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Insomnia Home Remedies

41 Home Remedies for Insomnia


Snuggle up in bed turn up the air conditioning and wrap yourself in all your blankets and watch a really boring documentary or something that does not interest you, and try to stay awake. You'll pass out before you even know it


Tuck a lavender sachet under your pillow before leaving for the day. When you come home you will sleep better.


The scent of vanilla summons a sense of calm. While changing cloths for bed, light a vanilla candle. Moisturize hands and arms with vanilla scented cream. Tension will be gone.


Use honey as a tranquilizer and sedative.

prajeesh kumar.g

for people suffering from sleeplessness,it is very effective for them to roast a pinch of cinnamom till it turns grey black and it gives an,boil these roasted(without oil)cinnamom in a glass of water and consume it half an hour before you go to works out miraculously.


Excercise regulary, drink caffeine free drinks, and no sugar contained foods or drinks before bed.


Take a hot bath with a little basil in the water to help relax before bed.


Drink chamomile, lobelia, or peppermint tea or warm milk before bed.


Take hops, lobelia, passion flower, skullcap, or valerian to aid relaxation and for a calming effect.


Take calcium, iron, and potassium to help with sleep.

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