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PEROXIDE - kind to flesh yet is a strong (in this context) oxidizer. Bubbles off oxygen as it works. Help it get thru thick nails by filing so it can work. Why dilute or mix with other treatments? Peroxide is the real deal. Very inexpensive. Excellent for corns as well.

Carol K.

I saturate my nails with the Vaporub (generic brand at dollar stores do just as well), then use the clear disposable gloves on my feet that you have seen people use in food preparation and left them on overnight. (These disposal gloves can also be obtained from a home improvement store or beauty supply store too.) The 'thumb' of the glove will fit over the big toe and each and every toe will go in the other 'fingers'. This helps to ensure a good coverage of the Vaporub and I find that the gloves do not come off your feet at night. It also helps keep your sheets/bedcovers from being greasy too!
I don't know yet how well this treatment really works because I have been doing it that long. But, if Dr. Oz says it will help, I willing to give it a good try because it makes sense.


Here goes a good one. Came up with it based on some terrible chemical shit this podiatrist prescribed me to stop my feet from sweating along with some knowledge of mycology ;)

Get yourself a bowl with apple cider vinegar and soak a pair of socks in the bowl.

Wash your feet. Put on the socks with the soaked ACV. Here goes the trick. Get a freezer bag, or some type of poly-bag, and put the bag over your ACV soaked feet. Tape the bag at the ankles as to not lose anything from the socks. Go to sleep...

Fungus is funny, but yet simple.

Fungus starts by building a mycellium network, which takes place in a dark and moist environment WITHOUT air flow.

Mycellium is an underground network that thrives on compost, but that network can only thrive if the network advances to LIGHT and AIR, hence your nail.

Why don't you see more mushrooms and more fungus in the wild? This is simply because the mycellium network is lurking underneath, but it has many competitors that just blow it out of the water. Think about an apple tree out in the wild vs. fungus. Who will win? My bet is on the tree!

So what this all boils down to is that you want to defeat the mycellium at it's own game. By putting on the socks with the ACV and cutting off air flow, you will allow the ACV to compete with a weaker fungus (mycellium).

Trust me when I tell you that the ACV will win every time.

If you have a severe case of fungus then you will want to trim your nail down to the point where you are gouging healthy skin. also, roughen the top of the nail before doing this as you want the ACV to be able penetrate all that it can.


I Have had toenail fungus for 20 years on my big toe. The nail was lifted almost all the way, but still attached. I then read about the Listerine solution and since I already some for my gums, I thought why not? I might add I got the generic and I got the antiseptec blue color. However, I didn't like the idea of soaking my foot so I got an eye-dropper and daily put four or five droppers full under the nail until it ran out and into the sides of the nail. My nail was already green and thick and I could see the blue line under the nail so I knew it was reaching where I wanted it to go. After a couple of weeks I could see new pink nail coming up. It's now been several months and my nail is seventy-five percent pink and normal. I won't use nail polish untl it is totally cured. The hardest part of this procedure is lifting my leg up onto the sink. It takes all of one minute once a day and I am very excited to finally have a clear toenail in sight. I never filed the thick nail and used just one nail file for that toe so as not to contaminate the other nails. The end is in sight. Hope this works for others.

Assaf CK

Rubbing Alcohol

I used rubbing alcohol - that is, a 70% alcohol solution in water - on my toenails for about 3 months now, morning and evening, and at this point, slightly more than half of my big toe's nail is clear. That said, the clear nail still has something a little imperfect about it. I believe that after a year or two of this, the nails would be completely healthy. The alcohol is easy to use, and evaporates relatively quickly. I bought a dropper and the alcohol at a pharmacy. I dripped a few drops, waited for it to dry and then dripped once more. Thus, morning and evening, as mentioned. Once a week I brushed the nails with a rigid brush. As for the price, the rubbing alcohol costs about 2 dollars for 100cc bottle which lasts about a week. So, this seems to work.

C Jones

I have been using the Vics vaporub remedy for the last 4 months on big toenail fungal infection. It has prevented spread but not completely removed. Still impressed!

Just browsing pharmacies today, came across Canesten solution (1% clotrimazole) recommended for nail infections.

Well I have some of their thrush cream and it's 2% clotrimazole!

So, remedy - thrush cream on your toes!


My dad has had this problem for quite a while. So far we have tried a mixture of half mouthwash and half vinegar and are applying it to the infected toenails. It sees to be working though very slowly (it been over a year). I am now also incorporating a foot soak of about two teaspoons of tea-tree oil(as it is a natural anti-fungal) and some hot water for about 15 minutes two to three times a week while skipping the mouthwash and vinegar for those days. I'll let you guys know how its working in a month.



That's it, thats all you need, 1 product.
Rapigel is a Horse & dog linament, but has all the ingredients and no fuss.
Wash your feet morning and night and afterwards just rub into roughened nail bed and all over feet. It helps keep them dry as well. You can buy this product from any Pet and Produce store, but it is an Australian product, but also safe to use on us as well. Because it's a gel it dries quickly but absorbs into the nail, so no soaking. This has worked for me and I have had toenail fungus on both of my big toes for over 15 yrs years. Try it it's the same as using all the other combinations of products and cheaper in the long run.


My remedy for nail fungus is 100% pure tea tree oil. That's it, that's all that is needed.

Prior to using tea tree oil, I did some research online to find out the best commercial products to use and found many mention of Loceryl and the like, but I found it was too costly for my taste. So I researched online again for 'natural' remedies and came across tea tree oil. It just so happens that I had some on hand, so I decided to use it one night. The 1st week, just by running my finger over the top of my big toe, I felt a big difference as my big toe previously contained ridges and was not smooth. I clipped my nails very short, and applied more tea tree oil very other day, and in the 2nd week, the nail fungus was 80% gone. Now, I am in my 3rd week, and the nail fungus is completely gone.

So, please don't shell out your $50 for no commercial products, but instead get yourself a bottle of 100% tea tree oil for less than $20 and you will be set. It is good for a host of remedies including dandruff, lice, fungus, etc. due to its anti-bacterial elements.

Now, I am a very happy camper.


Tea Tree Oil plus DMSO

you can order both online or get them at a health store. mix equal parts in a small container. several times a day, or whenever you think about it, shake the container to mix, and use a Qtip to apply to the top and the skin around the affected nail. I usually remembered before i went to bed and when i washed my hands after using the restroom.

this remedy helped me clear up severe finger nail fungus that i acquired by being a bartender and having my hands in water for 25 hours a week. with regular use, it took about four months. if my nail looks like it is starting to separate again, i will just apply this solution for a week, and it usually goes back to normal.

*before i tried this, i had tried lamisil pills, peroxide, garlic, vick's vapor rub, and various over the counter remedies.

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