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43 Home Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings


I'm a lifelong believer in Baking Soda, Vinegar and tobacco remedies for insect bites,itches, rashes, etc. but when that doesn't work completely [ie, still itches &/or leaves big, red welt] do this: REMOVE THE VENOM!!
I have a small vacuum pump [for minor automotive uses]. Center the hose-cup over the welt, and let remain for about 1 minute...the 'venom' will be extracted and you will have relief.


To get the mosquito each out rub baking soda on it for a little bit, it helps with the itch and gets the bite to pass faster.


we have a family remedy for bee stings past down from generation to generation from cherakee side of my family use tobaco or snuff wet just a little and stick on where u r stung put a bandad on it to hold it in place

Josefina Vincent

When I was a child we had alot of blackberry bushes around our house so in the summer there were alot of bees. I would get stung on a regular basis. My mom always said put mud on it. I know it sound crasy but yeah put mud on it, let it dry and wash off. The mud is cool so the pain will stop and while it drys it draws out the stinger. You won't even itch afterwards.


Use ice not heat to heal itchy bites. It constricts blood vessels which keeps the histamines (itch causers) from reaching your skin.

(I learned this in nursing school)


Gentlemen while touring the Volcanic Crater Community El Valle de Anton, Panama, bought a product called GruberĀ“s Jungle Oil for a severe reaction to sanfly bites. Shit, this stuff not only repels insects but in a few minutes it removed the itching and allergic reactions. Its made by a local herbalist called Botanico Gruber. I recommend it highly! Its available there in the arts and crafts market.


For insect bites, take childrens benedryl or adults, whatever is available to you, and dab benedryl over the affected area, a nurse told me this, i tried it, and it really works great


for insect bites, place a towel warmed by hot water over the area, this may comfort the swelling and may reduce the size. after which put toothpaste in it, any menthol toothpaste will fo. when u feel the coldness of the toothpaste remove it and apply medicine


If you are highly allergic to wasp stings (I am): 1) immediately make a thick paste of meat tenderizer and water and apply to the sting to neutralize the venom, 2) take a double dose of benadryl to calm your body's reaction, and 3) most important take Apis (a homeopathic remedy) every two hours. This totally cured a HORRIBLE swelling, itching reaction for me in less than 2 days. My previous HORRIBLE reaction took 3 weeks to clear up and I was on steroids! But, if you're having breathing problems, forget all this and get to the hospital immediately.


Try a little dab of honey on insect bites always works for me

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