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I have suffered from chronic hives for the last 15 years. I have recently found St. Ives body wash in oatmeal shea butter use it in a cold shower it helps for 4 or 5 hours. Also a cold bath with a gallon of milk dumped in it soak in it for a half hour or so. It also helps for 4 or 5 hours.


I have tried ice and it works perfectly but it is not always practical so I bought this menthol analgesic ice gel from the dollar store it is supposed to provide an ice cold feeling to soothe pain. I applied on a small area first to test it and it was fine. After a minute of covering the whole area with the gel, it started to get cold and all the pain, itching and swelling were gone. Of course, I had to use it few hours later and before I slept again but it was so easy to use and next day the hoves was almost gone


hello all! I've been covered with hives now for about four days! Been to the ER 3 times and urgent care once. I was prescribed steroids and given shots but these things won't get rid of it but rather just gives you a little break; I was told by the Doctors that Hives just needs to run it's course. In the meantime I have tried everything to alleviate the pain/itching. The oatmeal remedy mentioned here does really help for about an hour or so, but it's super messy. I tried vinegar and that gives a little relief as well. But the thing that I found really helped was Fels-Naptha. Old timers probably remember it, and what I recalled is that as a child,mom used it if we had gotten into poison ivy and it took the itch away immediately. Luckily I had some so I gave it a try and it worked! For those who don't know, Fels-Naptha is an old fashioned 'heavy duty Laundry bar soap' (says on the wrapper). It may be hard to find but its out there (I think I got mine at Home Depot) Anyway, it's a large rectangular soap and what I did was wet one end with water and rubbed it on the affected areas like a roll-on and did not rinse it off. It lasts about 2-3 hours and smells much better than vinegar and isnt messy like oatmeal. It does say on the wrapper that it is a skin irritant and 'to avoid prolonged contact with skin' so you might want to try just a tiny area to see if it bothers you at all. Anyway, my family has used it for years to take itch away and it's always been fine, and even better, it took away the itch from my hives and the swelling went down. Good luck!


To help calm hives while your body gets rid of whatever substance that caused them, you can try remedy to help reduce swelling. I got the idea from another home remedy for mosquito bites, where posters said that putting tape over a mosquito bite stops itching and swelling.

I get hives on my face a lot, for some unknown reason, and rather than using tape which probably has some nasty chemicals in it, I use tissue paper. What you do is you take two pieces of double-sheet tissue paper (plain unscented kind) and rip out a square the size of the affected area. Take both pieces together and wet it down until it is soggy but don't crumple it up. Carefully place the tissue over the affected area, making sure theres no air bubbles. The tissue paper should stick to the skin, causing enough surface tension to stop the skin from expanding (swelling) further and as the water evaporates it will cool the skin which will also help the swelling and itching.

The key here is to get it on early, before the swelling gets too bad, and wet the tissue once it dries out.

It works best on hives that are spread out, 1 piece per hive. You can also apply something under the tissue paper to keep the skin from drying out (your natural skin oil is water-soluble so your skin can dry out under the tissue). I like to use emu oil for its anti-inflammatory properties. To further speed the process, sit in front of a fan. This is not the fastest remedy in the world; it needs at least 30 minutes to work and sometimes longer if the swelling is bad, but its something that can help overnight if you do it before you go to sleep.

aNgel .

Im a young teenage girl and i got hives recently. I dont know what i got it from , i read in this natural cures book that a way to cure or relieve hives is by drinking 2-3 cups of nettle leaves and dandellion tea everyday . I've been drinking it everyday . Right after i drink the tea, my hives go away and i havent had an outbreak or anything eversince. Even those little bumpy marks from old hives outbreak are almost all gone! please, please dont scratch no matter how itchy as it may worsen and spread, scratching will also leave scars and tiny, dry bumps . Hope this helps in someway !


okay, i got the hives after trying a benzoyl peroxide acne wash and here's what i did to get rid of them and it's pretty specific. This dude on yahoo! answers told me how he used vinegar when he bathed on his hives, and then another chick told me peanut butter. So i did both. When i showered i just poured some vinegar on my hives. It stung at first, but only for a minute or so. I rubbed it in for about 10 minutes. I got out and made sure it was dry and kept it that way for about 10 more minutes. Then i put some peanut butter on the hives and kept it there for about an hour. I scrubbed it off and went to sleep. The next morning, the hives werent altogether gone, but way less red and less noticable. Then the next night i did the same thing, but it didnt help, so i recommend not doing this 2 nights in a row. Now today, i tried my own theory: a baby powder paste. You put some water (not alot, about a 1/2 tbs full) and add baby powder and mix til pasty. Three poofs out of the bottle of powder should do it. Then take an old toothbrush and scrub the paste on the hives. Not only does it get rid of the itch, but makes the area smooth and not red! Do this for about 10 minutes, then rub with hands into skin until whiteness of powder is almost unnoticable. Keep on skin for hour under shirt, or longer, i have had no problem with this unless you are allergic to talc. Then rinse or shower off.
i just want to say thank you to everyone who helped! and i hope i could help someone with this also!


Hi, my name is Angie, and unfortunately I suffer from the horrible allergic reaction, hives. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but try using GOld Bond Extra Strength (comes in a green bottle). After 5-10 minutes of applying it, the hives will almost completely disappear, and the itching and swelling will stop also. On the other hand, they may come back, so taking a good over the counter medicine along with the GOld Bond may keep them from coming back (unless you're exposed to what you're allergic to again). Hope I helped at least a little :).


I have had severe hives and the only remedy I have found EXTREMELY helpful is applying ice cubes or an ice pack DIRECTLY to the hive. When the hives are extreme, and are very warm, the cold ice is the only thing that takes away the itch, and ice is proven to repel histamines. I am still searching for a remedy I can take with me! But if you have access to ice or a frozen bag of fruit, it will give instant relief and take the swelling down fast.


Consider a homeopathic remedy( like cures like), and you can get these over the counter at a natural health food/supplement/herb store. The remedy Urtica Urens(Urt-u) 30c potency is a good match if you have at least 4 of these symptoms:

Rash-burning, itching, stinging
With-joint pain
Worse-heat, night

Look for Borion(manufacturer).

Works great, no side effects, because if it isn't your match it does nothing at all!


Take a swim in a cool pool. The cholorine will take the itch out and help the hives disappear within a few hours!

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