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16 Home Remedies for Leg Pains

Hard Hat

At the suggestion of a health food store clerk, I tried horse chestnet. It's a German folk remedy for varicose veins. It really does make my chronic leg pains less. But it's not a cure. I tried going with and without one recommended daily horse chestnut pill. And on the days that I take it and for successive days, my chronic leg pain is markedly reduced. There's one additional benefit that's not mentioned. It increased my sex drive. Must be the increased blood flow!


My husband has persistent leg pain and we were told to place a bar of regular soap that you would use in the shower under our bed sheets. I thought this was one of the craziest ideas, but we tried it. He's been without leg pain for quite sometime now. It really works.


Whenever I was little and had leg pains, my mom would make me prop my legs up with a pillow. It always seemed to work.


Take cayenne and lobelia to aid the healing process.


Take bonemeal, dolomite, and vitamin E for chronic pain.


Massage the affected areas with a little lobelia.

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