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If all of these remedies fail, you can cut a small piece from a fabric type of band aid and put it over the fever blister. At least you will be able to cover your ruby red flashing neon sign with something that is more presentable.

To be sure you will still be self conscious but you can get on a bus or train and most people won't notice it.


I woke up with a fever blister Wednesday morning. Each day it grew bigger and more painful. Not only did the fever blister get bigger, my lip was swollen, the side of my face was swollen and painful to the touch. I used some sort of ointment but it was not working. Lately I have moved to using more natural ways of healing myself. I found this website and bought myself some tea tree oil. I mixed with a part tea tree oil and part olive oil. I did not have any eucalyptus oil so I left that out. I started applying the mixture about 4-hours ago and have made 3-applications so far. It works..!! It works…!! It works…! The swelling has gone down, my lip has deflated, the pain in the side of my face is gone and I have only used it for the last 4-hours. I will be using this for some other stuff on my body as well. I will updated in a few days. I hope that the blister will be completely gone…!! Loved it..!!


Ok abreva dose work but I have had it on all day every day for a week and it still haven't worked help me


Was plagued by frequent fever blisters most .mt life. Found out it was caused by eating peanuts or peanut butter(which I adore), also sesame seeds, squash... I know, ouch, love them all but the feed the amino acid the feeds the cold sore/fever blister virus that we carry and lowers our lysine level. Lysine is in most treatments and I take the supplement also. Getting to much sun and a fever also causes a breakout. Always use chapstick with sunscreen. Wowbutter (wmart) GOOD no nuts


I read once in a blog that ice prevents fever blisters. Its true! The trick isto apply ice AS SOON AS you feel it start to tingle! Just hold an ice cube on the area until it melts, about 10 minutes, no less tgan 5. And it will stop it from developing! Havent had one in 2 years, except thd time I didn't apply ice soon enough & it partially developed. If you do haceone that develops, topical vitamin c at first & neosporin cream in scab stages will help it heal faster. L-lysine & vitamin c taken internally definitely help prevent getting them at all, but I just hse the ice method & it works like a charm!


I hear about peroxide and lysine vitamins... Has anyone tried making a paste out of the two if so any info about it? If not... Guess I am the guinie pig I popped the blister, applied alcohol and now testing the peroxide/lysine paste... We'll see!


ha ha i literally have like 3 two on my mouth and a giant one to the right of my mouth,Last night i applied campo phonique about 5 times and did not work for me at all don't get that.I will stop being cheap and buy the abreva next time


I haven't had a blister in maybe over a year. I had one pop up about a WEEK ago!!! I have used apple cider vinegar the first couple of days, dabbing it on throughout the day. After that I started using abreva and occasionally vinegar. Anyway, right now I'm gon through the nasty scab phase. Is there anyway I can get rid of this thing without burning my lip off??!! Please HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!

Wilma Mazingo

This will not be a quick relief from a fever blister already on the lip. But if you will take a 500 mg. pill of L-Lysine dietary supplement everyday you will prevent them from ever coming back. I use to get one on my lip in the same spot every 6 weeks just like clock work. since starting L-Lysine I have not been bothered once with them. It really works. And yes stress does bring them on.


Someone in this forum mentioned lysine+ and the supplement L-Lysine. After suffering and trying out all the other remedies like honey which work for a while. I went and bought Lysine+ over my lunch break. Within one hour, my lips were drying out, blisters popping and relief is at hand. I had huge puffy lips for about three days with no end in sight. Thank you to those posters to mentioned it. Lysine+ is so amazing.. seriously amazing. I get fb any time I go to the pool or the beach so having this is so amazing.

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