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For the Most part I live a VERY healthy lifestyle, in the gym 6 days a week, I eat right and love life.
Im not a fan of doctors or medicine, I think it's all a scam (Do they really make money off curing people??)

I contracted Herpes from a guy I had been seeing almost a year ago(we always used protection, fyi), and of course he told me he never knew he had it.

My first OB was excruciating. I ended up taking Valtrex.. I refuse to take some prescription drug everyday for the rest of my life, God only knows the long term affects of that.

I have desperately been seeking an alternative for about a year now.
I've tried Tea Tree, L-lysine (orally and topically), Red Marine Algae (which i wasn't too consistant with)
I cut arginine from my aminos (I took it for body building) Started REALLY watching what I ate, cutting anything potentially stressful from my life (which can be hard with a 6 yr old daughter) I had read up on this 'Colloidal silver' but never stayed consistant.

I usually have my OBs around the time of my monthly cycle, I just got over an OB and two days later, my glands were swollen, the itch was indescribable, and sure enough the next day (yesterday) a little cluster had appeared.

The OB I just got over lasted a week. I was taking L-Lysine @ 6,000 mg spread out for 3xs a day.
I decided that wasnt working.
After doing some more reading I saw this 'Colloidal Silver' again.
So what the hell, right??

Yesterday I took 1 tsp 4 times on an empty stomach (mine is 30 ppm from vitamin shoppe) and I also applied it topically. I had a sore in my mouth and a cluster of blisters 'down town'

There was still some itching, but significantly reduced.. today I woke up to no mouth pain and a cluster of scabs with Normal Glands.

Supposedly it can take up to 4 days to feel benefits from this Colloidal Silver.. I encourage you to do your dudilligence and I hope it works as mircally for you as it did for me =)

wart-free (GARLIC MAGIC)


If You've tried all sorts of Meds and remedies and you just can't get rid of the darn warts. Here is what you do, this is from personal experience by the way. Either blend smooth Garlic or crush if you don't have a blender. I like to cook with Garlic so I had it ready and in the freezer to keep fresh. So what I did was(after washing hands:-)just took about one table spoon from my cooking portion and put it into a sandwich bag(zip bag or whatever)just to separate the cooking Garlic from the one you'll be using as a remedy. Ok, so this is how you'd apply it. Take about 1/4 teaspoon or as needed to over area of wart(s), the great thing is that you've made this Garlic into like 'paste' you just spread it on area. And it will stick, cuz Garlic naturally has a bit of stick to it, so while you're at home just watching tv or just reading(chillin') put on and relax and most importantly take your mind off what just did. I say this cuz if you just keep fussing over the discomfort/heat/stinging it will seem forever to wait 20min which is all you need each night for about a week(it depends of the depth or seriousness of the warts). If you can leave it on for like an hour(1hour)it would be better. I know that Garlic is a bit unpleasant to smell for that long but it will be worth it when you're wart-free. BELIEVE me. Before I tried GARLIC I tried Apple Cider Vinegar which also works for some people, it seemed to work slower for me...and having these damn warts, you just can't afford to waste time and you want to get rid of them ASAP!!! So I tried it and I was amazed!!! One last note, if you find applying GARLIC every day(which by the way if you can do it twice a day it will only hurry the process)to be too much...then just do it every 2days, that way you'll allow some time for some healing. What causes stinging and heat from hell is cuz the wart was attacked by the garlic and is dying(like an open wound)...Hope this HELPS SOME ONE OUT THERE - PLEASE KEEP CONSISTENCY FOR BEST RESULTS - GOOD LUCK TO ALL...


When I learned that I had the Herpes virus II, I began researching natural remedies.( Note: I did not have outbreaks often enough to realize that I had this virus until 20 years later). Red Marine Algae (500 mg) has proven to me to make a difference. 3 to 4 a day keeps the outbreaks away or a least minimizes them. There was an incident when I had eaten a tremendous amount of peanuts (favorite snack) after I had began using Red Marine Algae. A day or two later, I had a very quiet and subdued outbreak. I had no warning symptoms that it was coming on. (tingling, itching, pain, muscle aches, etc.) As soon as the small sore came it was healing the next day. It was months later I learned that peanuts caused outbreaks and I have since stopped eating them. Had I not been taken the Red Marine Algae, this outbreak episode would have lasted me about 10 days.


When I get an outbreak, I ususally put a bit of Carmex on my lesions.... let me know what you think about this... I put it on and it soothes the lesions...


I have been using herbs for years and have had pretty good success. Here is a very good treatment for outbreaks. Warning: this is painful and should only be used briefly. Also (if you can find an herbalist to assist you). Because this remedy is so strong I will also state that you should repeat the remedy rather than leave it on for any long period of time. I have used it and have almost eliminated my outbreaks. I used to get them and they would last for a very long period of time. Back then there wasnt anything on the market so I developed a cure using garlic and golden seal. it worked but took a week of painful treatments. Now generally I do two treatments and within four days the sores are almost fully healed and don't reoccur in the same spot. One last warning use this cure sparingly I have never seen an herbal product react to unhealthy tissue quite so dramatically and painfully. I have placed this on an open sore and almost screamed in pain. It is something akin to using a lit match only it last a little longer. OK here it is. The product is called Black salve and its main ingredient is bloodroot. It seems to be almost drawn to abnormal tissue. If it is applied to normal tissue I have not seen it react. However, if applied to abnormal tissue it can react very very VERY fast. It seem to shut off the blood flow to it. Use very small amounts to start with and read as much as you can about it before BEFORE you use it. I have shared this info with other people and warned them and then they just run off and use it with out listening to me and one in particular got a pretty big hole in his face once the sore dropped out. luckily it healed up OK. upon first use , use a cotton swab and dab a pin head amount on what you want to treat. when it begin to tingle wash it off and wait until the next day to see the reaction. Less is more. If you didnt get enough reaction, reapply the same amount and leave it a little longer before washing it off. This stuff can scar so never take it for granted. OH, if you are have gum disease take a tiny amount and brush with it once a week and I think it will cure it. I have brushed with it but I dont have gum disease so I am not 100% on this. remember it seems to only react to abnormal tissue.


I shave my genital area regularly to prevent outbreaks and for some reason this works...


I saw on another site to take hot baths in epson salt and to take L Lysine. I tried both and they both worked very well.

The hot espson salt bath is good for a break out. Fill your bath tub up with water as hot as you can stand it - pour some epson salt in the tub under the running water. Sit in the tub for at least 30 minutes and try to do this twice a day. It will feal the sore faster and take away a lot of the pain.

L-Lysine is a vitamin that you can buy over the counter. I paid about $3 for a bottle of 100 tablets!!! Follow the directions on your bottle but for mine I take once a day. I haven't had a break out since I started taking them!! It's amazing and so inezpensive. I recommend this to everyone.


BHT in capsule form will cut your frequency of outbreaks quite a bit, 500mg/day
BHT/olive oil topicaly will stop an outbreak quickly and will prevnet one if you start applying it at the first tingle or even thought that something may be going on. Fill a small bottle, 4oz or so 2/3 full of BHT chrystals and fill almost to the top with olive oil, leave enough room to shake it to mix. Put the bottle in a sunny window or put it in a pan of hot tap water and shake occasionally(don't microwave or heat in a pan)When there is about 1/3 crystals you will have a saturated solution, use it then.
DMSO by itself has shown itself to inactivate herpes, mixed with antivirals it may be even better. I haven't mixed it with BHT but if you do only use a pin head of if directly on the sore, (don't apply liberaly, you may make a biiiiiig scab, BHT and DMSO both dissolve fat, lipids, a very important part of your cell structure and sometimes 99% DMSO causes a rash or crusting of the surface skin so use a 70% solition or make one with distilled water from 99%.
MSM, methylsulfonymethane has shown to be an anti herpes supliment and is avaliable easily from Walmart or nearly anywhere. It is used for joint maintenence for arthritis and injured joints but is used in topical preparation for shingles(herpes)and is also in fever blister meds(herpes)and probably is effective against all herpes if taken internally, it is safe and well tested, the other remedies above work but are not as heavily documented as the safety of MSM.
I'll check here and see if there are any comments, please post anything you know that does work, and GET PROACTIVE!
If you see someone with a fever blister take them aside and tell them how you got rid of yours. If they say 'I'm using tea tree oil.' Say 'Well, now that you know that that doesn't work, try these things.'
There is life after herpes, learn how to control it and not spread it to others. Talk about it openly, 1 of 4 of us has it, you may find that the love of your life has it and hasn't a clue how to get rid of it. Wouldn't you like to be the one to give them back their sex life?


For a genital herpes outbreak... i tried 'clean n clear on the spot acne treatment'. it has a type of acid in it that i thought would help, in less than 12 hours i saw a HUGE difference. By 24 hours, it was almost gone. i applied it every couple hours, maybe about 4 times over the course of a day and it really worked!!


Hydrogen peroxide works the best in the general area that you most experience outbreaks. I use it daily and have been outbreak free for some time. Also up your immune boosters when you start to feel run-down. Product on the market now called AIRBORNE. Fizzy tabs chalked full of immune boosters. Easy to take.

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