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43 Home Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings


Remedy for itchy mosquito bites.

take a needle, a sewing needle works best, and burn the tip to sterilize it. Then, once it has cooled down of course, poke a hole intp your mosquito bite where you think the mosquito but its mouth in. Then squeeze your mosquito bite until it bleeds out the venom, you will be able to see it, and it will take 2 days to go away.

Lee Salcedo

For Mosquitoes bites, get a teaspoon of Lavender oil and Rosemary seasoning from your garden or your nearby grocery stores. get a grinding bowl and put Rosemary seasoning and the Lavender oil in together and start grinding. Then when it's mixed, put it on your skin when you're outside working. Mosquitoes don't like the scent of Rosemary and Lavender. Try it. It works for me.

Net Watcher

For bee stings and other insect bites, try this. Get a leaves of a Plantain plant, a weed found in most gardens. Grind the leaf in the palm of your hand until the liquid comes of out them. Apply the liquid to the bite. Repeat this every 3-4 hours as needed.
A better alternative method would be to chew the leaves and then apply the chewed leaves as a poultice to the affected area.


big bites
baking soda with water mix it till paste


I know this sounds nasty, but i swear it works. When someone gets stung by a wasp,bee,or ect. Mix your saliva and tobbaco from a cigarette together and place a ball of it on the sting. It stops swelling and pain.


For stings (and for that matter, also splinters), apply regular household glue over the site and once the glue dries, gently peel it off the skin. The stinger and/or splinter will be pulled out of the site in the glue. For itching mosquito bites, general household ammonia does the trick. Hope it helps

ken perkins

apply clorox bleach directly to bite or sting will kill sting will not get infected works great on all bites and stings [does not hurt] use 2 or 3 times if you want


To keep from getting bitten by masquitos take a dryer sheet and rub it on you and your clothing. Something about the dryer sheets they dont like and will keep them away from you...


Apply roll on deoderant to the area. Relieves itching, and helps stop swelling. This works every time.


When I had an insect bite on my foot. My friend from CHILE coated my foot with a thick lather of soap,Then wraped my foot in a warm wet towl,And repated this every time the towl dried.The soap helped draw out the infection.

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