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98 Home Remedies for Hiccoughs


To magically rid yourself of hiccups. Place a butter knife in a regular 8 oz cup. Fill cup with 5-6 oz. of water. place the end of the butter knife that sticks ot of the cup on forehead and drink all the water. This positions your head and throat. Voila! Hiccups are gone. I am a medic in the US Army and this is the only sure-fire method I use to treats my soldiers of annoying hiccups.


When you have hiccups (which I *HATE*!), hold an empty glass or cup to one of your ears. Position it so that it makes the best seal you can get. Then, drink a whole bunch of water while keeping the glass on your ear. You may notice that your ear will make a slight 'crack', 'pop', etc. as you swallow. I think it has something to do with pressure or creating a 'vacuum' or something. It's not painful or dangerous to do. You LOOK like a *total dork* works very well! :D


I read this in the Merck Manual for Nursing! Hiccups are 'fed' by oxygen, so it's important to hold your breath. I've found it most effective to breathe out immediately after a hic, then hold it as long as possible.

On the other hand, as someone already mentioned, relaxation works great, too. I think I prefer relaxation, and taking long, slow, even breaths while laying down.

Both methods have worked for me.


Was told this when I worked in pub nip/shot of Grenadine syrup straight.


Eat a spoonful of sugar. It sounds weird... That's what I thought when I first heard of it but it DOES work.

Sarah Leatherberry

You will need one small glass of water.

1. Sit in a chair.
2. Take a few sips of water and swallow.
3. Hold an average size amount of water in your mouth and do not yet swallow. Lean over so your head is between your legs and then swallow.
4. Stay there for a few seconds before sitting up again.

This has worked for me guaranteed every time.

If there is some way this doesn't work, just repeat, hold, and swallow a larger amount of water in your mouth while you are leaned over.


To rid yourself of 'hiccups', drink any beverage upside-down, but I find water works best.
You put your lips tightly around the 'wrong' side of the glass (which is actually just further away than where you would normally put your mouth to drink out of a glass. Your chin will be inside the top of the glass..) OR a bottled water works even easier...then bend over with the glass or bottled water still tightly clamped at your mouth and drink or suck in the water as best as you can till you get the hang of it..You usually can't gulp a lot at once, but even a few drinks at a time will do it. If it doesn't work the first try, do it for up to three times and if it's going to work for you, it will have worked by then. This is not for everyone but it's worked for me for over 20 years.


To get rid of my hiccoughs i do these steps:

1.take in a deep breath
2.swish your mouth around for spit[still holding breth in]
3.keep the breath in for a good 10 seconds
4.swallow your spit once you get to 10 [while still holding breth]
5.once you feel spit go down your let breath out

this works everytime for me and it doesnt require anything but yourself


Your esophagus (the tube running from your throat to your stomach) has pockets and is coated in a thick mucous membrane. When air gets trapped in these pockets, mucous forms over it. In your body's attempt to rid yourself of the trapped air, your esophagus contracts causing the hiccups. Drinking a glass of water while holding your breath stops the hiccups since your esophagus contracting on its own while it is trying to send the water down. In doing so, your esophagus' contractions releases the air bubbles which either end up in your stomach or comes up as a burp.


My son was up all night with these. What got rid of them? Gently rub both eyes for a couple of minutes and they will be gone.

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