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My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with GH, and had his first OB. The ointment they prescribed cost 150$!!! So I did some research, found what home remedies worked, and made my own ointment! Some of the ingredients are a little strange, but I will put other ways to make them if you don't have them.

Get a small tuperware (mine was 1.5 inches in diameter, and about 2 inches deep)

Base- Vaseline, about half the container

Medical ingredients- lidocane gel with aloe vera about 1/2 tbsp, anitbiotic ointment 1/3 of the tube (polysporin or equivalent)

Oils/Herbal ingredients (if you do not have the oils, steep the herbs/zest for one hour over low heat in 2 tbsp per ingredient)- oregano oil (5 drops), melaleuca oil (10 drops), lemon oil (10 drops), lavender oil (10 drops), propolis bee resin (35 drops, can get at health food stores), oregano and mint steeped in hot water for 10 minutes (put in tea steeper so herbs don't end up in final product)

Mix all ingredients together, as well as you can, then put mixture over hot water so it softens so you can make sure it is fully blended. Let sit on counter to cool, then seal and use like normal topical cream when needed.

Some ingredients are known to be good for healing the OB, some are to soothe the pain/itching until they are healed. It seems to work for him so I hope it works for some of you too!

Best of luck!


Virulite is the first ever over the counter medical device in FDA history to be cleared for the treatment of hsv 1 and soon hsv 2. Please check it out.

Thank you!


Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with herpes & am having my first outbreak. It is the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I also have a uti and a yeast infection which are also firsts for me. I have tried applying baking soda to the herpes but when I do it just causes a constant burning down there. Is that normal? I think it burns because they are ulcers already & are always moist. I didn't have the stage where they were blisters & then they burst into ulcers . Can that be why it burns whenever I try anything to soothe the pain?


I managed to avoid contracting herpes from my husband for approximately four years. We never used protection. He's had it for decades, so he rarely has outbreaks. We live in a subtropical climate and, two summers ago, we had a very humid and rainy spell that lasted two weeks. We did not have tumble drier at the time and I was a bad wifey and wasn't consistently washing his jogging shorts so he'd have to wear damp, dirty ones while training for a marathon. He ended up with bad thrush, which masked the symptoms of a herpes outbreak. Now, I've only had a handful of outbreaks in the past year and half and I find I only get them when my immune system is depressed and/or when we have particularly abrasive intercourse. I've gone from breastfeeding, to pregnant and breastfeeding, to breastfeeding again, so I'm quite dry down there. It helps prevent outbreaks if we use copious amounts of lube. In terms of healing, I just don't do anything. They tend to clear up quite quickly. And when I say 'they', I usually only have one lesion. I am currently experiencing the biggest outbreak to date. I see about three lesions. We've all been man down with the flu and I've been dealing with the stress of sick kids. We had some token sex yesterday (?) and it was so raw and uncomfortable, I'm not surprised I'm covered in blisters today. I'll probably just go panty-less tonight and let them air out. That helps too.

Eat well. Stay hydrated. Rest lots. Stay active.


ATTENTION: Go to health food store. Buy a bottle of liquid Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) serum. Dip on Q-Tip, apply several times a day. You won't believe your eyes. Leisions heal in 24-36 hours. If you feel an OB about to come, cover affected area with the Vitamin C...stops it in its tracks!


I used to get them 2-3 times a month lasting 1-2 weeks and they would be horribly huge! Ike my half my bottom lip. I saw my dr to get medicine went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and the pharmacist told me to take 1000 mg coconut oil capsules and 1000mg of lysine everyday to greatly reduce getting them, and if you do get one take them 3 times a day until gone. Also to put sunscreen directly on and around my lip when being exposed to the sun. This has changed my life completely! I have only had one in 2 years ( I forgot to use sunscreen) and it was very small and went away in 2 days cuz I increased my vitamin dosage. You can find coconut oil capsules at rite aid or health food stores. Iam so grateful that this pharmacist gave me this info. I wish I had it a long time ago. Hope someone reads this and uses this info it will change your life!

34 now had it since 21

Hi, stress and friction are my biggest triggers.. solutions are usually simple, stop smoking, eat better, drink more water, eat more vegetables, exercise a bit. Manage your finances better..get better rest. Plan a nap.. I run when I'm stressed.. So in short, medication is only putting a ban aid on your problem, you need to manage life better.. Hope I didn't offend anyone.. Take care..


Found I had both herpes years ago, it was a haunting experience I wanted to kill myself I ended friendships and relationships because of it, came on this site heard about lysine. I've been taking it religiously then I took it when I felt an outbreak was coming on. I've been through approx 4 bottles of 1000g pills... 3 years later I was tested again and was told my herpes test came back negative. Just wanted to share this blessing with you all


I will try yo keeo this short and sweet..I am un need if help or suggestions. Ive had H for about 12 yrs most have said..the worst OB is the first..after OB were very few far and btwn..I wld take acyclovir before my periods if i felt the tingling but my actual ob were not often at all..just the itch and tingle which i am very thankfuk for. Ive always had an ob in the same side of my labia since i was diagnosed..NOW 12yrs more vaginal ob..they are anal ob now and im not really sure how to properly care for it in this location without reinfecting a ob in the same region especially when using the rr..keeping it clean so it doesn't spread. HELP! I didnt even notice it was ob's for a while..i thought maybe my panties were irritatung me until i took the mirror to get a good look. Seems like as soon as one heals i will have another..and the urge to itch is pretty intense but i dont. Ive been doubling up on my meds. Anyone else with anal ob's? Tips ..tricks or suggestions. Thank u all so much:) its stressing me out bad..its like being newlt diagnosed all over again..with it being in a diff location. Help plz


I didnt know I had herpes, but today I got the results. I was using the prescription cream for infection. It relieves the pain immediately and coats the area to help with the peeing issues.

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