went to bed thinking i was going to have to cancel my meeting. when i woke up i took the cover off and used alcohol on the sore very carefully and all that was left was a little scab, no redness, no swelling or anything, so i took a shower and soaked the scab very well and put baby oil on it and carefully took the scab off and all that was left was a little red mark that was easily covered with a little bit of makeup and off i went :-) from now on i will only use butt cream on my face lol who would have thought


Used two of the home remedies I found on this website. I felt the blister coming on Friday after being very stressed. By Saturday morning (today) it was here in full force.

The pain got to be a little much and the swelling was awful.

I made two pastes -

First- toothpaste, table salt and neosporin (I instead used batcraband cream - prescription cream for my daughters staph infections)

I put the paste on for 10 mins then wiped off. I did this 3 times, 10 mins each time, immediately reapply. Will feel like icy hot on your lip.

Second - about 10 advil pills and peroxide. (someone else had posted rubbing alcohol and asprin, but I had to make do with what I had).
Took a while for the advil to dissolve, but will create a paste. I put this on a couple mins after the first paste I used. Talked on the phone for about 15 mins, wiped off and reapplied immediately. Left the second round on for about 10 mins.

Each time I wiped a paste off, it looked a bit better. Definitely drying out. Can see it after using each paste. And it took all of about an hour. Also seems like it helped some with the swelling.

First time I have ever tried home remedies. I am 20, have gotten maybe one or two a year the past couple years.

I also read that bleach will really help dry it out. Will dab some on before bed tonight after doing the toothpaste/salt/neosporin paste a couple more times.

Let's hope this thing is gone before Monday. We all know how embarrassing they are.


I have tried so many things and my the best thing for me is an item that is hard to find in stores. It is called Curasore. I have found it in a mom and pop drug store and online. It has ether in it and dries the fever blister right up.


I have had fever blisters appear for several years. Three days ago I felt the 'tingle' on the upper corner of my lip and immediately went for the Abreva. The next day the blisters had come to a head, there was swelling and discomfort. After reading several of the home remedies I decided to try making a paste from toothpaste (I used Colgate), table salt, and Neosporin. I applied the paste to the affected area, and noticed an immediate cool/burning sensation (similar to how icy/hot would feel). The blisters completely drained. I removed the paste after 10 min. the re-applied the paste, then removed after another 10 min. and applied abreva. I repeated this process a few hours later, then followed up with ice for 10 min, and another coat of abreva. This morning the blisters were completely gone and all that remains is a small red spot. This treatment worked extremely well for me.


I know everyone here are providing so called 'home remedies' I have had fever blisters ever since I was a small child. I've used every over the counter and prescription ointment the 80's, 90's and 2000's have had to offer. Abreva, Denavir, Releeve, ect. I've also tried every 'home remedy' on the internet. YES, some of the ointments and home remedies partially work, as in, relieving pain, increasing heal time and aid in the resolution of the fever blister in 3-5 days with multiple applications. I use the word success to describe these methods lightly because to me, 3-5 days is not a sufficient measurement for success. As painful as these little things are, why aren't we talking about actual real successful remedies, instead of just home remedies that don't really pass the test of real success. Here is my story:
I had always heard from my doctor that a certain medication was being used to treat fever blisters. I immediately shrugged it off because I couldn't swallow my pride to actually follow through with the perceived embarrassment for getting and filling such a prescription. About two years ago, I sucked it up and went for it and I am so glad I did. This is the only true remedy! We all know Fever Blisters are a form of Herpes. So why not use a medication that directly fights and suppresses Herpes. I got a prescription for the Generic Valtrex pill. I only got 10 pills.
-When I feel the tingle I take one, and it is gone within hours
-If I wait until it is already there, post tingle, I take a pill right then and another 12 hours away, and the fever blister is completely gone, Start to finish in less than 24 hours!!!!

Now that is remedy! As painful and ugly as these things are, I sucked up the embarrassment of getting Herpes medicine, but I am so glad I did. If you want the only thing that actually works, just have your Doctor give you a sample of Valtrex or generic Valtrex, you will be converted as I was. I know some people that take 4-6 pills every month regardless of having a fever blister and they haven't had outbreaks in years.

Just my 2 cents, I am in no way affiliated with Valtrex or Generic Valtrex.

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