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This is my first outbreak ever and i have been using a tiny dab of hydro cortisone cream usp 1% and then applying Johnson's medicated baby powder over the top. it relieves my pain and has made the sore go away with in a couple days. dont use to my cortisone cream just a little and then cover it in the medicated baby powder


For Genital Herpes outbreaks I just recently started applying Triple Antibiotic Ointment or (Neosporin) to the foreskin just as I start to feel the tingle and and burn that exists before an outbreak occurrs,the last 2 or three times I have done this it has diverted the pain and completely prevented the actual must keep the foreskin coated with this ointment untill all symptoms are gone!!


DIAL(antibacterial) hand soap works really well.


living with herpes for 2 years now the 1st 6 months felt like 6yrs!!.. outbreaks every other day..its hard to maintain a good diet since i'm always on the move with work .a high alkaline diet keeps me out break free for a good 2 to 3 months at a the out breaks are very small now, an only last 1 to 2 days compared to weeks. 1 freshly squeezed lemon in a full glass of water everyday, 2grams of l-lysine before every meal,6 to 8 grams daily.. ,olive leaf extract 4 times a day,an drinking plenty of water threw out the day,if i feel an outbreak coming ,when the tingling starts i,ll take 3 grams of lysine a.s.a.p it usually prevents any blisters from forming..


Oil of oregano applied directly to the skin will reduce inflammation immediately. Taken orally will also help long term.


Hi Everyone, Im new here! I have had Herpes since I was 15 yrs old. I was raped by some stupid jerk that had it and I have had it ever since :( I order Dynamiclear the combo kit the other day and was wondering if any of you have used it and If it works or not? I normally do eptison salt bath and put rubbing acholol on it to dry it up. I did try the peroxide Douche yesterday and man that SHIT BURNED like a SOB!!! I finally had to take a bath to stop the burning. When im in the bath I pour the epison salt right on the spot to dry it up...WARNING THIS WILL HURT SO MUCH AND YOU WILL SCREAM BUT IT DOES HELP! I also started taking vitamin C twice a day and started taking L-Lysine 1000mg 4x a day the first two days and then down to 1000mg 2x a day while Im having a outbreak, I will let you know if this helps any. It seems to be healing alot faster then normal witch makes me very happy! I usually get an OB every 2-4 months....
look forward to hearing from you all...


garlic oil cure apply as soon as you feel a outbreak tpye 1

There is life with herpes

I have had GH now for 7 years.. I know you are supposed to keep it dry but honestly the only thing I have found that works for me is a Lidocane ointment,it stings like hell first 5 seconds but after that,oh sweet release. It relieves the pain and sheilds it from my urine burning the hell out of it. Do not take a bath it can spread in the water!!!!!DO NOT use bleach like someone suggested. Keep yourself clean, let the area get as much air as possible, and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!


To speed up healing time of an outbreak, I used 'new skin' it's liquid band-aid. Dont ask me what made me think of it, but the first of my outbreak, i applied it that night and my sore healed that next mourning. my outbreaks usally last about 7-10 days. New skin is an antiseptic, it cleans and it kepts the sore dry to speed up healing. it does burns a little, but it definitely worked for me. i only tried it once about 3 months ago and i reapplied if any burning or itching occur before an outbreak and i haven't seem any outbreaks yet. please comment i would love to know if it really works.


For those with chronic cold sores, consider having blood work for an autoimmune disorder, like Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos. I've gotten cold sores all my life and wasn't diagnosed with Hypo/Hashi until in my 40's. Now that I'm on medication for the failing thyroid, I get a lot fewer cold sores. I know that isn't a home remedy, but consider that there may be an underlying disorder causing the cold sores as well.

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