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I've suffered hives for years. I think its important to discover the cause of your hives because the treatment is different for different causes. For instance poison ivy vs sun poisoning will be different. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you should not put extra drying things on your skin, it will just irritate it more. Basic things I have learned over the years are: 1. Drink lots of water if you have hives. This will fush out toxins and help cool your skin.
2. Hot showers are AMAZING as it releases histamines but don't do it unless your prepared for the consequences of very red almost burned skin and it also brings out blisters!
3.Prednisone takes away swelling. If you have a severe reaction, it will help the swelling but it doesn't bring relief.
4. Things that bring relief for sensitive skin are:
1. Domebroro- yest this stuff does work
2. placing a wet washcloth on skin to provide cooling effect
3. Gold Bond extra strength powder- with the wet washcloth will help keep skin extra cool
-Oatmeal works too but starts to irritate skin if it dries on the skin.

Nothing else works for me.
When the hives start to go away, the treatment is different. I LOVE Shea butter. Don't get anything but pure shea butter- spread liberally on hives will help the skin heal and take away the dryness


Fifteen years ago I had severe hives that just would not go away using everything suggested by medical doctors. A friend was studying homeopathic medicine and suggested Runs To. This is in some health food stores and other places that carry this type of item. My husband and I sat in the car after I came out of the store. I dissolved the recommended number of tiny pellets under my tongue - within 5 minutes we watched these humongous hives disappear! I only took the Runs To pellets less than five times and have had no ,ore hives. I have many, many allergies & asthma and have been on zyrtec, singular and benydryl. Have appointment with new allergist Thursday and have been off meds 5 days now - two more before appointment. Have had horrible hives the last two days. Today I am going to find Rus Tox and take it. After being without hives for so many years these are almost unbearable again.

Suggestion to those that have not found relief through regular MD - find a certified homeopathic person in your area any go see them - a trained, certified natureopathic (spelling not correct) person can do wonders for you.. Unfortunately they are not easy to find. That's why I am going to see an allergist.


My experiance with hives, which happend last year in the spring, made my life seem like hell for four weeks. My hives were off and on, and the Predisone (check spelling) my doctor perscribed me gave me very little to no releif. Two weeks later my doctor perscribed me two antihistimines, which helped more than the predisone. I was very paranoid about what was causeing my allergic reaction, I wrote everything I've done on paper. From the foods I've ate or touched, to my hair and makeup products. But iwasnt using anything new or eaten at any new place, or at least I thought. I believe hives are always triggered by some subtance, you just have to figure it out. My case, and I'm a female, was when I was in any contact with condoms thay had a spermicidal lubicant. Weird, I know. For a year now after completly banding that brand out of my life, I havnt had an outbreak since!
some useful remedys that helped ease my swollen feet and hands, along with the hives was:
Vasaline (keeping body moisterized)
Apple Cider Vinegar (spraying on body after shower)
Chopped garlic (rubbing all over body)

Alice, north caorolina

Hi everyone i would like to share my story, I've been dealing with hives for 2 years. I've had tried all Atarax, prednisone, anti-histamines, epinephrine shots. nothing seemed to work.

we've had enough with doctors, we took the path of natural remedies Aveeno,Baking Soda, i've tried some solution i've found here on the comments but it seemed like i was meant to suffer with chronic hives. a bit of improvement and i get them again

Today I'm totally hives-free and never got them back,Yay! it turned out my liver wasn't properly working, who knew, had a biopsy and it seems that i was kind of infected with some virus. after several shots i got rid of my hives. a total relief.

I just wanted to tell that each condition has a unique way to deal with it. you worked for other might not necessarily work for everyone.

I have also to mention that i found my cure thanks to some Book my sister gave me. i don't have it anymore and i can't remember it but it has some astonishing information that made it easier for me to figure out what i had.

Keep looking you'll finally find what will work for you

Beatriz Lee

Itchy, red spots all over apear on my body & I have AVEENO oatmeal bathe, for 20 minutes in a WARM BATH releives like wonder. I seem to get them once a year this year it has been coupled with chilling cold inside my body.more dry skin than ever before. I keep my lil place humid, warm and slather on the Aveeno moisturizer. I have tried the expensive and the cheap stuff. Only the regular green box works the best.


I have tried numerous medical and natural treatments for hives. The one product that has worked miraculously for me are VS-C by Nature's Sunshine. These are traditional Chinese herbs like licorice root and ginseng root. I take the dosage of four capsules four times a day (16 capsules per day) and within a couple days of a horrible outbreak (large itchy hives covering large sections of my body and swelling of my hands and lips) the hives were gone. I still use antihistamine combinations of Zyrtec and Benadryl for maintenance, and I have to be careful not to eat heavily processed foods, preservatives or get too hot. When doing this I can go weeks without a single hive, but even when I get hives they are milder, localized outbreaks that go away much faster. I will continue this regimen until my body fully recovers which could take months or years, but with the VS-C Chinese Herbs I am able to enjoy life again. I hope this advice will help others as it has helped me.


My husband just spent one week in the hospital due to hives - doctors stating they'd never seen any so severe. He's never had them previously in his life. When they first began we went to the ER two nights in a row. The 3rd night he was admitted. Before being admitted we attempted all sorts of remedies that we found online by wonderful people attempting to help/assist others; however, nothing worked for him. The mediation/injections/prescriptions they provided on the first two ER visits, didn't touch this mess. He couldn't swallow easy, difficult breathing at times, deep hives on the thighs, down to the feet, arms, neck, and with each day old ones disappeared as new ones popped up. It was amazing. Very painful, burning, itchy. He said he'd rather lose fingers again rather than having hives. In addition to the steroid injections, benedryl, prednisone, and insulin when his sugar got out of control due to the steroids, THEY HAD THIS WONDER LIQUID CALLED DOMEBORO Astringent Solution. This was amazing. Even with medication he still itched and had pain. However, this is a powder that you dissolve in 16oz of water, take a washcloth and dab all over the hives, within minutes the itching and pain went away. Man, if I could have gotten my hand on this over a week ago....It reads do 3 times/day or as directed by the dr, however, i did whenever he began itching. Much like a fever it always got worse after dark, usually about 7-8pm, the hives got worse. This mixture was amazing. I seriously suggest if you begin breaking out in hives, get this immediately. We were told you could obtain DOMEBORO at any pharmacy. It is made by Bayer HealthCare. Fortunate for us the cause of his hives was found....he's never had Keflex in his life. He was on it for 6 days, 2pills/day after a rotator cuff surgery. The day he stopped the Keflex, the hives began. Note: Always read the reactions to medication....One severe allergic reaction to Keflex is HIVES....we will begin an allergic reaction list at this time. May everyone who has problems with hives stumble upon this note and find DOMEBORO to assist with speedy recoveries and better sleep associated with hives. Good luck and peaceful sleeping.


Hi everyone, I've been having hives for the past few weeks. I had an episode a couple of years ago. This time along with prescription antihistamines, which only reduced the itching of the hives (as far as I could tell) I also tried making a paste of turmeric powder with water and applying it all over (avoiding the eye and scalp area because turmeric lightens hair over time) after which I washed it off with lukewarm water and mild herbal soap. This gave immense relief. I've also been drinking a cup of warm milk with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder (sugar may be added to make it easier to drink) just before going to bed. I also realised that I've been getting hives mostly during the cooler months of the year. During this time I found that I don't drink a lot of water as I don't sweat as much as I do in summer. Less water means drier skin (my skin is also pretty sensitive)so I thought if if hydrate my body, my skin will be able to tackle the hives better. So I started by drinking a full bottle of water in the morning (sometimes I drink in 3 or 4 instalments)and 2 days after I started this, 95% of my hives disappeared. My skin felt less sensitive and healthy. Although these remedies may not work for everyone, I just hope at least a few of you benefit. God bless and get well soon!


I have Servere Hives since May 2012 and still dealing with it. I'm still trying to figure with doctors, to specialists etc..a cure or what or y cause of it all. so far I have been in hospital many times and it's just horrible. i have head to toe, which swell so bad. it's itchy but painful as well. I don't sleep either. I have done temporily relieve til body immunes to it and go to next relieve till i can conquer this. till time being i have done and still doing to help others with same problem-issue.
ice packs, icem cold showers, aveeno bath oil, lipakar bath soap, medicated cream, edication: bendrayal, reactine-ceitrizine, prednisone(steriods), check with doctor to do blood work some have either infection in blood stream can be a cause, some can have a skin testing as well, allergy test-dermotolgoist, drink cold water keep body cool inside and out, camiolle tea drink and apppy on skin-hives to refresh body-hives. heat tends to aggravate hives. salt water helps temporily relieve as well.hope this may help abit in the meantime. i fell for everyone that is going thru the samething i am going thru in life with servere hives and it's horrible that doctors come to the point of not listening or so. when they don't know or it's not in the book they give up. sad but true.


I get chronic hives, also. Many of the suggestions on this site are helpful. One thing to keep in mind is that we all get them for different reasons. As someone else mentioned, Boiron makes remedies for hives. One is for reddish looking hives, one is for pinkish looking hives. I take Utica Urens, Apis Mellifica and a third one I cannot remember the name of this instant. Usually the homeopathic medicines provide relief within minutes. Keep in mind some people's hives are made worse by (cold) cool water, and others by (heat) hot water. I get exersice induced hives every single time I go for a walk or run. If the apple cider vinegar and baking soda are working for u, it could be that u get hives when ur pH is getting too acidic. Diet and stress can cuase or aggravate this also. There are also anti itch homeopathic and herbal lotions, like calendula gel or cream.

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