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97 Home Remedies for Hiccoughs


A teaspoon of vinegar. Works every time. I don't like raw peanut butter taste (and I've heard of flaws) But the vinegar works perfect!


Hiccoughs can be gone instantly! Everyone I know has had success and you don't have to be coordinated at all! Take a full teaspoon of peanut butter and try to swallow as much of it at once as you can. Hiccoughs are gone.


Breathe in through your mouth until you can't anymore and hold it, then breathe in through your nose until you can't anymore and hold it. Wait for as long as you can, then slowly let your breath out.


Quickly turn your head to the right like you're trying to look at something behind you. Hold to the count of 10. Works for me about 90% of the time.


Quickest fix for hiccaughs I've ever seen. Get about a cup of regular old water and go sit down somewhere. Bend at waist with your head near the floor and start drinking. It's odd at that angle and a tad bit hard to tip cup without spilling but it works!


I tend bar & this really works. Drink a shot of Roses of Lime. Will cure even the deepest hiccoughs


Ok. This is the true hiccough cure. It works every time. Instead of holding your breath, take a deep breath then exhale through your mouth slowly. As if you were whistling. Then, keep blowing air out until your lungs are completely empty. Breath in slowly, and they should be gone!


Okay... My mom always had us take a pencil and place it as far back as possible in your mouth (comparable to bitting a horse) and bite down on it. Then, drink a glass of water. Try to get the whole thing down without choking. It really works. So does the one about swallowing air from the opposite side of the glass.


One successful way of getting rid of this problem that has worked for me and my friends is to take about a 1/2 or whole shot of whiskey.. Works every time..


To magically rid yourself of hiccups. Place a butter knife in a regular 8 oz cup. Fill cup with 5-6 oz. of water. place the end of the butter knife that sticks ot of the cup on forehead and drink all the water. This positions your head and throat. Voila! Hiccups are gone. I am a medic in the US Army and this is the only sure-fire method I use to treats my soldiers of annoying hiccups.

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