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I contracted GH about 2.5 years ago. I was devastated and shocked. At 28 years old I caught it from my girlfriend who was only 19. She was dishonest about her sexual health (obviously), and now I have this for the rest of my life. I finally have a pretty good system for preventing outbreaks. I only get them at extreme times of stress and they aren't very bad at all.

So this is going to be advice for males, who generally get outbreaks on the penis. About six months ago I discovered abbreva, an over the counter ointment designed to prevent hsv1 and hsv2 from replication. It worked wonders for me. It is about $20 per 1 gram tube (not cheap, but cheaper than Valtrex prescription) and can be found in most drug stores. On amazon you can find it a little cheaper. I take a small dose of lysine for maintenance (1 to 1.5 grams) per day. During outbreaks I take Quantum Health Super Immune Plus which has lysine, australagus root, and olive leaf. I take 6 pills per day during an outbreak which is 3g lysine, 400mg astralagus, and 200mg olive leaf. For a small or medium outbreak I only take the immune plus and use abbreva. For a worse outbreak I also use aloe lotion, tea tree oil, and baking soda.

One tube and 2 days of the immune pills gets rid of almost all my outbreaks within 48, and they look hardly even noticeable. The key is to detect it early. So examine your penis in the morning and throughout the day when you use the bathroom. Also if you get sick you are more likely to have an outbreak because your immune system is compromised.

If it is a bad outbreak, I use one full 1g tube of abbreva per day, applying it to the area every hour or two (as well as continuing the immune support for the entire duration until it's all healed). You don't need a lot at a time but you need to be frequent with the application. Obviously this is going to require a lot of handwashing.

After one or two (max for me) days of using abbreva I usually notice the sores never fully come to life and start retreating slowly. I use a very small amount of aloe on the area (maybe a pea size amount), one drop of tea tree oil, and finish by dusting the entire genitalia area with baking soda. This will keep it nice and dry. Also I like to take a bath with Epsom salt (2 cups), baking soda (1 cup), and 8 or so drops of tea tree oil. It may not do much for the infection itself but it is very relaxing, which in turn helps the immune system.

To recap:

Minor/Medium Outbreaks-

Abreva + Immune Support rids the outbreak within 48 hrs (for me) and I show almost no sign of infection

Serious/Bad Outbreaks-

1g abreva per day (1 or more days). Immune Support throughout the duration until completely healed (6 pills per day). Once the infection begins to retreat (usually 1-2 days for me), a regiment of aloe, tea tree oil, and baking soda.

So this advice is aimed at men with mild to moderate outbreaks. Some of this information may work in other cases. If your outbreak is still severe after 1 or 2 straight days of constant application of abreva and the immune pills, you should definitely go to a doctor.

These remedies are not a substitute for common sense regarding this virus: get plenty of rest every night (8 hrs+ if possible), have a healthy diet which avoids arginine or citrulline (regarding other specific foods I haven't found that wheat or sugar or chocolate has any effect in my case, just a common sense healthy diet is best). Avoid stress- well that's easier said than done. One cannot avoid stress, only change the way they handle it. Learn to become zen-like with most common stressors (don't get mad at someone because they cut you off! It's not worth getting an outbreak is it?). Always remember that whenever you are getting stressed out, you are inviting an outbreak. You have to just accept any reality in front of you and move on. There are going to be times where it is worth getting an outbreak obviously to allow stress (i.e. fighting for your life, physical attacks on you or your family, etc).

Take up stress relieving hobbies. Get as physically healthy as possible, but do not go crazy (high level athletes tend to have weak immune systems, you want to be moderate to nicely physically fit). Which leads me to another point. Men who use workout supplements - be careful which ones you use. Many pre-workouts contain arginine and (it's precursor) citrulline. These will increase the chance of an outbreak. There are plenty of workout and health supplements without this in it so just be careful about reading labels.

Other than that, trust your body. Try and learn to really feel when it needs something to boost the immune system. Stay prepared for an outbreak at any time. If you are going on a trip (especially far out of your hometown), bring any necessary supplies to suppress an outbreak. You don't want to be in paradise and feel uncomfortable the whole time because you can't treat a horrible outbreak.

I hope this has covered a lot of questions that men may have about dealing with genital herpes. There is hope, I believe there will be a cure within 10 yrs, so stay patient, hopeful, and until then I hope this helps anyone dealing with this awful virus.


Herpes were spreading fast on my beautiful daughter so Ive been doing a lot of research and found out people with herpes are deficient in vitamin d3 from a dr mercolas article. My daughter recently has contracted herpes from a kiss poor girl and became very ill and with a fever too.shes on the mend now I gave her 5000iu d3 per day and 3x 1000mg lysine per 3 yakults probiotic drinks daily echinachia 5000mg olive leaf extract 3000mg twice daily. I couldnt get mellissa lemon balm in time so I mixed bergamot essential oil 4 drops in 10 mls of jojoba oil to apply topically.just over a week now and scabs have come off and looking much better .


LISTEN I believe Herpes to be 100% curable. Before i mention my remedies i will let you know that ultimately God is your cure ! Have faith and trust in him and he shall heal you. i have said a prayer over each bottle of remedy i have and i pray EVERY NIGHT for mercy and grace of healing. Just go to him in full faith and ask for healing and he shall heal you. if you dont know how to pray google prayers but go to God. He is waiting on you and its probaly the reason he put this in our life anyway because we mightve went astray from him. Currently I am trying Echinacea twice daily, two caps in the a.m and one cap at night, Black Cumin Seed (Nigella Sativa) twice daily two caps in the a.m one cap at night, Astragulus daily two caps in the a.m two caps at night, Cats Claw daily two caps in the a.m two caps at night, Cayenne daily one or two caps at night. For supplements I take Lysine daily two caps in the a.m two caps at night, B-complex daily two caps in the a.m and two caps at night, Vitamin C (Ester C 24hr Immune Support)daily two tabs in the a.m one tab at night and Hair skin and nail vitamins two in the a.m and two at night. I also drink a glass of Green tea in the a.m when Im taking my vitamins and at night when Im taking my vitamins. When Im at work I drink nothing but water.I'm adding Andographis (Herb) and Zinc(supplement) to my list. I also take topically Black Cumin seed Oil which has work WONDERS. Now I have not yet suffered at genital outbreak and I had herpes unknowingly for six months and I just found out last month im carrying type 1 and 2. Type two however it has done a little damage to my face. I broke out a little but I didnt start having these break outs until I started my own treatment to be cured. I read that herpes will try to fight back when its being attacked so I know these remedies are working. My face is now clear thanks to my black cumin seed oil which is said to cure all diseases except for death and my other remedies I am consuming orally. I have gotten lymph nodes which feels and looks somewhat like mosquito bites. they are real itchy and I have gotten them first on one of my shoulders it went untreated because I was at work at the time with no treatment it lasted there for couple hours then went away but weeks later I gotten another on my leg and luckily this time i was at home to apply my Black cumin seed oil and it took it away in literally 5 minutes. I rub it on my vjj and buttocks every night after every shower and has had no vaginal outbreaks so far i have not suffered no genital outbreak, my facial outbreak has cleared tremendously and haven't had another outbreak since. My plan is to keep this up til December then go back for another blood test to see if i still have it.I just trusted someone with my body like many of you. In order to be cured you have to have faith in God and in yourself. You have to take this seriously. With antibiotics they say you have to take this many tabs for this many days to be cured, this will be the same situation with herpes remedies, you have to be consistent with these remedies it might take longer to heal being as though this is said to be chronic so stay on top with your self prescribed meds and do not get discouraged and start slacking. If you continue to get outbreaks it could be herpes putting up a fight but make sure you keep fighting back. I care about my health and I do not want to risk giving this demon to someone else. This is nothing normal to have if it was normal then we all would have been born with it. We were born with a normal life and I want that back and I will get it back. Do not believe these people when they say it can not be cured they either gave up to soon or trying to make a profit on your ass by getting you to buy them expensive suppressants. Continue to pray and take your own meds which are cheap you can get from any grocery store pharmacy, vitamin shop, or online. Google EACH remedy that I mentioned with herpes and read what it is said to do fight the virus. Remember God has given every living organism a death. Nothing on earth is immortal including herpes !


I just found out that I have herpes. I found that soaking in a bath with lavender oil, drying the area well then applying Emu Oil took all the pain and discomfort away.


So I have read a few comments on this page about 30 or so and then some recon work.
I do not be leave I have herpes but i have had a couple of bumps. Nothing as bad as people have talked about. I'am writing this because about 6 years ago i went to the doctors and had a test done from the bumps and the doctor told me it was not herpes. So never went into it after the bumps went away. I did have 2 or 3 more times this happened but nothing bad 3 days and then it was gone. I just chalked it upped to shaving. I had been married for over 15 years and had been faithful to my wife all that time. We divorced last year and I have had 3 partners after that now. My first two partners no problems more of a comfort thing on both parties a couple of months each. Now with my last partner witch I have deep feelings for. Intercourse is ??? Her and I noticed that after intercourse she will get a burning feeling but not all the time. maybe 4 times in 3 months. Now, mine you we are comfortable in the relationship we don't use protection and neither her nor I can have KIDs. I have been tested for STDs and have nothing so the de-lemma is, she has herpes now and bad as I see women do but the meds helped her. I noticed about 2 day after intercourse with her the bumps came out on myself more then normal from 2 to 3 of them to about 8 to 9 but nothing real bad, it went away in about 6 days and no blisters as people talk about. I did notice that were ever her girly part touched, I had a bump this time. One on my left thigh and one on my abdomen area. So could I have had herpes? OR could she have had it? Or both of us? I say this because you take a leap in to a relationship and who is 100% trust worthy today?
I did read the LYSOL Label read below!!

Lysol Brand Concentrate Disinfectant eliminates the following bacteria, fungi and viruses in your home*:

Influenza A2 (Japan 305/57)
Herpes Simplex virus type 1 and 2

SO Does this really work if applied to an area before the out break? I know with Women its a question but a man its external anyway.. I can say for women if you have had a child before this virus you my have used a number of different products as did my ex-wife did. I do be leave I never read the label because the doctor told us to go buy it.. Funny how that works. Hope this may help for all. Life will go on and just be open and honest in the future.


Try Sambucol Original Fiormula. It is an anti viral immune system support. I got tremendous relief. Kicked it in the butt!!!! Sometimes the simplest things yield the greatest results.

I hope this helps someone else the way it helped me.


I'm recently new at this remey stuff; what I find helpful, especially once the herspes have opped is polysporing with vitamin E. Really speeds up healing process. I usually alternate with Vilactin Gel (Abreeva never worked for me). It helps dumb down a few days, and helps from spreading.

Hopelessly hopeful

I've had hsv-1 genitally and orally now for 9 years. Since I was 15y/o. It started out with cold sores that I used to have from childhood that I contracted from a family member, and then at 15 it spread via auto-inoculation to my genitals as well as many other ransoms parts of my body. I didn't understand what was going on with me as I hadn't even had my first kiss at that age and only shared drinks with immediate family. So when I researched online and figured out it must be herpes I was DEVASTATED. It completely tore me apart that it would happen to me so young and so innocent. Fast forward 9 years and here I am. I just officially decided to face this demon and go to the doctor to get tested and find out the exact strain about a month and a half ago. Acyclovir didn't work, on valcyclovir and I'm not seeing results either. I've been taking countless supplements--lysine, pau d'arco, red marine algae, ooo, olive leaf, bht, alcohol topically, h2o2 topically, DMSO, and the list goes on!! and still having outbreaks. It's terrible. I'm miserable. And I just pray one day I can get relief. I'm not in no way looking for a complete cure to be realistic, but to have at least a week outbreak free would be a miracle for me. Now my outbreaks have completely morphed since taking all of these supplements, they're usually tiny bumps that don't blister but also don't heal! They take FOREVER to heal (3 weeks and counting now), and everyday a new one pops up somewhere else. I honestly don't know what to do anymore besides keep taking them and praying that something works. I feel like an alien in my body. My bf also has the same strain and experiences WAY less outbreaks than I do and has a worse diet than me. I feel like a prisoner in my own body. But I still want to share my story because I haven't yet given up and if there is anyone else like me, who has it as bad as I do, I don't want you to give up either. We can fight this. It will take time and lots of changes but I refuse to believe that I'll suffer nonstop outbreaks for the rest of my life. No way!


First off let me say all these post are amazing and have helped me so much. It's good to see that there are so many people with herpes. Anyways, I'm 18 years old and I got diagnosed about a week ago. I started to notice I was having a lot of pain whenever I peed so I got tested for a UTI. Of course I had one. But two days later I noticed blisters and swolleness all around my vagina. The pain wanted me to kill myself. I would cry every time peed and could barley get out of bed. My mom took me to the doctor and she said it looked like herpes so she had to take a sample to get it tested. I've never had sex so I couldn't even believe what the doctor told me. Until she said it's passed orally. People need to know this because I had no idea and was so childish when it came to hooking up. Anyways once I went to the doctor she gave me some pill which helped a lot. But I've been also taking two Epsom Salt baths a day and putting baby powder on them. (have a ton of blisters since its my first ob) I also blow dry the area since its kind of painful to towel dry. I go pantless as much as I can and it helps keep dry. Also just pain relievers help! And to help with the stinging with the pee this might sound weird but if you pee backwards it helps a lot! They've cleared up and are almost gone within 3 days of me seeing the doctor. Thanks for all the help!


I have only had 2 ob my first one was AWFUL I couldn't work cried at the thoughts of having to pee and bawled like a baby when I was told I had hsv-1 well my second one (which I'm having now)i figured since virus 1 was caused by the cold sore virus I would try some thing I used for cold sores such as cleaning the sores with peroxide and alcohol (burns so bad) then use hibiclens antibacterial soap to clean it dry the sores COMPLETLY and then apply backing soda for about two days then I started using camphophenic on them (also burns) this ob without RX meds has lasted about four days as for the flu like symptoms just OTC meds will works as well. TIP: AS SOON AS YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING AN OB CLEAN AND DRY AREA GOODAND START APPLYING THE CAMPHOPHENIC and you should be on your way to an easy less sevier on... GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE :)

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