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I have only had 2 ob my first one was AWFUL I couldn't work cried at the thoughts of having to pee and bawled like a baby when I was told I had hsv-1 well my second one (which I'm having now)i figured since virus 1 was caused by the cold sore virus I would try some thing I used for cold sores such as cleaning the sores with peroxide and alcohol (burns so bad) then use hibiclens antibacterial soap to clean it dry the sores COMPLETLY and then apply backing soda for about two days then I started using camphophenic on them (also burns) this ob without RX meds has lasted about four days as for the flu like symptoms just OTC meds will works as well. TIP: AS SOON AS YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING AN OB CLEAN AND DRY AREA GOODAND START APPLYING THE CAMPHOPHENIC and you should be on your way to an easy less sevier on... GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE :)


I have had herpes for 25 years breakouts every couple months sometimes twice a month! I started taking d3 with red wine extract 5000 iu a day and since have been stressed out many times and have been breakout free for 8 months now and it does not matter what i do it is just not there anymore! I had terrible breakouts and i have tried everything and gave up till i read about d3 and i sware it works excellent for both i and my wife havent had a problem since!


Make sure you BOOST your immune system (see below), at a first Outbreak (OB) shower 2-3 times a day using your 'special soap' (Dial Gold, Oatmeal, or soap containing sulfer). Stay away from foods such as: Coffee, chocolate, brown rice, oatmeal, raisins, seeds, coconut, and whole wheat breads.

For herpes take:

L-lysine: 3,000 mg. daily; 1,000 mg; with each meal at the first sign of outbreak. After the symptoms lessen, reduce your intake to 500 mg a day. If you break out on this maintenance dosage, increase your maintenance dose to 1,000 mg a day to prevent recurrence.

Lysine cream: apply topically to lesions twice a day or as recommended on label.

Lactobacillus acidophilus: three capsules daily; one with each meal.
Zinc: 22.5 mg daily; Vitamin C with bioflavonoids: 1,000 to 2,000 mg daily.

Vitamin E: 400 I.U.

L-Lysine: 500 mg. daily


Hi everyone.
Ive had herpies for several yrs now and i got this ingrediant i use it cures my outbreaks in 1 day it soothes the pain instintly too as soon as i feel tingling i put it on and it helps sores from coming out.hope it helps!!!
1 crushed tablet of Tylenol pm.For pain
Some Vagisil cream for itching Generic brands fine too.
generic of any cold sore like avebra
then some triple antibiotic non brand with pain relief.Add all this together into a paste like form put on sores and all around instant soothing.It totally smells and is blue color but rather have relief.Try it so works!!!!


I was diagnosed with herpes two days ago, I'm 20 years old. Despite all of the obvious emotions we have all gone through this website has given me so much comfort. My outbreak wasn't particularly bad as I've read some horror stories online. I thought it was just ingrown hair at first. My outbreak lasted a week, now all the blisters have burst etc. There's just one section where the blisters were, it looks like eczema now. Does this still mean I'm highly contagious ATM? Also any remedies on how do get this spot to go down would be great, I am going to try witch hazel tonight and also take some vitamin E tablets. Any other suggestions?


5/18/2014 I was diagnosed with having HPV1 I cried and cried. My doctor prescribed some medicine and told me to take it every 8 hours. My pain wasn't the worst pain but it was annoying and I hated to pee. I did try the tea tree oil treatment but was afraid to put it directly on the open sore. The warm shower baths helped the Epson salt bath as well. I've also used corn starch to help keep that area dry. After taking a bath I would dry the area with my towel first and then use the hair dryer on cool low setting. I got rid of my towel every two days. It lasted about a week but only a few of those days were difficult. My doctor acted like it wasn't a big deal. He asked if I ever had chicken pox and told me the virus lived inside of me. So I'm not sure if I got it from having chicken pox or from my boyfriend who normally suffers with cold sores. Because a few days after performing oral my symptoms occured.


Hello all! So after suffering a mild ob for a week and trying just about every trick in the book, including upping my lysin/ oregano oil and vitamin intake, I am now having the worst and most painful ob EVER! At first I was only concerned with healing the minor soars quickly by taking more vitamins, cleaning the area with teatree oil and alcohol etc. but now I'm experiencing swollen labia and uncontrollable ITCHING and it hurts so fricken bad I'm about to lose what little composure I have left lol I'm currently icing my lady parts which is giving me some relief (at this point I'll take what I can get!) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any type of tips, hint or otherwise I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! I check this site daily so feel free to leave a comment, I will defiantly be on the lookout!

Much love xox

P.s. This site is amazing and was an absolute lifesaver when I got diagnosed this last year. I love you all!


If you take a very high dosage of vitamin C 3 to 8000 mgs it will clear and go away in a 24 hour period! Make sure to eat a full meal and drink large amounts of water...


I have never written in a forum before but I thought that this time I will.I have been diagnosed with GH las t week and I feel like my world is falling apart. I caught it when my boyfriend gave me oral sex when he had a cold sore. I started feeling pain thinking that it was because we had rough sex thinking it was going to go away in a few days. The next day the pain was still there accompanied by a thick white discharge like cottage cheese. I started to get worried but put it down to thrush. but then then the following morning while in the shower I felt big lumps around the lips of vagina. I also felt feverish. I immediately went to the hospital where the nurse took one look at me and said that it was herpes. I started crying immediately and since then i feel like my life is over. i stopped drinking water or any liquids as peeing became a torture. I was in excruciating pain. I could not sit, walk or stand. I felt like a cripple.I lost all appetite. Now for the remedy: i was prescribed antiviral tablets but that didnt help with the pain. I used tea tree oil and dabbed it on the sores. I poured a bottle of cold water over my genitals while peeing to relieve the burning sensation. I dried myself with a fan on a cold setting. I also started keeping tea bags in the fridge which I used as cold compress on the sores. that was soothing. Eveytime after going to the loo i wash myself with warm sea salt water. The pain has really subsided now and I am back at work. but now I am having my period and I am worried that its gets reinfected again. does anyone have any idea how to deal with GH when you are also on your period? all the posts that I have read havde been so helpful and this is what have been keeping me going as I dont know what to do with myself. I am so depressed and scared


I have read through the suggestions that people have submitted and I admire the persistence everyone has shared. I myself am just finishing up my first OB. The sores were really not the issue for me...I only had a couple and I used neem oil and other soothing oils in addition to colloidal silver and they healed fast. What I found debilitating was the neurological response. Apparently I was having an extreme reaction compared to what the rest of you have expressed. I was able to work with an herbalist and I came up with a blend that almost completely stopped the nervous system 'freak out' if you want to call it that. Since I haven't seen anyone really discuss this aspect on here I thought it was a good idea to let people know in case the neurological pain gets too bad for them as well.
I am talking about numbness then hyper sensitivity, shooting pain through the sacrum and down the legs, pain in the feet, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, inability to pass urine or have a bowel movement...just like a paraplegic. Anyway, I know it is different for everyone but here is what I did that really reversed a lot of those symptoms. Literally in three days.
Methylated B Vitamins with Additional B 12
Potassium Powder
St Johns Wort
Lemon Balm

Magnesium in another big player in nerve health but I didn't add it this go around.
Try to get as much as you can in a tincture (alcohol not glycerin). I would do a dropper full of each in water 4 times a day.Within three days I was about back to normal on the nerve pain.
Of course I was doing the other stuff to deal with the herpes virus as many of you have discussed, but I felt this was something that hasn't really been discussed. Hopefully if anyone else had the nervous system reaction like I did they will find this remedy helpful. I was amazed at how fast the body pain was relieved.

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