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98 Home Remedies for Hiccoughs


One good sized tablespoon of natural honey


Let an aspirin dissolve under your tongue. It tastes nasty but it works.


Eat bananas. If hiccoughs are caught early (while not very deep in the diaphragm), one banana may do the job. Otherwise, you will need more. Always have plenty on hand.


Take a teaspoon of sugar. It might be overwhelming but I swear it works instantly.


Stand up straight and take a deep breath while looking straight up at the sky. Keep your eyes closed and hold that breath for 20 seconds. Then breathe. For some it works, and for others it does nothing, but it's worth a try!

Erica Ann


Put pressure on your temple (just slightly, dont hurt yourself!)and take 7-9 gulps of a cold bevrage without stopping, this is gaurnteed to work, i always get Hiccoughs, i hated it! GOOD LUCK! and send comments cause i will cheack them!


To get rid of those pesky hiccoughs, all you need to do is bend over towards the floor and take four to five swallows of water from the opposite side of a cup or better still a coffee mug. All that is needed is a little bit of coordination, and you will have a very simple yet efficient solution.


Slowly bend over and touch your toes with your hand straight out. Then you slowly lift your hands into the air. Stretch straight with your srms in the air. This works most of the time if you do it right.


Teaspoon of peanut butter, and it's much easier to swallow than sugar. Almost always works but don't do if you're allergic to peanuts. Instead, try filling a small glass and add 2 toothpicks and slowly drink, avoiding the toothpicks. Both have worked very well.


swallow water while you or someone else pulls down genlty on your ears

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