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98 Home Remedies for Hiccoughs


Ok, this might sound a little strange, but it works like magic! So take a glass and fill it about half way up with water. Now hold the cup steady and slowly bend over so you are looking at your legs (or as far as you can go). Bring the far side of the cup to your lips, and slowly sip this way, every now and then, stop to see if your hiccups are gone. Even if they aren't, this is still good because if you hiccup while your drinking the water, you'll most likely end up choking on it! If this doesn't work, then you can also try eating a spoon of honey or dry sugar, and holding your breath for short periods of time. I have also found that just plain eating works! Good luck!


Since I drink a lot of pop I always get the hiccups.

Once you get the hiccups, as soon as you get them, drink a full cup of water. You don't want the water freezing cold because then it will be hard to drink it fast. I know this sounds crazy but when your drinking the water hold your breath, when you can't hold it any longer breath very lightly thru your nose. If the first cup didn't work try again right after, its almost promised to work.

This is what I do ever single time and it works every time. But you have to catch them as fast as possible.

Please leave comments let me know if it works for you.


Here's an old family recipe for those nagging hiccups that works for me every time. Just eat a teaspoon of raw white sugar. Don't dissolve it in anything, just straight down the hatch, dry! Good luck!


Get a large glass of water and place a clean washcloth over the top of the glass. Drink the entire glass of water through the washcloth without stopping.


I get hiccups all the time...I've been trying remedies for years, and the very best method I've found is simply rubbing the roof of your mouth where the soft palate meets the hard palate with the tip of your finger for about 5 seconds. This works every time without fail!


If you have the hiccups, put a piece of tissue over the top of a glass of water and drink the water through the tissue! Someone I went to school with taught me this and it works every time!!!


Put a piece of ice on the side of your neck It will stop Well it works for me or get a glass water and put a wash clothes or paper towel on top of the cup and chug it! Good luck


Cut lime into quarters and just take a bite of one and instant hiccouph relief


Drink some cool water through a paper towel! I dont know why this works but it always does for me!


Got the hiccups? Here's a remedy my mummy taught me. get a full glass of water. Bend over and tilt the cup while bending over. get SOME water in your mouth SLOWLY. This one is a little far fetched and a little weird but it works! Its wicked hard to do so sometimes when I can't get it, i drink warm water and count 7 sips fast in my mouth. Works!! Hope this helped <3 Emily

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