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3 Home Remedies for Loose Teeth


what ya do is put some orajel on the gum and use floss and wrap it around and pull and it takes a while hurts a little!
Hope it works! Sry if not! :(

E. K.

I have had several loose teeth tighten up--verified by my dentist--by trying a certain technique. I have been biting on rubber--taking turns on both sides of my mouth and also front teeth. I concentrated on my lower teeth front teeth for it seemed that, because of my bite, they were not getting enough stimulation and exercise.

The rubber was obtained from a turkey baster. After cutting a strip of rubber, I folded so it gave me a three fold resistance.

After my dentist expressed amazement on how my loose teeth tightened up, I risked having her think I'm crazy and told her what I had done. She encouraged me to continue doing it.


Massage the teeth for 10 minutes with a mixture of mustard oil and table salt twice daily.

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