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9 Home Remedies for TMJ Syndrome

Rev. Fred

I've had TMJ for over 40 years. And at times I may wake up and my right side is clicking and cracking to the point that it just fires everything up including your anxiety over it. I have found that if you can lay back down on your left side, keeping your tongue against the roof of your mouth and just relax, sleep 1-2 hours, when you awake your jaw will have placed itself back...the trick is to relax. When anxiety is present in your life as it is in mine off and on, this will occur, you need to RELAX and put them both to sleep. The rest of the day just beware of it, yet stay relaxed. When you eat take small bites eat on side very lightly on the other. I've also found that when eating and watching TV you must at all costs turn your whole body in the direction of the TV, not just your head, that puts that jaw out of purportion and will either go out or start to crack, stiffen up whatever. As long as you are looking at the TV (and eating) have your whole body in line with your sight..sounds crazy but it has happen way too often with me to put it aside. Good luck and remember a little prayer along the way will help as well.


I tried all of the exercises and sleeping techniques which helped. I would also recommend talking to a specialist in natural medicine about Kava if nothing else helps. The tea really helped me. It is a relaxes the muscles. It may have side effects and cant be taken with certain meds or conditions.


I was having jaw problems and was diagnosed with mild TMJ. I noticed that when my jaw was acting up the most was the day after I had put lots of pressure on it. I usually lie down on my stomach in bed and brace my head by letting it sit on my jaw. Bad idea! I found that if I put pressure on my jaw, it would make me suffer. Avoid unnecessary pressure on the lower jaw.


I was diagnosed with this about 2 days ago. Trust me i know how bad the pain is. I couldnt sleep at all and it seemed the strongest of medicines werent helping one bit. You really need to go to a doctor or your dentist. Doctor can give you pain meds,but the dentist can too and they can help realign your mouth. Most pain meds dont really work though, but putting ice packs on the side of your jaw helps alot. If the pain is now an aching pain in your teeth you can try drinking warm milk. but i must warn you it taste horrible. but i tried it and it has releived some of the pain. Dont talk, laugh, cry, sing, chew gum or any chewy food or candy, and dont grind your teeth or clench your jaw. Take it easy and stay away from stress.


GO SEE AN ORTHODONTIST, AS YOUR JAWS MAY BE LINED UP WRONG. I work at an orthodontist & a lot of TMD is caused by a 'malocclusion' which translates to a 'bad bite.'


Sprinkle a little ground flax seed over your food. It helps ease the pain of TMJ. It used to be so bad that I often couldn't even open my mouth in the morning, but just a little on my cereal each day and sprinkled or mixed into my other meals drastically helped.


My chiropractor taught me this technique, and it really works. Stand in front of a mirror the first time so you can see the difference in your jaw movement.

First, open your mouth wide and observe the movement of the jaw (mine goes to the right).

Place the tip of your tougue against the roof of your mouth and slowly move your jaw up and down. To ensure that the movement is only up-and-down, you can place your finger on your chin with very slight downward pressure.

This will retrain your muscles in the proper jaw movement. Do this as often as possible, several times a day.

After a few weeks, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my symptoms, and my jaw no longer shifts to the right as it did before. You will need to continue to do this to retrain your jaw muscles.

Also, sleeping on yourback with a cervical pillow can help as well, but it's harder to train yourself to stay on your back!


I have TMJ Syndrome and I am able to keep it under control. First, don't chew gum to much it will trigger TMJ. When you do get symptoms its important to sleep on your back with a pillow under your head & legs at the knees. And you should relax your tongue, put you in the roof of mouth. My dentist told me this and it has always worked for me.


I found out from my doctor that heating my trigger points (right by my temple), especially if the tmj is painful will help me feel better. I started doing it, and it worked, but it was a real pain to have to hold heat packs up to my face. I found this product on the internet called the IceCaddy. The IceCaddy is a Velcro sling with 2 pouches on either side to put heat/ice packs into (it even comes with 2 packs). When I lay down, I put the IceCaddy around my face and close my eyes. The IceCaddy allows me to heat my face hands free and helps me relax. I use it for about a half hour, with my eyes closed, and slowly breathing in and out. When the time is up, I feel calm and relaxed.

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