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28 Home Remedies for Congestion


I work with kids and when any of them come down with cough/congestion I boil water for tea (usually the regular lipton). Make the tea super hot and add 2 mentho-lyptus cough drops, the Halls Honey Lemon is usually best as far as flavor goes. Stir the tea occasionally until the cough drops melt. My kids don't like plain tea so I add milk and sugar for taste and I'll give them 3 or 4 cups in a day.

You can feel the soothing tea in your nose, throat and chest.


I have found that if you drink a lot of 100% pineaple juice your nose will clear up some if not completely. Really depends on how congested you are.


My mother used to do this whenever my siblings and I got sick. So I know it works. Use the hot, as in spicy hot, yellow mustard.(the russian kind) put it under their feet or chest and wrap a thick towel around it. Make sure they don't take it off, and that the room is warm. Or else it may get them even more sick. Keep it on for 30-60 minutes. I have to warn you though, it is a bit uncomfortable, but it does get rid of congestion, so my mother was merciless in using it.


I get really awful sinus problems and allergies,so today I was fed up because none of the meds worked, so I ended up stumbling upon a fast and effective cure.

I took my bottle of pure peppermint extract,put a little bit on my pinky,and gently rubbed it under,around,and just a little bit inside my nose.

Within 2 minutes I was totally cleared up and feeling better! I highly recommend this remedy!

Repeat every 2-4 hours depending on the severity of the symptoms. Or you can just wipe more on at a time.

The only side effect is that it burns a little when first applied because it's so strong, but this is totally harmless and only means that it is working.


I find that steaming yourself really helps to open up and soothe your chest. (This is also a relief to nasal congestion, sinus-especially head congestion, and mild-medium coughing) If you don't know what steaming is-let me enlighten you.

To steam yourself (variations possible):
1.) Boil about 5 cups of water (more or less.)
2.) Grab a towel and a bowl.
3.) After water has boiled, (recommended doing the following in the kitchen) sit at a table and pour the water in the bowl.
5.) Quickly, letting very little heat escape, sit down and place the towel over your head and the bowl.
6.) Sit there for about 15-20 minutes breathing in through your mouth (if you have chest congestion/a cough) or in through your nose (if you have nasal congestion or head sinuses) This can be a bit boring, so i recommend listening to the television, music, or attempting to read (however it gets dark and steamy under there!)

Even though it is hot and may cause very mild discomfort to your eyes (I close mine. It's not as though I'm missing anything under there!) try to lean over as close to the bowl as possible. You will sweat, but you will feel your your chest aching less and opening up, your nose opening up/becoming runny, as well as your head aching less and opening up.

The steam helps open up your pores! It is great to apply acne medicine after this as it does wonders to your skin!

As you can see I have found this as a relief to many ailments including the following:
-chest congestion
-nasal congestion
-sinus (especially head) congestion
-mild to medium coughing
(even opening up your pores!)

I hope it helps you as much as me! Although it is a pain in the butt, I find that it does work wonders!

Get better soon! :)))


Get on the floor and start doing pushups... the more you do, the better and longer your nose will clear. Great exercise too.


mix 1 table spoon cinamon
1/4 of a tea spoon honey
1/2 table spoon water
1 teaspoon Vicks Vapo Rub

put in small bowl and let set.
take a cloth and soak in warm water. wring out.
cover your eyes with the cloth and smell the remedy while resting. do this until you feel you feel a difference.


eat spicy spicy food for congestion AND allergy. don't eat cold foods (especially cold liquids) or dairy when you're feeling stuffy.

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