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75 Home Remedies for Nail Fungus


I have found that treatment alone does not prevent recurrence, and ongoing use of a shoe sterilizer (such as SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer) is more effective at staying free from fungus long-term. Without it, I wind up getting reinfected sooner or later.


I had nail fungus in my big toe nail for over 10 years and tried everything under the sun. It has been every colour from yellow to green to brown to grey and back again. As the nail detached itself from the nail bed I must have lost about 10 nails and each one grew back detached with the fungus still there. For a long time I used tea tree oil which gave a bit of result but it did not clear it. But I ended up becoming allergic to it and every time I applied it, the next day I would have tiny itchy blisters between my toes and the skin became really fragile and started splitting. I thought I had really bad athletes foot or eczema but then I cottoned on that it only came after using the tea tree oil and a few days after I stopped using it the blistering and itching stopped. However, I now have half a healthy big nail which has grown attached to the nail bed and here is how I have managed this. First, regular foot soaks in white vinegar or apple cider vinegar along with epsom salts or baking soda. Try to avoid wearing socks and wear open toe shoes as much as possible so there is little moisture and plenty of daylight on the nails. You need to do this for at least 3 months or longer. Then, when the first sliver of healthy nail started appearing at the base of the nail, I applied neat hydrogen peroxide with a cotton bud every morning and sometimes in the evening, making sure it gets under the nail and around the edges. I stopped doing the foot soaks (as it is quite time consuming as you need to soak for about 20 minutes). Now I only use the peroxide daily and I have managed to get half a nail back. It takes a very long time (so far about 6 months) but I think if I can stick with it I will eventually have an attached clear nail. Also if you need to wear socks, wear ones that have individual toes as they keep your toes dryer than normal socks and wash them in disinfecting laundry liquid after each wear.


I've had nail fungus on three of my fingers of my left hand for years, tried everything under the sun to get rid of it and finally just relegated my self to the fact that I'd just have to live with it. So, I just kept them filed down to make them look better and remove the scaly layers. Then by accident one day, I did something that seemed to have an effect on it. I fish a lot and recently (about 3 months ago) my worms got really dry in the bait shop container they were in, so I dipped a little water from the lake in to get them wet. I used my fingers to mix the water, dirt, and worms. When I got home, I noticed the three nails infected had turned brownish black. I thought it was just discoloration from mixing the worms, dirt, and lake water so I rinsed them off, but the discoloration was still there as if the nails were somehow stained. I thought nothing of it until a few weeks later I noticed a new nail was emerging and the brownish black part was moving upward behind the new nail emerging, and the scaling had stopped. Boy, was I shocked to see a new nail emerging! The only thing I can figure was that earth worms secrete a slimy enzyme and maybe that was possibly what caused the reaction to my nails. I don't know, but if the new nails grow all the way out, I'll jump for joy! They are about half way out now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


For years, I had nail fungus on several of my right foot toes. I tried many home remedies such as; tea tree oil, Vick's, vinegar, bleach... but none worked. I was not willing to risk liver damage with medication or pay the high cost for laser treatment. I had read that simply heat could kill the common types of nail fungus. A year ago I began heat treatment on my right foot big toe. This toe had serious fungus for over ten years. I was not to optimistic about successful results but what did I have to loose. To my surprise, after a couple of months, my nail began to grow out healthy with no signs of fungus. It has been about one year now since I started treatments and that nail is 100% grown out and healthy. I have before and after pictures. My wife and other volunteers have since tried the treatment, also with success. I can provide complete instructions, a list of items used for the treatment, or if you choose, I can provide a kit for your convenience and at a cost of $20 which less than buying the parts individually.


I had a fungus for around half a year, got it from swimming pool shower. Visited a few doctors and tried to remedies, but none of them relieved my itching and removed fungus from my two toes.

By accident, I saw an add on a beauty salon window of argan oil based Yoffee Clear. I have bought it after around a month of seen it... didn't believe in yet another treatment. However, it proved working for me and for my uncle. I used it for around 2.5 months and haven't had fungus so far (1m).

It is very good and the only drawback is that you need to apply it pretty often, at least morning and evening... otherwise I am pretty happy with my experience.


Yoffee Clear based on Argan oil


First you soak your nail with warm water, then try carefully to scrap out the fungus under your nail. You need to smash a clove of raw garlic and put it in between 2 layers of thin gauze, place it over your nail and tape all around your toe. You can keep this in your nail for no longer than 5 hours because it can irritate the skin around your nail. I also place, at the same time, small pieces of the smashed raw garlic between the nail and the nail bed, only remember to take out these small pieces of garlic when you take out the bandage from your nail. You can do this treatment every day or every other day depending on the tolerance of your skin to the garlic. It worked great for me.


Vicks vaporub!!!!! Seriously the fastest way to cure fungus on toe nails as well as athletes foot that usually is present with toe nail fungus. The trick is to rub the vaporub into the affected area and cover with a bandaid or even just wear a sock before going to bed every night. It only takes a few weeks to completely clear up but you see results instantly. I was counting on Apple cider vinegar for the fungus but was too time consuming and clearly it smells horrible so I stopped.


I would just like to mention that Fungus stays on nail clippers and other nail tools. They must be cleaned with a brush, soap and water and then rinsed and sterilized in 70% alcohol for a minimum of 10 minutes after each use. Do not cut a contaminated nail then a healthy nail ever. Do not share these tools with others or use yours on your children etc. Never let a nail technician use dirty tools on your nails either. A professional should always cleans and disinfects her tools in a sterilizer or a sterilizing liquid. You can contaminate yourself easily just by using it on the unhealthy toenail without protecting your beware of cross contamination. I'm a cosmetologist and everything I use or almost is throw away stuff I only use once. Except my metal tools which I clean and then disinfect religiously.


I have been working on my toe nail fungus for over four years already. I tried many remedies found on the web without any success. HOWEVER, I tried soaking my foot in a large bucket filled with just WATER enough to cover my toes and believe you worked. I got rid the fungus on my big toe and the second toe is almost gone.

I trim my nails heavily and I file the top of the nail too.

I also bought over-the-counter athlete's foot cream and I followed the instructions to the letter.

This fungus appeared out of nowhere and it has (almost) ruined my life. In the summer I couldn't wear sandals and I always had to hide my toes.

Now I can't wait for next summer.

I hope this information will help someone else.

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