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I have genital herpes and am allergic to acyclovir and the other drugs in that family, famvir etc even at low doses. I recently did treatment for Hep C which, for some unknown reason, caused multiple outbreaks at a time. I was suffering miserably. I started looking for natural treatments and found a product called Surivon from a company in NH. I gave it a try and it worked wonders. The most painful part of an outbreak for me is the soreness and burning when the blisters open. I apply a small amount to the genital area with a q-tip and the soreness immediately went away. It also helped the sores heal faster. I was immune compromised during the Hep C treatment so the sores were staying open for over a week at time (normally they go away within a few days) and this truly helped me.


I was diagnosed with GH a little over a year ago. Hooked up with my ex after we had been broken up for a few months. Worst mistake of my life. He denied giving it to me. He's a inconsiderate asshole. He is literally the ONLY person that could have. I do not sleep around, and I have only had a few partners in my life. Anyways I went through the phases, denial, sadness, depression. Now I am in a complete proactive phase. I have accepted it. Yet I still feel that there may be ways to better my situation. I have done an enormous amount of research. I have tried the 35% H2O2 protocol. Was strictly on it for three months. But I had several horrific outbreaks. Now I am doing the HSV Eraser by Christine Buehler. I am very hopeful with this. If anyone else is doing this as well, please let me know how its working for you.

Mrs. Positive

Well I don't really have a cure that is common. But I will share what works for me. Which is staying calm and stress free. I do that by meditating and getting a massages on a regular. I've suffered with this nasty disease since 2005, I contracted it at 18 I am now 27 with a 3 yr old and married. I haven't infected my husband because I was using Valtrex. But now I believe in the power of healing one self. Our body's regenerate and make new cells everyday so I believe that the bad cells are being wiped clean so I say be positive and strong and know that you have the power to change any thing you just have to start by changing ur mind u change ur mind u can change ur life.


So I found out yesterday that I have herpes. Worst day of my life. I've always gotten cold sores on my mouth so the doctor said I probably had this for awhile but now it's genitial herpes. The pain is horrible. He gave me valacyclovir but I need something to put on while I work. I have a one year old baby that I stay home with all day everyday and I cannot just lay on the couch, I was wondering if abreva would help? I used ice last night and it helped some but not much. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm going to call my normal doctor tomorrow and get an appt because I went to the emergency room yesterdat. I thought it was just a bad yeast infection but it wasn't. Anything will help!

Jessica Hengehold

HemoForm Serum is the only product I have found that works well and works quick. I have used this for years. Won't buy anything else to manage herpes anymore. It took to long to discover this product and it really is the best thing out there. I recommend it any time I hear someone complain of herpes.


A great way to control Herpes outbreaks is with the natural detox mineral called Zeolite with added natural Humic Acid. This product is called Zeolite AV. To find this incredible product to greatly slow down or stop the reproduction of virus cells do an online search for the single word Zeolite then look for the Zeolite AV product for more information.

A fellow sufferer of the dreaded herpes

So you have your first OB and are desperately searching the internet for some remedies, and advertised 'cures' may catch you're eye. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed cure, YET. So don't be so quick to purchasing products and books. I've searched many sites looking for NATURAL ways to help myself, and personally I think that natural remedies are probably the best way to go. For my OB's (which are pretty minor now) I rely pretty heavily on using aloe Vera and coconut oil topically. Also, because I have to walk quite a distance to go to my classes, I literally need to lube it up with oil. I also ice it. Today I TRIED baking soda topically and that stung like hell, maybe I'll try it again later and just suck it up. Anyhow I havnt been living with this for too long, so I don't have absolute wisdom of the matter but I say Search through natural remedies. Be patient and STAY AWAY FROM STRESS. To all who suffer from hsv1 or 2, stress is a normal part of life You know and I know. I freak out over things sometimes. HOWEVER, try your best to be stress free. Having high stress is like pulling the trigger for my HSV1(affecting my lady parts). I am currently working on managing my stress now, I know I need to, because it is NOT worth it when I have an OB from it. So keep living, keep loving..this is not the end.. Do what is best for you and your physical health. And Goodluck to all:)


I've been looking into the benefits of coconut oil. A lot of people say they use it for their cold sores on their lips they add it topically but coconut oil is also meant to be a natural anti viral. I'm going to see what happens when I eat a spoon full or 2 daily. I really don't like to take medicine if I am not absolutely dying so I'll be back to tell you guys how it works out.


A few days ago I was diagnosed with GH type 2 on my genitals. Initially I was really upset- my sex life is over, no one will want me, etc, etc. I've been reading other posts on here as well as other sites and they've helped a lot, so thanks for all the input on here!

Today (August 3rd 2014) I went to Sequoia (natural goods/ foods/ remedies store)& spoke with the nutritionist and told her about my situation. She recommended a few things, such as, raw unpasteurized honey, emu oil, lysine tablets, advanced B complex tablets, bioCgel tablets, zinc tablets, multi vitamin tablets but most of all she recommended cucumber witch hazel( alcohol free). Doesn't sting and I bought it today and I've already noticed a difference with my lesion's; since they are SO painful, especially when going to the bathroom to pee. I was literally avoiding drinking anything so I wouldn't have to pee. I would recommend filling the tub high enough over your vagina and sitting down and peeing, it doesn't sting nearly as bad, if at all.
I have 2 external lesions and 4 internal lesions. Had them about a week now, hoping they heal sooner rather then later. I saw a picture today on fb that said ' when life gives you lemons,... Be glad its not herpes' kinda funny now that I have herpes. But in all honesty I know I'll pull through. I'm just 22 but I got this and it won't stop me. There's a herpes hotline for support that is helping me also. Herpes hotline: 919-361-8488. Its helping me, maybe it can help you too!


Hi everyone. I came down with symptoms on Sunday..couldn't get to the dr til Wednesday where I was told I have herpes. Still don't know if type1 or 2. I've been using burn gel to help the pain but it seems not to be working anymore. My main problem is this- I'm a car salesperson and am constantly in and out of cars. It's excruciatingly painful doing this! I took a few days off but have to go back this Sunday. Please please advise me. This pain makes me want to die. But dying isn't an option, I'm a single mom with 3 kids that need me. Please help me.

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