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75 Home Remedies for Nail Fungus


One's own urine is the best, most efficient treatment for fungus. I had fungus on both big toes. After trying OTC treatments and tea tree oil with emu oil the fungus continued to spread and threatened the nail matrix. I started wearing polish to hide my nails! (I never wear polish!).
I read about urine treatment and figured it couldn't hurt. It worked fast. The fungus stopped spreading after one soaking. Within a month the affected nails were lifting so I pulled them off. I then soaked the fresh under-nail skin in my urine. Both nails have grown back healthy and pink.
Save your money and stop the fungus with your own rememdy.


Rubbing lavender essential oil on your nails will clear it up. Tea tree oil also works.


Keep your nails clipped back as far as you can without causing pain, and rub Vicks Vaporub into the nail and the skin around the nail two times daily. You may have to continue this for several weeks or months before noticing improvement.


Okay this is a really good remedy I did it and they were whiter after I did it, I swear! Fisrt you take lemon juice and soak your toenails in it for 5 minutes don't wash them!!!!! Then brush your toenails with toothpaste. After that wash they with warm water. Dry your feet and wait 3 minutes and get a nail file and buff the top of your nails real good. Put your toes in in water and dry them off and last put on 2 coats of clear growing nail polish.


An RN told me to use rubbing alcohol to destroy the membrane around the fungus and then soak in bleach. I had a fungus on my fingernail and followed her advice. I also used a product called Fung Off. You can get it at Sally's Beauty Supply. Do the alcohol, bleach then Fung Off in that order as many times as you can every day. Mine cleared up in less than two weeks.

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