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19 Home Remedies for Indigestion


Apple cider vinegar is best for any form of indigestion (including neck indigestion, chest pain and indigestion, stomach, digestion, etc.) - better than(at least as good as) any medicine than you can take. Take about 2-3 teaspoons per 16 oz. of water and make sure that you mix it well and use straws(important - teeth). Also, note that it is an if all else fails type of solution, because of vinegar's effect as it directly touches your teeth. Try ketchup and mustard(I put up the original ketchup mustard post, too; forgot to sign it) first, as it works for nearly all stomach and chest indigestion. For acid reflux or neck indigestion, you may want to forgo the ketchup and mustard and use vinegar the water mixture above. If neither of these cocktails works, then you may have something serious and the problem may need iatrogenic care. That's how good these remedies are!

Upneet Kaur

01. Chewing a small piece of fresh ginger with table salt five or 10 minutes before meals is good to stimulate digestion.

02. Take an equal amount of black pepper, dried mint leaves, ginger powder, coriander seeds, cumin (jeera) and asafoetida (hing). Grind them together to make fine powder. Take one teaspoonful of this powder twice a day after meals.

03. Drinking buttermilk (lassi) after breakfast or lunch improves digestion. Adding roasted cumin seed powder and a little of salt into buttermilk enhances its effectiveness.

04. Taking plain soda water gives immediate relief from symptoms of gas, distended abdomen and acidity.

05. Mix equal parts of baking soda and water in a glass. Drink as soon as you feel indigestion coming.

06. Half a glass of carrot juice mixed with equal quantity of water is useful in this disease.

07. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of hot water and drink it before a meal to prevent acid indigestion.

08. Drink one cup of ginger tea after meals to promote a good digestion and for heartburn, nausea, etc.

09. Take 1 tsp each of mint juice, lemon juice, and honey.

10. Mix 2 pinches of rock salt and 1/2 tsp carom seeds (ajwain). Chew it and wash it down with water for upset stomach or indigestion.


Gingera. It's baking soda and Ginger


Take a teaspoon of baking soda and follow with a glass of water.


A teaspoon of yellow mustard, the active ingredientis the tumeric coloring.

william B

Lay in bed with pillows elevated to stop
flow of HCL acid from backing up esphogus. avoid drinking soft drinks,
juices, and other beverages that contain
large amounts of acid or carbonation


Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda for instant relief.


Drink aloe vera juice, papaya juice, or chamomile, comfrey, red raspberry, or peppermint tea.


Take cayenne, comfrey, garlic, ginger, horse radish, papain, red raspberry, thyme, and wintergreen.

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