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Hey guys. O.K. so I seem to randomly experience hives which those of you who get them too I know you totally understand what I mean. So I had another episode of hives or chronic uticaria and so I panicked and immediately took a cool shower. Turns out didn't quite work so well. So I called my friend who is the head of the pharmacy she works at and she is also currently studying to be a dermatologist and she said: To take Zyrtec allery 10mg Antihistamine then to fill the tub with water as cool as could the body could stand it and put half a can of salt, mix it into the water and sit and soak in for a half hour or so. Then after soaking put very light clothes on just bottoms and a cami nothing tight that will reactivate the itching...Avoid a tight bra or tight undies. Get a ziplock lunch bag fill it with ice and ice down all the body parts that are itching. Try to stay as calm as possible don't stress it makes the hives resurface and honestly guys it worked like magic. Within an hour the swelling began to subside and the itching totally gone. I threw on some soothing jaz music and fell asleep... The itching definitely went away and the swelling completely gone after 7 hrs...Not bad could of been worst and I saved myself another trip to the ER for a shot...Better to pay $30 for the Zyrtec than $300 for half ass medical attention...Also guys another thing to remember that for the next 3 to 4 days since you don't know what caused or triggered the hives eat bland foods...water, chicken noodles, gingerale saltine crackers in order to avoid reactivating the hives...Also, don't put any body sprays lotion don't use soap when washing your hands just wash really well with cold water...Besides food any chemical can also set off the hives again so best to avoid these items for a couple days...Ladies no make-up your face may swell up again 3 or 4 days without make-up won't kill you. you get the picture. Well I hope this was helpful...It's miserable and it sucks to have to deal with this...I never post but I figured that if I can help someone quickly get a handle on their hives and get relief quickly and effectively it was worth a shot. Hope this works for you if you happen to read this post. Best of Luck!!!


Hi i suffered from chronic urticaria for 1 yr, got hives on a daily basis all over my bodies plus weekly swelling of lips or eyes. I visited a no. Of drs/specialists with absolutely no results and the drs didn't have a clue what to do. I managed the symptoms with antihistamines prescribed but it obviously didn't treat the problem. I then discovered homeopathy, which completley got did of hives without having o use any drugs. Would definitely recommend,


I'm actually experiencing this lovely thing called 'hives' right now. They appeared late last night right before I went to bed,I didn't think anything of it.. Just thought it was a bug bite or dry skin.. Woke up this morning shocked to how bad they are. My scalp, forehead, neck, & back (scalp & forehead is the worst). Been looking at every 'remedy' out there. The one that seems to be calming the itch & burn, is just a bag of ice right on the hive area & some allergy medicine (Benadryl, Clariton, allegra, etc).. The ice is very soothing after trying not to itch them. Granted I probably look like a goon with a Ziploc bag full of ice on my forehead, my neck, & one down the back off my shirt.
Hope these stupid things go away soon. I am embarrassed to go out in public/work with these huge red welts on my forehead..(make-up covers the redness, but not the swelling)


Recently I had my first experience with hives. Lasting just over 4 weeks and thinking and hoping they would just disappear, using 1% hydrochloride alergic cream that offered little help. The itchy red bumps would appear, last a few days, go away, then re-appear elsewhere on my body. First it was my foot, then hand, wrist, forearm, then few on my stomach. After doing some research online I went to Walmart and bought a box of Allergy Relief, 180mg antihistamine tablets for 10 dollars, and anti itch allergic cream with 2% hydrochloride for 3 dollars. Take one allergy relief tablet every 24 hours, and use the cream accordingly, (Box says no more than 3 times day, I used it whenever I got the urge to itch.)
The first 48 hours I definitely noticed a difference. The itching stopped, no new red bumps, and previous ones disappeared.


This information has been great, although it's obvious that 'remedies' vary greatly depending on the individual. I'm a 33 year old male, and I've had consistant hives for the last 3 months. Literally, they poped up out of nowhere one day. They started out slow, and have proceed to the point where they were covering my body every night. They're more like large red welts than flat red marks. Last week the itching was literally unbearable. I didn't sleep at all, and that's when I found this site. In the middle of the night I scoured our home for baking soda/powder to try the paste remedy that's described. Unfortunately for me it didn't work as well as it has for others. I ended up taking as cool of a shower as can be had in AZ in July, which calmed the itch a bit, but certainly didn't take it away all together.

The next day the itching persisted, which is unusual. For me, usually the welts would go away sometime in the morning, and then be back with a vengence later in the evening. The second night was shaping up to be much like the sleepless night before. I'd read more on this site during the day and was eager to try different options. I tried an epsom salt bath, which really did feel good while I was in it, but had no affect after I'd toweled of afterwards. The severe itch was still there. I also tried rubbing baby oil on the hives, but for me, the welts remained and continued to itch terribly. FINALLY I remembered that ice had worked for some people so I went to the freezer and took out a large bag of frozen vegetables. Literally it was HEAVEN when I put them between my legs! The insides of my thighs were one of the more itchy parts, and the frozen veggies took the itch away after just a few minutes, and it stayed away for a long while. I proceeded to put the ice where ever I was itching and had the same result. It was truly amazing. I wish I would have tried it earlier. I had also just started taking Claritin instead of either Benedryl (didn't seem to help) or Zyrtec (one generic brand sort of helped, and another did not).

It's now been 4 days since I used the ice that night, and I had use it some the following day as well. Last night I went hiking with the family, and was very lucky to not have any sort of hive breakout, except a couple very tiny spots. I'm sure that's the Claritin kicking in. I know that they're not gone all together, but hopefully they'll continue to be much more manageable going forward. Like I said in the beginning, these remedies are obviously very individualized since things that had worked wonders for others didn't seem to affect me. I'm usually not a person that posts, but these types of sites are so helpful for finding temporary 'cures', that I felt like it's sort of ones duty to add to all the great info here and try to help some other person out of thier misery. If someone that reads this gets the relief that I got from the ice that night, I know how much they'll appreciate it. I know that I certainly did!

Chelsea Trussell

So I was looking on here and I found that if you take Bakig Soa and mix it to a paste with water COLD water. Cold is good for hives. spread the paste over the are and let it dry once it starts flaking off you can wash it away it doesnt make them go away but the redness and swelling leaves. I have had hives ever since i was about 5 and im 17 now. at least once a year. i would get them on my face and they would swell up my eyes would swell shut and im going to try many more of these remidies.


I suffer from Chronic Urticaria (I get hives all the time and they last a long time). It started when I was 15 and now i'm 20. I get random outbreaks of hives, usually on my inner arms and stomach. They dont just last afew hours or days, even when the doctor gives me medicine. So all I can do is find ways of relief until it decides to go away. First method of relief is ice. It really slows the blood flow to it and numbs the area. I do that before I go to bed so I can fall asleep. Another is baking soda and water paste. I have had no better relief than this. It really cools down the area and keeps it that way without the frost bite feeling like ice. The itch is almost instantly gone. I leave it on there until it flakes off. It also acts like makeup over the rash when it flakes off, it just looks a lot less red which makes me think about it less. Then another is allergy medicine. Doesn't matter what kind just as long as it contains antihistamine. Really lets down the swelling. I also occasionally use eczema cream when I'm on the go. Its temporary relief when im in public. Dont EVER scratch hives! Ever! It will burn and itch like no other during any attempts for relief.


I suffered serious chronic hives for a couple of years, including trips to the emergency room where I would be injected with epinephrine and benadryl. After going to several Dr.'s, one finally prescribed small dosages of hydroxyzine, which finally got them under control.A few years later, I started having hives again, and started using 500 mg. Ester C when I'd start to break out. I've never needed another prescription.

Roxi Rampage

About 2 days ago I woke up with hives, on my chin & on my hips. I talked to my doctor & she told me they were from stress in my life & anxeity. I'm 16 so at first I didn't understand that but I realized she was right. I didn't get prescribed anything so I did some things of my own. First I use Ivory soap on them. Pat dry. Take a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar & dab it all over them. It takes away the redness & itching. Then after about 5 mins I use Clear Zit. I know its for acne but it works! It costs about $1.50 at Dollar General. It will burn for a while but do not touch it or whipe it off. I put it on before I went to bed lastnite & woke up with 25% of my hives gone!!! I put it on in the morning & at bedtime!


Hive are new to me and I'm 61. Eager to find a remedy I searched high and low. Just when you think they are gone, there they are again and I've only had them for three days. I read all the remedies on the page and some of them are very good, however I think I found the answer. The pharmacist told me about Aveeno Colloidal Oatmeal. I bought some and home I went. There are 4 or 5 packs in the box so I decided to experiment a bit. I poured one packet into a container, added about a Tbsp of Baking Soda then added water, enough to make a paste. I then applied this to to those itchy areas and WHAM!...the itching was gone. The raised bumps actually reduced in size. I did not have to apply much of the paste, I let it dry and brushed off the residue. This was the first relief I have had all day. Forget about the Benadry, I ate them like candy and discovered that I was wasting them as you can only take two per hour, anything more is just a waste. Give this a try and let out a sigh of relief.

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