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98 Home Remedies for Hiccoughs


Just drink a glass of warm water while holdings ur nose. works for me almost every time


drink water from a cup...while bent half of your body is upside down


A teaspoon of sugar just get a teaspoon of sugar n swallow it down its a little hard to swallow it but when you do your hiccups will instantly go away!!! I told so many people about it and it worked for everybody


Hiccups.. Take one teaspoon Of sugar by mouth and they will stop almost immediately.


Remeddy for hiccups. Came across this accidentally. Had Hiccups for 5 Days. Started getting chest congestion. Had some Benylin DM extra strength cough syrup on hand. Took standard does as per instructions on the bottle. No Benylin does not recommend this so???

It worked in less than half a minute. I am still stunned by how fast it worked. Will keep it on hand just in case.

Previous to the Benylin I tryed a DR.S prescription of chloropromzine (50 mg.)
Did not work.

Jim k



Hiccups can be anoying and some times even painful. I have found that when I ate a bite of peanut butter, they went away. I have done this every time since then and the peanut butter seems to work.


When I was a child, a neighbor taught me this trick to get rid of hiccups. It has worked for me 98% of the time, for the last 40 years! Grab a glass of water and cover the top of the glass with a paper towel. Holding the paper towel in place with both hands, (keeping it tight) SLOWLY drink about 3 sips of the water in a row (pausing between sips to breath out of your nose, if you must). The paper towel creates resistance and it takes effort to pull the water through into your mouth - I think this is the 'trick' to the success of the remedy! (You may have to use two layers if using cheap paper towels.) If this trick doesn't work the first time, wait a couple of minutes and try again. Bottoms up!


Take a spoonful of sugar and pour it under your tongue then while holding the sugar under your tongue drink a glass of room temperature water. Works for me everytime.


Fenugreek is an effective remedy for hiccups.A few spoonful of fenugreek soak in hot water for 15 minutes and its ready to be use.Fenugreek can be reuse many times.Do not throw it away after your first drink!


Put one of your hands on your forehead. Then get your thumb and index finger each above one eyebrow.Push up to make it look like you had a face lift(make sure your pushing hard). Hold for about 15 seconds. Keep your head straight, dont fall back. Clear all thoughts. Works every time.

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