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41 Home Remedies for Insomnia


Inhaling marijuana smoke shortly before going to bed has been known to aid in getting to sleep. You may feel groggy in the morning, but a quick run around the block will fix it, no problem. There are debates regarding the morality and in some cases the legality of this method, but works.


I guarantee this will help some if not cure your insomnia. Eliminate drinks and foods containing Splenda, Nutrisweet, Aspertame, and Sugar Alcohols! Your better off with sugar.

Secondly, Grape juice and teas are better than sodas and coffee. Some Fruit juices and fruits have natural sugar sources. Substitue your prefered alcoholic beverage with red wine, and try to keep consumption to two glasses or less. No coffee after noon, switch to tea. Eliminate trans fats and pork. Diet and exercise improvements should be made even if small.

Debbie Thompson

This works like a charm...

Heat milk to the point just before it boils (frothy on top) then add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 level tsp of sugar and sprinkle cinnimon on top stir very well and drink while hot. You'll be out in no more than 15-20 minutes.

The heating directions are crucial to activating the natural sedative in milk; the rest is just for flavoring.


'Solaray' Sleep Blend is sold at the Vitamin Cottage and other health stores. This is excellent for sleep, no hangovers if you have to work the next morning.

It's a blend of Valerian, Hops, Skullcap, Passion Flower, Dandelion, Chamomile, Marshmallow and Hawthorn.

I'm also a big fan of Melatonin, 1/2 mg., but I don't like to take the same thing all the time.

If you're ok with antihistamines, 'Unisom' works very well on occassion when you want to be 'knocked out' fairly quickly. Will hang you over if not taken early enough and if you use it too often, it'll have the opposite effect and make you nervous so you can't sleep


Chamomile tea steeped for 3 minutes with a bit of milk and 2 Tbsp natural honey, a hot shower to reduce your body's natural temperature as you lie down to rest and a good book as you lie down.


Chamomile tea with 1.5 tbsp. honey and a bit of milk. It works, even for kids (honey is sleep inducing and it even has mother's 'warm milk' remedy.


2.5 mg Melatonin sublingual
under your tougue
1/2 hour before going to bed.
I use 'Source Naturals' brand. I purchase it at health food stores.
This works best for me.


What I have tried and seems to work for me....this may sound weird to some but give it a try....K lay in your bed on your back and put your hands on your chest (or in the most confortable position for you)then in your mind starting at your feet say my feet are really relaxed and feel them relax, then move up to your ankles and do the same, then move onto your calves, then knees and so on. Hopefully this will put you out, if not lay in the most comfortable position and try it. Hopefully this works for some.....another little tid bit is maybie put on some soothing music (like enya)..


A good hot cup of chamomile tea (it is really mild) with 2 tablespoons of honey for sedative effects as well as flavor). p.s. - also fabulous for thinning nasal mucus running down the back of your throat. Drink the tea, take a shower or bath, relatively hot as your body temperature will drop and further allow your body to relax. If all fails, read.

An herb called Kava Kavaworks real good take one a couple hours before bed

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