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Hey everyone!

I have been diagnosed with herpes type 2 for about three years now. I contracted it from an ex and it was definitely a tough time in my life. I am slowly learning to deal with it, but it has taken an emotional toll on me. I haven't been sexually active or in a relationship in a while because I am afraid of spreading. I've told my good friends, but they don't truly understand the severity of the pain I go through. I'm only 23 and fear that I will never leave a normal life again. It is nice to have people that can relate. So I truly say God Bless you all and if you need someone reach out.

I also would like to know if anyone has used LAMISIL by chance? If so, how was that experience?

Anyways don't want to go on too long. I recommend alcohol to cure ob.

Best of luck. XOXO




Firstly can I say do not believe the horror stories tht you read online, you life is defo NOT over and neither is your sex life. The stigma is what is scaring you but trust me it's not half as bad as you think. I was diagnosed hsv2 in November six months ago and literally I couldn't stop crying for days I felt dirty and horrible and that my life was over. I spent weeks reading all these horror stories on the internet and believing them and got myself all worked up. Then I contacted hva look for there website and realised this virus is not half as bad as you think. In the last six months I have had six outbreaks which I now see is because I continuously letting these websites and stories get to me. When I have an outbreak I believe in talcum powder and I also put sudocrem to dry the blisters out. What you need to realise though this virus is mainly affecting your brain and the way you think so that's what you need to change. It is a controllable virus it's NOT going to kill you or take over your life it's just something that you need to work around. Trust me STOP reading these horror stories STOP looking on the internet. Go to your sexual Health clinic and speak to someone or trust me contact hva you will feel a million times better within ten minutes. Please contact me if you want to talk. Look how many people in the world have this come on believe me you are not alone.


I was diagnosed with HSV1 on my genital area a month ago. My outbreak was excruciating. I had about 6 large sores and couldn't really function for 2 weeks. I went to the Dr and got prescribed a week run of aciclovir and T3s for the pain. Although it was horrible, this website helped me so so so much with figuring out how to stay somewhat comfortable in my home. I thought I would share what worked for me in hopes it helps someone else. Of course, go to a Dr., the medicine helps things clear up faster and I dont think I could have survived without the pain meds. I also took extra strength advil to help with the pain and swelling.

1) Sitz Bath: These were LIFE SAVERS. I have a fairly big bathtub, and had found that in order to make it CONCENTRATED like I wanted it, I had to use large amounts of products. So I bought a large tin cooking pan that was about 15 cm high, large enough for me to sit in and have my lady parts covered. I would place this in the bathtub, and pour in about 1L of apple cider vinegar, or 3/4 cup of epson salt, or a mixture of both. Sometimes I also added a half a cup of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. I would then add hot water until it was filled up leaving a good few inches at the top. You want it hot, but not too hot, so make sure the temperature is right before adding it. If you have to dump some out because it is too hot/cool, just add in more vinegar or salt. Sit in this for about 15 minutes (or longer if you can, bring in your laptop, watch a tv show, get your mind off it!). IT WILL STING! Sometimes more than other, but the relief after is worth it, and I really feel like it was the only thing that was cleaning them and disinfecting and left me feeling not dirty. Afterwords have a warm body shower and wash your lower half with non scented soap. I kept a container in my shower that I could fill up and dump over my vagina from different angles while kind of sitting in the shower to ensure that i rinsed off all the soap.

After the shower, Dry your self off, and use a hairdryer on the cool setting to dry your lower areas. DRY IS GOOD! So spend time on this. Always be aiming to keep everything CLEAN AND DRY!

Once dry, I used a 40% rubbing alcohol 60% water mixture to further clean the area. Id use a swab on my outer areas where I didnt have any sores, and then FRESH q-tips for each sore. THIS STINGS LIKE HELL. But it worth it afterwords. Take deep breaths when you are going to apply something that is going to sting! Count to 10 while doing so and it will be over. I would then Blow dry the area again, apply t-tree oil to each sore (again fresh q-tip each time)(the cooling sensation can be intense when the sores are at their worse but it is WORTH IT for the relif this brings!!) (Hydrogen Peroxide doesn't string like rubbing alcohol as an alternative), blow dry gently, and then lay about. Wear oversized T-shirts or longer nighties. NO UNDIES whenever you can!

I would do this 2-3 times a day!!

When you do have to go out, wear very loose underwear (I got 'granny panties' a size too big for me), put a panty liner in them, and a generous amount of baby powder (unscented). I found this make any trips out I had to do bearable for a few hours. When I got home I would have a bath or shower to clean the baby powder away.

1) Pain when urinating: I was scared to drink water for the first few days, and as a result was getting very dehydrated. None of the tricks worked for me to keep the urine away from my sores. I would cry for about 15 minutes after peeing because of the pain, it wrenched through my whole body. What saved me is actually allowing myself to pee more by DRINKING LOTS OF WATER! When your urine is not diluted the pain is WAY less severe. Lean forward as far as you can while peeing, and immediately rinse the area with epson salt water (easy to do in the bathtub with a container). Then rinse with normal water. Then blow-dry, tea tree oil, and blowdry. While the sores are at their worst it will still hurt, but I found this to make it somewhat bearable. The second week into my outbreak when I left the house, I would bring Tucks WitchHazel pads with me and GENTLY clean the area after if I had to pee, apply more baby power to the pad in my undies, and was okay.
Dont be afraid of drinking water! The more you drink the less severe the pain!
Peeing WHILE in the shower and then rinsing with salt water is even BETTER!

Get a good portable mirror that you can set on the floor while you clean the area. By knowing whats going on down there, you can make sure you are keeping each sore clean and dry and try to lower any chances of anything spreading.

3) Vitamins - From suggestions on this site I began taking 4 500g Lysine pills throughout the day, 1 36g Zinc, one immune multivitamin, and 5 drops oil of oregano under the tongue
I plan on continuing to take 1 500g of Lysine, 1 immune multivitamin and zinc per day. I also am waiting on an order of Reshi Mushroom supplements that I plan on adding to this regime! And taking Increasing intake of others (oil of oregano, more lysine etc if I am feeling stressed or run down)

My symptoms first started two and a half weeks ago, so it took me two full weeks with this regime for things to heal, but after those two weeks I can now function again!!! If this is your first outbreak, please just know that things are probably at their worst now and you WILL get better! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!! My largest sore is almost healed now, and I have been able to function like a normal person this week. I am still having a few showers a day and applying tea tree oil, but pain is gone when urinating and the swelling had completely gone away.

Sorry this ended up being so long! But i think it was paying close attention to my outbreak that allowed me to find a way to be somewhat comfortable!


Oil of Oregano tincture of high quality is the only thing I've found that controls genital herpes effectively. Works much better than acyclovir.

Some people even claim to have eliminated herpes from their system with this, but I have yet to succeed.

5 drops 2x daily under the tongue (washed down by grapefruit juice or soy milk or whatever works) consistently effectively represses the monster. When you first take it, you might have a bigger outbreak than usual, but stick with it and it will quickly clear (within a week or two) and after that, outbreaks will be rare.

I also made a salve of Oil of Oregano mixed in with warmed coconut oil to apply topically if needed and also to rub on the lower spine/sacrum 2x daily. OOO is too strong to be used directly on mucus membranes.

Not a bad idea to take a probiotic while taking this medicine, especially if you start to have gas or digestive problems (because OOO is also an antibacterial and could have an effect on the good bacteria in your stomach)

This medicine may or may not help you if you tempt fate too much. Strong triggers for outbreaks include: coffee, chocolate, peanuts, panic attacks or intense emotionally stressful experiences. I've found that all the other things they list as bad (i.e. high in arganine) don't trigger outbreaks as long as I'm getting enough fresh veggies, protein, and savory foods to balance my comfort foods. Which was a big relief because I love nuts!


Propolis and like a miracle! Try I. What do you have to lose?


I use witch hazel also. I do know the more stressed out you get the more outbreaks you'll have, at least that's what happens to me. I've had it for 30 yrs and my better half knows about it and we are very careful. Never make love when the blister is out your partner can definitely catch it. Just be aware and you'll know when an outbreak is coming. Like I said if I'm upset and stressing about something I'm more inclined to breakout. Stay calm


Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with GH 10 years ago.
The first year was AWFUL. I got outbreak after outbreak, one after another continually.
I found the zovrax ointment helped with the symptoms but was doing nothing to prevent it.
My doctor finally prescribed valtrex as a suppressant. Oh boy, what a game changer.
I took 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill before bed and lessened my outbreaks to once or twice a year. When they became less frequent even than that I went to 1 pill a day instead of 2.
Here we are 10 years later and I've been off the daily Valtrex completely for around 2 years and have been outbreak free for about 4.
If your like how I was in the beginning (one outbreak after another, couldn't seem to catch a break) I highly recommend the daily Valtrex. (The generic one worked for me as well)
Hope this helps someone.
There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!

Herbs Herbs Herbs

This really is something that you have to try different things to find what works for you. I find I use different remedies as far as daily maintanence, beginning of an OB, during an OB with open sores, as well as when they begin to heal. You just have to be patient and find what works best for you.
I took a more natural/homeopathic approach. These are things that have helped me:
Soak in bath for 20-30 min with Epsom Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol. If possible morning & evening. This will help dry out sores. It may sting & burn a little at first but that's a good thing. (Aveno Oatmeal bath packets are great too)
I googled herbs & vitamins that help & purchased just about every vitamin & herb suggested! ha ha I have noticed I tend to take the herbs more during outbreak & vitamins more as daily maintance to keep my immune system up. I suggest googling herbal remedies or natural remedies to help you decide what you want to try. Vitamins such as Lysine (I take 2000mg twice a day during outbreak, 500mg daily if not), zinc, echinacae, vitamin D, C, B, garlic, cayenne, etc help keep immune system and metabolism up.
Herbs such as Melissa/lemon balm, oil of oregano, olive leaf, bee propolis, tea tree oil, reishi mushrooms, have been helpful for me. Carmex, cornstarch or gold bond help with itching.
After I soak in bath, I swab the area with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel (if open sores, hydrogen peroxide will be least painful). you can use hair dryer on low/cool setting to dry area. I make a paste with crushed up lysine, zinc, Benedryl (or generic is fine), add any other herbs or vitamins you want to add (vitamin c will sting a bit), add drops of tea tree oil, aloe vera, zinc ointment, or coconut oil... Any of these will mix well as a paste. apply to sores with q-tip or cottonball (use several as to not spread infected area), again hair dryer helps if needed. Reapply throughout the day if possible, or again before bed.
As they start to heal, zinc ointment on the area has been the best thing for me in healing them quickly. Remember to keep up on vitamins daily to maintain healthy immune system.


I found out two days ago I have genital herpes. I am 18. The guy I gave my virginity to at 16 gave me this, it's just laid dormant till now. Emotionally I am torn apart. It is SO COMFORTING to see all of your posts on this subject. I feel a little better with each column I read. None the less, I am striving with the next step... I am in school, I am in the USMC, and I am in a relationship with the love of my life. I told him, my current partner, everything as soon as I knew. He is scared about how it will effect us in the long run and generally upset. I told him I'd give him some time and space to evaluate this so I am moving out for a little while. He's trying to figure it out with me but were both pretty lost. I don't who to tell. I feel it's extremely personal but I don't want to be alone right now. Plus the marines will need to know soon.

My emotions aside, how can you treat the open sores in a way that doesn't cause more burning. (I have a high pain tolerance but those ladies using alcohol are TOUGH). Is there anything that makes going to the bathroom easier? My dr wants me back in after it heals up so maybe I can get more answers then. I'll ask her about the tree oil. And any other preventative remedies. Walking hurts, so I've been taking ibfrofen though I hate being so reliant on Rx drugs so any herbal pain relievers would be great! My dr has me taking Valacyclovir, does anyone have any experience with it?

I am trying to just wrap my head around the fact it doesn't go away. Thank you all for posting!

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