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I have had nasty hives for 4 days and been prescribed piriton 4mg tds and prednisolone 50mg od. Although a little relieved after these meds, this website has been invaluable. I read lots of remedies and came up with this. A cool oatmeal bath with baking soda (just under a cup)soaked for about 15 mins. then patted dry a little but used hair dryer on cool setting directly on hives - instant relief. When the worst areas (today my legs) were dry I smoothered with vasaline. I now feel the most comfortable I do in 4 days. I am going to buy some zantac 75mg and try those too. I have been a fan of conventional medicine in the past ( I have asthma & home remedies just dont help that) but I am slowly being converted with home remedies for hives. They are by far the most insanely annoying thing Ive ever experiences. I have large bruises where i have scratched my skin so hard in my sleep. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. Take care


Four days ago, I woke up with my body covered In hives, from my forehead down to my toes. My hands and feet were so swelled up. I havnt had any allergic reactions to anything before. I was so confused on what my whole body rash could be. I went from thinking of measals to sun posioning. Four days of benedryl and sleeping my weekend away. Predisone didn't help at all. The hives would go away and come back. I sprayed on apple cidar vinegar and rubbed on garlic, on my fourth day so far so good! A few hives here and there, but they fade really quickly after rubbing garlic on them. I also used vasaline, which helped stop the itching and redness. Wish me luck, and all the luck to you!


I have suffered with chronic hive for the past 7 years. I have tried all home remedies , ice packs, cold baths , antihistamines, prednisone,oil of oregano and found only temporary relief.last episode I had my eye swelled shut and I broke out all over my legs and torso it was horrible itch and swelling. I started drinking freshly squeezed lemons twice a day in warm water with a teaspoon of honey. The hives disappeared overnight. I haven't had them return yet. Anything is worth trying at this point.


Okay, I figure I owe my contribution for the insights provided by the other contributors. My daughter broke out in what became a growing case of 'Hives' starting on her back and spreading, I did not here about it until my ex mentioned it and I went over to check it out. I have various old home remedies and for Hives it is the following:

A paste made in the blended made of the following:
3 cups Bourbon Whiskey
1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 cup Rice Vinegar
3 Tbsp Oregano Powder
12 Bay Leaves
4 Heads/Knobs of Fresh Garlic (peeled clean)

Blend mixture very well into what should be a very green paste. First take hot shower and clean thoroughly, dry and then apply the paste and let dry. It will burn for a little while but you will have immediate relief. Repeat process at least twice a day until hives have dried up. When your hives dried up, apply fresh aloe vera cactus juice to the area until the hives area is completely dried up and then apply unscented baby oil or Neosporin Ointment if you have broken the skin in any areas with scratching.

The causes of hives can be something in your diet, the detergent you are using, soap you are using, medication, nerves etc etc etc ..look for what was new in your life just before you broke out.

Good luck

Gig Sims

I have had out breaks of hive for years. Trips to the emergency room. All the prescriptions for it, ect. Found out I had Mastocytosis. They have a web site, go to it and see if you have any other symptoms. It rare, the doctors at Mayo didn't catch it.


I have had hives twice in my life and I know the horrible itching and burning sensation. I found a method from the internet that relieves the itch immediately but temporarily. Just use your blow dryer on the area that is itching. It feels amazing. Within seconds the itch is gone. The itch will return until the hives have diminished, so the other remedies listed on this website would be good to try also. But if you can't stand the itching one more second, get your blow dryer out for immediate relief. I think I would have gone insane if I hadn't tried this, the itch was so bad.


Last night at about 3am, I found this page and I amsender ally grateful. I have been broken out in hives for about 5 days now. I've been covered over my entire body at one point or another, and was, literally, being driven insane by it. I read all the previous comments and chose the only one I had in the house at 3am (apple cider vinegar). And it worked! Don't get me wrong, it was excruciating when the vinegar hit the broken skin, but I followed it with an ice cold shower and it's been improving all day. I FINALLY feel like it might be coming to an end....Thanks!


I had a massive breakout in hives for no reason at all. Just poped up one morning. Went to the doctor got tons of prescriptions; Dephenhydramine (Benadryl), Famotidine, Hydoxyzine HCL, Prednisone, OTC allergy Meds, Vitamins, and a strick diet, along with topical cream 2% Diphenhydramine. None on this worked on me, I began to get concerned that it was never going to go away. On about the 4th day I tried a mixture of the following;
1. Emu Oil
2. Calamine anti itch (together with the emu oil) helped with the itching and swelling
3. GARLIC CLOVES! The only one that really worked. (split the garlic in half and rub the actual garlic on the hives. Do not be shy with it!)
4. Top it all off with Vaseline and continuously rub it in.

Felt them finally going away that night when i was trying to sleep. The morning came and so far so good. No hives anywhere that I put the garlic and emu oil along with vaseline.

Trust me GIVE IT A TRY!


I break out in hives from foods like strawberries (the worst!) , tomatoes, and oranges (even if people are eating them around me). I find the best remedies are taking an antihistamine, and if I don't have any, ibuprophen, and using a paste of baking soda and water, and applying this to the affected regions (or adding about 1 cup to lukewarm bathwter and soaking).


I got hives about two years ago and got the again. I don't know what causes them though.
I have tried some remedies though.
1) Epsom Salt Bath
it helps a lot. Cool water with about two cups of epsom salt is perfect.
2) Baby Oil
Massagimg it into my skin worked well. The redness disappeared and itching stopped. What i recommed is to do it twice a day and put extra on the redder and puffier areas.

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