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I didnt know I had herpes, but today I got the results. I was using the prescription cream for infection. It relieves the pain immediately and coats the area to help with the peeing issues.


I've only had this for a week and it's absolutely horrible. It hurts to walk and sit. Every time I pee I cry and have to shove a wash cloth in my mouth to keep from screaming. I just ordered the surivon which I hope helps because the pain right now is unbearable. Does anyone have any tips other than the surivon cream to help speed up the healing process or at least help the pain some what?


For herpes....I spray the area with hydrogen peroxide than apply Neosporin...heals fast and stops itching...In 20+ yrs the only thing that has worked everytime


I have been a patient of herpes since 3 years. I had tried a lot of anti viral meds prescribed to me by doctors over the years but I could not see any improvements in the symptoms. One day while doing some research on various herpes forums, i got to know about this rescue kit with hyperisince and homeopathic h-factor nosodes from biogetica and decided to give it a try. After few weeks the improvement were very visible. Outbreaks had stopped and the sores started to heal. I would recommend this to all my friends suffering from herpes.


Hello everyone! I was just recently diagnosed with genital herpes and I have found a miracle to soothe the pain and make the bumps and sores less and less everyday! And I am here to share with all of you! Basically what I do is I take fresh guava leaves, a bunch of them, and boil them in a pot until the water is brown, and that's when you know that all the good stuff is released from the leaves and into the water! I make a lot of it because I use it everytime to wash my vagina every time I go to the restroom. You do not have to boil it everytime you use it, you can simply do a half mixture, half warm water so it will be warm. I do this every time, then blow dry the affected area, and it has gone down drastically! I am so amazed of what the outcome has been! I hope it works for all of those who try it out!

the Internet

Well after much Research, and what sold me is a old folk song that sings of a herpes remedy.

I came to using Poke Sallot(poke weed) extract 1 fluid ounce, alcohol, oxy acne pads(black container), and a little witch hazel. Once the an Outbreak started. I wiped it down with oxy pad, and wiped the extract right on the area and drank 2 dropper full each time, 3-6 times a day till gone, every time I used bathroom, I leave extract on till dry off(oily) and let it dry off for 1hour or 2 with witch hazel or oxy pad.

Right away it stopped out break from growing, within 18 hours they were all flat and I notice one spot that looked to die under the skin and surface, maybe a week and all was gone. I drank a few droppers every few days till all gone after. that was 4 months ago, no signs of anything anymore, so far. I haven't change my diet or any of that.
Be careful ingesting poke salad, it can be dangerous. GL
What is fked up is leader in research said if they had 5 million in research funds he would have a cure in 1-2 years. That how close they are, happens poke sallot is something they using in new cure research.


l-lycine 1000 mg must pair with vit c 1000 mg 4 time a day will help. you will feel itching before the outbreak start taking then. this will reduce the severity of the occurence. stay away from seeds ect, flaxseed nuts ect stay away from foods that contain arginine


I was diagnosis about 16 yrs ago. I really didn't know what and how to react. I had every emotion. The things I do for remedies and I hope they help. I make sure either I take a shower or bath with sensitive soap (dove sensitive), dry off. Then apply some anti itch ointment, or antibiotic ointment. I double up on valtrex take two 500 mg and take something for pain aleve, Tylenol, or Motrin.


i was diagnosed with herpes type 1 on my genitals. Originally i had a cold sore on my lip, i had an allergic reaction to over the counter medicine i was using. i went to the doctor and got cream for my lips. 2 days later i then started to feel pain on my vagina. I felt sick and i had a fever. I took a shower and felt a small bump with a cut on it. I thought it was a small cut and didn't think twice about it. The next day i started to have more pain. By monday, i was in so much pain, i couldn't walk, sit, sleep or do anything. I went to the gyno for the first time. she examined me and as soon as she saw it, she said it was herpes. I was in schock and embarrassment! she gave me valtrez. i am currently during the outbreak and it is slowly healing. when i have to pee, i take a quick shower and wash off all the discharge on my vagina. it is extremely painful! i also have been taking a strong advil and advil pm so i can rest.My doctor also gave me a numbing cream. i am on my 5th day now, and it is still very painful but it is slowly getting better. some of sores have dried up now but i am still oozing. i have to keep it dry, so at night i sleep with a towel so it can breath and then i wear cotton underwear with a pad. I am slowly getting back to my normal self. My boyfriend and i had sex 3 days before my symptoms came, and he was tested and he doesn't have it somehow. my advice to everyone is to keep it dry and pray because the pain goes down eventually!


Okay - this is not a remedy. But it's a story I want to share with everyone.

About a week ago, I developed a tears near my genitals. I didn't think anything of it - just thought they were sex wounds from my long-term partner. But, after a couple days, it got worst. So naturally, I thought it was UTI, since I get a lot of those. But antibiotics didn't work and my tears grew and turned into sores. Naturally, I freaked out. I went to the doc's and she gave me a visual diagnosis of GH. Because of the negative connotation that comes with GH, I was very upset when I heard the news. The doc prescribed me Valtrex, and my tears/sores are starting to heal very slowly.

Anyways, at first I thought my partner cheated on me but he swears he didn't but I also realized that HPV could lay dormant for years, so really either one of us could have it. So, after a couple days of research and being upset, I realized that this happened for a reason. Whatever reason it was. Reading people's experiences and stories, made me realize that I am not alone and this is not the end of the world. It sucks. But I'll be okay, I think.

So, instead of being upset, I'm going to start being proactive about this. Start adapting a healthier lifestyle, take supplements to suppress any outbreaks, and be cautious. That being said, I'm hoping this will suppress outbreaks.

So don't be upset if and when you find out about GH. Someone will love you out there. My partner has been by my side from day one, even after I accused him. When he found out - he didn't question my loyalty. Everything happens for a reason, so I hope this story cheers someone up.

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