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ok, so i haven't been suffering from hives for very long. mine started 4 days ago. i went to the doctor and turns out, i've got a sun allergy. now i HAVE to have very high spf sunscreen and/or wear long sleeves, pants and cover up completely. it's very hard for me because i love being in the sun(tellin me i can't be in the sun is like tellin a fish he can't be in water)...but anyways. the itching has been driving me INSANE. i tried the 2 prescriptions the doctor gave me and some anti-itch cream. nothing was helping. it was getting worse and worse. then i tried the baking soda and water. just make it like a paste and apply it to the hives. THEY DON'T ITCH!!! it's amazing how quick it helped the itching! i haven't figured out how to make the hives go away yet, but the paste definitely makes it easier to deal with. the doctor said it shouldn't last more than a week. but even an hour of these hives is HORRIBLE! but i totally recommend the baking soda and water paste!

Timothy C.

Today is April 15th, 2014. I have been dealing with Hives since Mid January of 2014. I have tried many things over the past couple of months to keep this stuff under control. I have read some of the hives conditions on this site and a lot seem to be worse than what I have dealt with especially the ones dealing with it on their eyes, mouth, etc.

My haves usually start on my right or left thigh. Then they will spread across my stomach on the days they get bad and then to the inside of both arms on the inside of my biceps. Never had it spread below my knees or to my neck or head, or to any part of my backside. Just my left and right thighs, left and right biceps, and across my stomach.

Today is Tuesday. On Sunday, I didn't experience any hives at all. Yesterday (Monday), Only 3 little hives bumps that was made short work of. Tuesday (Today), I have only had one small hives bump. Before that. By the time I would wake up I would have at least 6 or 7 hives on me. I take some allergy pills before I go to sleep but would still have the hives when I woke up on either thigh.

A little back story before I get started on what I have done to find relief so far. I am very fair skinned on the portions I get hives. On my thighs, inside of my biceps, and stomach I am as white as a ghost. I have worked out in the sun a good portion of my life, but still I am not the ideal person to have out in the sun as I do develop heat bumps easily. So with these hives and there hasn't been many warm days from January when I got this stuff until now, but the couple of warm days there was. I did break out worse than I normally would.

However, Sunday was a fairly warm 82 degree day here in Georgia. I stayed outside all day long and didn't develop the first hive. I mowed my whole lawn. Which I keep roughly an acre cut. So needless to say I was outside all day.

As for what I have been doing. Now I have really only been doing this a couple of days. Starting Friday, I bought a jar of capers. Capers are found in either usually the ethnic foods section or at any big name retailer next to the Olives. The reason I chose Capers is that I was reading about Apples being good for hives due to the amount of Quercetin in them. So I did some research and found a page on wikipedia that showed the things with the most Quercetin in them. Apples only had 4 mg per edible portion. Capers (Raw) have 234 mg per edible portion, and Capers (canned) have 173 mg per edible portion. I normally take 8 to 10 out at a time and eat them all together. Really small seed like pellets. For a 3.5 FL Oz Jar. I paid $2.39 (US Currency). They have kind of have in between a jalapeno flavor (though not spicy at all) and pickle flavor to them for those wondering. Anyways, I am glad to have made this discovery, because I haven't seen anywhere were people have been eating capers to take out hives. So far since I have started taking them. Not only have my hives been smaller and infrequent. I have also felt better physically. I feel for the first time that I might not only be able to control them, but I may also be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with this. Which for anyone with hives knows that is a feeling that would just be great.

Now when I see a hives sore pop up. I do not do the conventional things I see on here like Aloe, I tried Calamine Lotion (didn't do much for me), I have some anti-itch lotion it didn't really do anything either. What I have been using and it seems like it stops the hives from spreading on the skin and that is Betadine. Which is an Iodine based first aid antiseptic. It's usually the brown stuff they rub on wounds and cuts at the hospital. You can ask any place that has a pharmacy. To get you some Betadine (pronounced Bet-A-Dine)and they will show you where it is at. I have an 8 FL Oz Bottle I bought a year or so ago when our cats got attacked by dogs and left them with some very nasty wounds and we thought they were going to die. We kept pouring Betadine on their wounds every day for a week and they healed up and the cats lived. So I began thinking if it was potent enough to kill the bacteria in deep open wounds. It would be powerful enough to put on these hives, and it does keep them in check. I have been using it for a little while and I think that is why my hives aren't as bad as some people's because it does seem to help them from multiplying.

I have also began taking Vitamin C Pills as of Friday. 1,000 MG. Once a day as per the instructions on the bottle. I have seen were people take more than 1,000 miligrams, but I looked it up and they can cause kidney stones if you take too much Vitamin C, so I pace myself at 1,000 MG a day. I take them the first time I have a meal, because it is best to take Vitamin C pills with a meal. I have noticed since taking them that it has turned my urine a very golden yellow color so I hope that it is killing some of the infection that is causing the hives.

Then lastly, before I go to bed. I take 2 allergy pills. I have the drowsy kind so I take them right before I go to bed because I don't want to be drowsy when I am driving during the day or doing other tasks.

So a recap:

Buy A Jar Of Capers or get them Raw. I bought canned. I take 8 to 10 of them a day all at once, because of the high levels of Quercetin they have in them. Quercetin is good at taking care of The Mast Cells that cause hives. I bought a jar of them at Kroger. Kroger's off-brand. I think it is named Private Select for $2.39 for a 3.5 FL Oz Jar.

Rub Betadine on your Hives. I don't know any medical basis behind it but it always seems to work for me. I have the off brand Wal-Mart brand Equate and it says on the Bottle 'First Aid Antiseptic'. It is a brown color just like iodine and it seeps into the skin and has very powerful anti-viral and bacteria killing properties. Don't quote me on this as I bought it a year ago, but for a 8 FL bottle. I think I paid $7.98 for a bottle of it from Wal-Mart. It'll do you for a while. Just put enough of it on your hives to cover them.

Take 1,000 MG of Vitamin C Pills. I take them during the earliest time of the day I have a meal. I don't take more than 1 1,000 MG pill because I don't want to get kidney stones from having too much Vitamin C. The brand of Vitamin C pills I take is Spring Valley. I bought 100 of them (1,000 MG) for $4.98 (United States Dollars) at Wal-Mart.

Then I take Equate brand (which is Wal-Mart's off brand) Allergy Pills. You get 100 of them for $4.98 in United States Dollars from Wal-Mart. If you take the regular allergy pills the ones that make you drowsy. ONLY TAKE 2 A DAY. AS THEY CONTAIN THE SAME STUFF THAT THEY PUT IN SLEEPING PILLS WHICH MEANS IT SLOWS YOUR HEART DOWN. I always take mine at night before going to bed.

These things together I have been doing since Friday. So far with very good results. I currently have one very small hive on my hip today that is not itching or causing me any trouble except a small red blotch of skin. When I say small I am talking about less than the size of a plain M & M. These things I have mentioned have helped me out. Sorry for the long windedness of my post, but I wanted to be as thorough as I could possibly be. For anyone who has hives. I pray that what I have written here today helps you as it has helped me. All I know to do is write down the things that have helped me. Your body may be completely different, but I have had success with the things I have mentioned or else I wouldn't have wasted my time typing up this post.

Since I am not allowed to post weblinks in my post. You can go to your Google Toolbar and type in 'Foods with Quercetin' without the quotations, and the second link should be a wikipedia link that says 'Quercetin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' Then you can see the list of Quercetin rich foods and you will see why I chose to go with Capers. though there might be something on that list that you have more of an abundance for or that is easier for you to obtain on that list than Capers.

I hope what I have typed here today can help someone. I know everyone's bodies are different, but if what I have typed here today can help one person who is dealing with hives like I have been. Then it will have been all worth it. Thank You and Have A Blessed Day!


I have been suffering with chronic hives for about 4 months. I have been to doctors, Dermatologist, ER, gone though shots and pills galore. I have no clue what the cause is. They have tested me for lupus, antigens, thyroid, and kidney problems. Everything is sedative. By happenstance, I tried Icy hot on hives, and they cleared up almost immediately...on the surface. I figured if the menthol worked on the outside, I should use it internally. I bought a bag of menthol cough drops and ate 2 each hour. I didn't take pills ALL day (to my relief) until bedtime. I also decided No Coffee or Tea and drank strictly Water hoping to my flush my system. I woke this morning and NO HIVES!!! I am So Excited at my discovery! I just hope it works for more than a few days!!!

Susan Melbourne Australia

I have had hives now for six months,have read a lot of the remedies, my hives are lessening and almost gone now, each morning I rub sorbolene all over my body after the shower, this stops the itching for a few hours, I have started taking vitamin D3, and vitamin C, one vitamin D3 tablet first thing in the morning after getting up, around 9am I take three vitamin C tablets, and later in the day a further 2 Vitamin C, have only been doing this for 2 weeks and have been amazed at the results. Thankyou to whoever suggested the thyroid as a possible cause. As I went with that as a possible cause of my hives. I was using Fexofenadine 180 and now I have virtually stopped needing this, I split the tablet in three, am weaning myself off this.


I suffered with Hives for NINE MONTHS. I went to two specialists whose remedies did nothing to help. I read a comment on your website to then looked on websites and saw that it helped to drink only water and to eat only fresh food for a month. I did this for a week and my hives disappeared. I learnt that I was drinking too much tea and coffee and was seriously dehydrated.


How to stop the itch from hives break out.

The only thing that works is to use the DEODORANT.

Apply deodorant on the hives and it will stop the hives and dry them out.

Hivey Honey

When I was in Hawaii, I swam in the ocean every day for a week, and did not break out in hives at all during that time. I suspect the salt water bath and spending time in loose, cool clothing helped. I just tried the cold, wet towel compress method: it works like a dream in reducing inflammation. The itch went away like that.


I ran across this site today as I was searching for cures for my hives. I have had three outbreaks in the last three years. The first was stress related and lasted a little over a year, the second only a few weeks and currently I've been fighting a hives outbreak for about four months. Like many of you, I have my good days and bad days. Today I'm covered from my neck to my knees because I haven't taken anything except Zyrtec and Claritin for the past two days. What I found works the best for me is taking 800 mg of Cimetidine (Tagament) three times a day. Tagament originally was used for helping with heat burn but doctors found that it is a very effective anti-histamine that works through your stomach. I take this in combination with hydrocortisone tables 15-20mg daily, Zyrtec in the am and Claritin in the evening. I also take 2000mg of Vitamin C, Omega 3 capsules twice a day, pro-bio tics, a double dose of prescription grade multivitamins and vitamin D3. This seems like a lot but does a pretty good job of controlling my hives. My outbreak today is because I was trying to ween myself off of some of the medications. Also, one thing I experience is that I get a feeling of a lump in my throat combined with heartburn just before a major outbreak. Not sure why, but it is a definite indicator that trouble is coming.


Colloidal Silver works great for my chronic hives. And just recently I also tested 50-50 water and vinegar and that worked too. If Colloidal Silver (CS) works for you then you'll want to buy your own CS making kit/machine as it can get pricey. Especially if you have chronic hives like I have. I spray it on and in 10 minutes it's all gone. Sometimes I take a cold shower just before applying.



Ive been suffering from chronic hives for over 8 years. I find that reactine is a temporary solution and when it starts wears off it makes the hives worst than it started. i finally figured it out after this long.

I fought my hives mentally, it took 3 week for it to fade away and i was hive and reactine free for 1 year. One day, 2 years later (curent now) it started and i took a reactine thinking it would be one time only and here i go again. I am ready to fight it again because i know it works mentally.

also, go to health store, and get dapis gel. This helps me alot to eliminate any itches when the hives start.

the goal is to fight it completely and ignore the itches.

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