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Combine aloe vera scraped from the plant leaf; aluminum free baking soda; apple cider vinegar in a blender. Blend until you have a light paste. You can apply it directly on the hives and let it dry. Cover and refrigerate the rest of the mixture and apply the following days until hives are gone. It will take the swelling and itch away almost completely after a few hours and begin to reduce the activity of the hives. I also increased my supplement intake of vitamin C; magnesium, D3 and Omega 3's. I also fasted on fresh fruits and vegetable juices only. My hives came from an additive in Vanilla Flavoring. I felt an almost instant reaction like a heat rush once I consumed the additive. Then I began to itch. Simultaneously, I wore a brand new sweater that irritated the very mild hives I got from the additive. By end of day, since I was unable to remove the sweater at work, I had a full blown case of very bad hives, complete with itch, welts, irritation. Ugh! I didn't do much to them at first because I only had hives one other time in my life and my body typically heals very quickly. So I figured they would just go away in a day r two. But they lingered and the inflammation continued. So I had to get serious and this concoction was made from ingredients in I already had and it's working!


Keeping area cold using ice pack, keeping body cool by wearing natural materials and cool showers, keeping area out of sunlight, bathing in ocean water and if not available bathing area in cool purified water with plenty of sea salt (unbleached) but the best and quickest solution i have found is apply pure good quality lavender oil directly - i did this twice in one day and they just disappeared by the end of the day


I've gotten hives from acidic foods and scented lotions/skin products my entire life that would cover my entire body and usually last around 3 weeks and although I have tried everything. Claritan used to carry Claritan Hives which worked the best but they discontinued its production. And yes tempid oatmeal baths and staying cool helps. However I have found that soaking in the ocean or a pool nearly eliminated my hives within 1-2 days. There is something about the cold water combined with the salt or chlorine that completely sucks all the toxins out of my welts and they stop itching for hours and after usually 2 soaks they are completely gone. I highly recomend everyone try it. DO NOT SOAK IN THE HOT TUB, the heat makes them far more irritated.


So I guess I am what you would call a chronic hive sufferer. My first major out break was about 8 years ago when, during allergy season a small area exploded to covering my entire torso. After a heaving two week prescription of Prednisone, they went away, but the itching did not every fully leave nor did a small residual area of hives - mostly concentrated in areas where I sweated and the skin couldn't breath (i.e. along the belt line). Not long afterward, as a pilot I started a job that had me working 7 days on, with 7 days off. It was during the time off that I noticed my hives would improve a bit. I was talking to a friend who worked for a natural doctor and joked that maybe I was allergic to my own sweat. At her recommendation, I started taking a vitamin B stress supplement and something called Liver Force (they recently changed names, and I wish I could recall what the new name is, but my local herbal health food store was able to figure out what I was talking about - maybe New Life or something like that... a purple box with a picture of the liver on it or something...). Anyway, any liver helper supplement will do. When the hives were bad I would take those up to 3-4 pills a day, but weaned myself so that only when the hives broke out (during allergy seasons or stressful work periods). Recently I am finding it is less effective. But if you feel like your hives may be closely connected to stressful periods of your body, give a college try.


If you think you are suspected with Hives, Go and see the doctor, take your blood test to see whether you are infected with H.pylori . this bacteria could be one of the problem for hives to appear. I had Hives for 3 months i didnt have a clue of what cause it. i tried many remedies. Took Blood test and saw the results infected with H.Pylori. went for 7 days treatment. within the 5th day the hives began to dissapear. And now i dont have it anymore. Hope this works for you.


my suggestions

oil or vaseline
i believe in part the oil shuts and closes the pores suffocating the reaction and it forces the reaction/poison/infection to seep out...vaseline creates a like barrier too albeit a messy goopy one.

i also like oatmeal baths i use aveeno with colloidal oatmeal...actually they make a few products geared for itchy skin

i have my mattress encased in an allergy cover, i vacuum all the time

i wear socks,slippers, never barefoot,wash everything regularly

i avoid tap water

my air is always on at night

i have no idea why i get hives i get them usually at night Ive had them for 7 years on and off they control my life when they are not in remission

thank you for all the advice i am learning!

Liz Hammond

I started getting hives about 6 weeks ago after starting new medication. I went on this web-site and tried several remedies including applecider vinegar.....only helped a little. Tried Nettle tea...only helped a little...same with Calamine lotion and an anti-itch spray called 'Tecnu' with Calendula. What worked SO WELL for me was making a paste of fine ground oatmeal and cornstarch ( 3 to 1 conc.). I leave it on area about an hour....swelling and itch decreased considerably. Hope this helps anyone out there suffering from this. Getting Hives, swollen, insanely itchy !!!


Chronic hives for three years caused by stress.Tried Benadryl, nothing. Tried Zyrtec 1 tablet daily for a year then every other day and now down to 1/4 Zyrtec every other day. If I miss a dose I break out again. With face, neck swelling I am afraid to go off the meds entirely. Small amount of Zytrec works and is cheap. Good luck to you who are affected!


I've got chronic hives for last 5 years. Once it flares up, not only you have to bear with itchiness but also start to deal with stress and frustration. Home remedies help only for short period of time, within 4-5 hours later it will appear again.In my experience, the best thing is to take 25 mg atarax (hydroxine)tablet, cut into 1/5(5mg) and take 5mg dose daily.I take one tablet for 5 days, helps save money on medicine plus low side effects and no more hives.


I have had Hives, and found that a simple remedy to fade it away within 5 mins. This is to put some Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the effected areas. It may burn a little at first but the Hives will fade away within 5 Mins. This treatment repeated will dry the hives, and cause them to go away much quicker than anything I've tried. It's cheap, and at the grocery store.

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