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Any foods or supplements that boost the immune system and overall genital health will both prevent outbreaks and lessen the severity and duration when you do have them. This includes garlic, lysine (taken daily for no more than two weeks at a time--you can take a break and then resume taking it), echinacea, goldenseal. Garlic is my personal favorite. Also yogurt, saeurkraut and acidophilus tablets.

The best thing I've found for externally treating herpes sores is Vitamin E--PURE Vitamin E. Vitamin E works as well for this as it does for other forms of skin irritation. I get the capsules, bust one open and apply it to the sores several times a day. It's thick and sticky but I think it's worth it for the relief it brings. Also, aloe vera gel. Again, try to get the purest stuff possible, and dear god, don't use some aloe vera lotion mix for treating sunburns.

These methods work especially well for ulcers. As for external methods of helping the sores to heal as quickly as possible, you want to dry them out. Baking soda paste works great.

Try to keep the area as clean and dry as possible--but be gentle to avoid irritating it. Wear underwear as little as possible, or as little as you're comfortable with doing.

Also if you use tea tree oil, dilute it with water. It's pretty serious stuff to be putting on such sensitive skin. Baking soda soaks help as well--it helps the sores to dry out and if you make it as warm as you can stand it, the heat will increase circulation and help you to heal faster.


I have used this remedy for my cold sores. It works great. As soon as you feel an outbreak, put a thin layer of yogurt on the infected area. let it dry. repeat after it starts to flake off about four hours Keep the area dry. Repeat as needed. Keeps the sore from increasing and arrests the growth immediately.


Bye-bye blemish the pink one that has sulfer in it apply asw soon as you feel an outbreak coming on it shortens it by an unbeleiveble amount of time.

helps to if scrape the area abit and then apply that speeds up the process to.


Been with dumb virus for 3 months and after going through Triple Antibiotic, A&D Ointment, and Antibacterial Soap. I found that an OTC Jock Itch Oinment work. It goes by the name of Terbinafine hydrocloride. I use it twice a day and it helps reduce redness and swelling. It also makes the initial breakout receed. I keep on using it until all telltale signs are gone. Even after the little pimples turns to scabs. I learned this the first time. Ever since I have never had them get this far. A little bump and then they are gone.
Also it seems that any jock itch cream or fungicide works fine.


Pour less then half a teaspoon of bleach in a small coffee mug. Use a Q-tip to absorb some bleach. Make sure that the Q-tip is NOT DRIPPING. Rub the Q-tip on your sore(s) even if it hurts. The bleach will make the sore bleed because bleach eats through skin. Do this untill you can't bear the pain then quit. Wash the area thoroughly with soap, pat dry. If its in your mouth rinse your mouth thoroughly for 5 minutes with NON SLS mouthwash. The sores will probably come back. Each bleach app will eat into the sore and reduce its vibrancy each time the sore pops up.


Not for the fainthearted- Iodine- But instant.
I get it about always on the Scrotum sac or on the skin of the penile shaft and foreskin. I use decolorized tincture of Iodine. I use a small cotton dap and dip it in the Iodine. You let it soak up and quickly press it on the small blisters. If the blister is broken you will feel an almost intolerable flash of pain that dies off instantly almost as quick as it has started. Now keep the area open for a while till its dry. The blister will be gone within that day. If it requires a second treatment the next day it seems not to sting as bad as the first treatment. Occasionally, I get one under the foreskin, in t5hat case you let the cotton dap dry out as well and once dry place this over the blistered area and let the Foreskin roll back to keep it in place. I got this idea when I was in Hospital for knee replacement prosthesis. The medical staff scrubbed the whole leg in preparation and used Iodine to sterilise the whole leg. The doctor mentioned that there are no know bacteria or viruses that can survive in Iodine.
By the way after it is gone keep taking two garlic capsules a day for life. Once I stop it appears again.


shave shave shave! i started itching yesterday and figured i might as well get rid of any hair so that the peroxide rinses would be more effective. like right after i shaved i started feeling better. i was only in the itchy stage but i think getting rid of that one small layer of skin that comes with shaving helped allot. i air dried spread eagle under a ceiling fan dabbed a bit of peroxide and i actually feel like i can sleep now


I'm a woman and this is what works for me: to help prevent outbreaks, I always use a blow dryer to dry my private area. Just make sure it's not too hot for you. When I feel an outbreak coming, I blow dry frequently throughout the day and use cornstarch. It really helps lessen the pain if you keep the area dry. I also take frequent baths with epsom salt. This is very soothing and then I blow dry. Also do not wear any tight fitting clothes during an outbreak - this tends to irritate the sores.

Some people reccomend using lemon or even taking a bath in bleach, but I think this would be extremely painful and should be avoided. Try the cornstarch - it doesn't hurt.


I take a homeopathic remedy called sepia that you can often get at natural foods stores. I take in in 30C strength but probably any of them would work. It greatly reduces the severity and duration of outbreaks, maybe only 2 days or so. Please do a little research on how to use homeopathics - they are very safe and effective but learn how they work and how to store and use them for maximum effectiveness.


For the Most part I live a VERY healthy lifestyle, in the gym 6 days a week, I eat right and love life.
Im not a fan of doctors or medicine, I think it's all a scam (Do they really make money off curing people??)

I contracted Herpes from a guy I had been seeing almost a year ago(we always used protection, fyi), and of course he told me he never knew he had it.

My first OB was excruciating. I ended up taking Valtrex.. I refuse to take some prescription drug everyday for the rest of my life, God only knows the long term affects of that.

I have desperately been seeking an alternative for about a year now.
I've tried Tea Tree, L-lysine (orally and topically), Red Marine Algae (which i wasn't too consistant with)
I cut arginine from my aminos (I took it for body building) Started REALLY watching what I ate, cutting anything potentially stressful from my life (which can be hard with a 6 yr old daughter) I had read up on this 'Colloidal silver' but never stayed consistant.

I usually have my OBs around the time of my monthly cycle, I just got over an OB and two days later, my glands were swollen, the itch was indescribable, and sure enough the next day (yesterday) a little cluster had appeared.

The OB I just got over lasted a week. I was taking L-Lysine @ 6,000 mg spread out for 3xs a day.
I decided that wasnt working.
After doing some more reading I saw this 'Colloidal Silver' again.
So what the hell, right??

Yesterday I took 1 tsp 4 times on an empty stomach (mine is 30 ppm from vitamin shoppe) and I also applied it topically. I had a sore in my mouth and a cluster of blisters 'down town'

There was still some itching, but significantly reduced.. today I woke up to no mouth pain and a cluster of scabs with Normal Glands.

Supposedly it can take up to 4 days to feel benefits from this Colloidal Silver.. I encourage you to do your dudilligence and I hope it works as mircally for you as it did for me =)

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