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thank you i just contacted this horrible disease from someone who was told they had it in a text message how jacked is that, but i had my first ob which was all over my body but the abreava, yes its expensive but in comparison to valtrex 319.99 for 30 days i'll pay it, it helped the itches all over and the tylenol helped the ob on between my legs now i can focus on living my life and being careful not to infect anyone else and btw check out this stuff called vivagel for herpes and hiv and birth control it may be our hope of having an as close to normal life as we can get..thank you god bless you..


I can count the times i've received an outbreak over the past 8 yrs. wow I didnt realize it's been that long until now b/c of few outbreaks. I learned to eat normally (not necessarily healthy), don't stress (especially no crying), don't sit on hard objects for too long (bleachers, cement, floors), & get some sleep. I also had a natural childbirth after the 3rd yr of having GH. I was given an antiviral to take a week or two b4 the delivery date, but chose not to. Normally if I feel the tingling sensation, I immediately begin to do leg exercises (like 50+ toe touches-not jumping), or extending the leg backwards so many times & jumping jacks. I guess i should say anything to get movement & blood flowing in that area. No jumping during pregnancy. I may have had 3 outbreaks over the 1st few yrs & none since. once i learned that sitting in a tub with just enough of water to cover the area (only cold) brought so much relief. Or applying bleach to a cotton ball & applying it directly on the area (not recommended for vaginal-burning sensation) also helped. I used to drink the Bolthouse Fruit Blend Juice from walmart (sold individually). It comes in 4 different flavors i believe carrot, green goodness, something red, & the orange one. i always chose the orange one b/c it has the most vitamin C & it seemed to help out a lot. it's usually in the cool area by the fresh vegetables in the front. And delicious. Hope any of this is helpful.


honey, lemon balm, and green or black tea can relief lesions quite fast. i've just know that hsv-zero contains lemon balm and other natural things. i heard too that we can use garlic for herpes.


For real quick temporary relief (about 4 hours) I get a tube of rectinol from the pharmacy. It's a haemmorhoid cream with anaesthetic.


If you want to stop the pain of urination on the blisters during an outbreak take Ural effervescent powder it neutralizers the acidity of your urine so it wont sting when it comes in contact with your blisters.

Veteran of Herpes

Today I tried the Tylenol paste that someone recommended and I have to say 'yee haw'. I was in excrutiating pain with this breakout. I made a paste and applied and it did not burn at all and now the pain is absolutely gone! I have had breakouts for for almost 30 years and wish I had known about this sooner. I have taken Valtrex for years as a suppressant but I still get breakouts every once in a while. Another thing I use is Domeboro which is an aluminum acetate astringent solution. It comes in a box of 12 powder packets for around $15 and you can get it over the counter. Add a little warm water to a juice glass and dip a cotton ball. Then you can apply the cotton ball to the affected area. Discard cotton ball. You can reuse the solution for additional applications throughout the day but always use a new clean cotton ball before dipping in the solution. This works great if you are home for the day or you can apply it before you go to bed.


My ob gyn told me that a glass of RED grape juice a day works. And it does. Welch's Red Grape Juice is the one you want to go with... completely prevents OBs!


I know that Garlic works against the herpes virus! it works for me and honest to God i haven't had another outbreak! it really works i believe it kills the virus, and boosts your immune system, the first outbreak almost killed me,i was desperate, didn't have money to see a doctor, i don't trust medication to many side affects i wanted natural remedy, i prayed for a miracle, and Garlic came to my mind, and i read about garlic i went to Walmart bought 1,000 mg of garlic pills and i promise from the day i took 2 garlic pills a day with food the blisters disappeared, and so did the redness,swelling and pain.Try it and find out for yourself.


Silver Protocol. This stuff kills viruses. So it's effective against Herpes. You can take it internally and spray it on the affected area.

To keep breakouts away take a teaspoon 1-3 times a day. It works!


Using Lemon Balm also called Melissa plant is useful helps to almost eliminate frequency of outbreaks, hopes this helps.You can buy it at any healthor natural food store in capsule or liquid/tincture form.

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