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98 Home Remedies for Hiccoughs


This works 90\\% of the time for me when I get those stubborn hiccups that won’t stay away. Blow all the air slowly out of your lungs and then take little sips of water holding your breath until you have to gasp for air - honestly it feels a little like almost drowning but it works.

Michael Pino

The best and only cure for hiccups...
Peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter. I hate hiccups especially the ones that hurt. One good full spoon of peanut butter and they are gone. I haven't had any hiccup it hasn't worked on yet.


Close your mouth, breathe in trough the nose, swallow twice and breathe out trough your mouth. If doenst work first time, it will the second


Drink a glass of water infused with sugar. Sip it from the opposite edge of the glass.


This was shared with me from someone who swore by it. It has worked for me, my son and three other people I have shared it with. So far, it is flawless. And the hiccups stopped immediately first try for each.

Hold your breath and swallow three times (while holding your breath) works!!!


Warm a soft drink (any type works, but I usually use Coke) in the microwave for about 30 seconds and drink a swallow or two. Does the trick EVERY time!


for hiccups just put a teaspoon of sugar under your tongue and let it dissolve. They should be gone by the time it's dissolved.


always try to drink soda kinda fast every once and a while and try to burp.



For hiccups when a glass of water doesn't help. Grab a teaspoon of sugar and swallow (try up to 3x teaspoon) only.


Whenever I get the hiccups all I have to do is eat a spoonful of mustard. Nothing else has ever worked for me except this and it works everytime. I've even used it with my kids!

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