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Ashley StressFree

I was just diagnosed with this disease about 8 months ago. My first outbreak was the worst pain ever I couldnt walk or use the restroom or even move for that matter!
I am currently having symptoms of an outbreak and i can honestly say i dont know why i chose to use these products but they really work.
Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking soda, and Lidocaine Ointment it works great for about 12 hours.
But the way this works
first use the Hydrogen Peroxide to cleans the vagina after cleaning the vagina leave the Peroxide on wet a cotton ball and dab it in the baking soda (ONLY ONCE) rub this on the vagina it will burn a little, lay under a fan with this on for about 5 mins once it starts burning to where you cant take it any more use a clean towel to wipe the baking soda and any extra peroxide off, once that is done use the lidocaine to stop the burning...


I have been a TeeTree Oil user, happy with the results and the convience of being able to discreatly cary a little bottel with some q-tips in my bag for applying through the day.
I usualy only have one isolated area with one swelling spot. What ever I usually do keeps me from going into the full blister / eruption.
Tonight I was looking for something new because this is my first OB warning and swelling while I am mensturating.... MAJOR drag. So, tonight I have tried something new with the goal of better drying out and more calming relief b/c of the increased moisture 'down town'. I am not clear on the reason for the PM part of the asprin paste... so I used just a generic asprin(3) a drizel of water and corn starch. The consistancy was like the gooo in paper mache, just not sticky. I have instant relief from the irritating pad and flow... no plugs it's night time got to let the girl breath.
Use a new finger for each application so you can use the mix in the AM too.


Just the other day I began feeling and OB coming, when out of desperation I happen to look on the web for a home remedy for Herpes and came across this web site. After reading several post, I noticed several people trying Tylenol PM and Abreva. I went out to Walmart and bought it, and long and behold it worked. The OB was gone! Readers may asked how do you make the paste? Take one pill, crush it, then add about 2 drops of hot water. Mix it until it becomes a PASTE, then apply to affected area right before bedtime. I also mixed a small amount of Abreva to the paste. IT WORKS!!!! Mind you I bought the generic brand of Tylenol PM It has the same ingredients. Good Luck to all who reads this. Just want to thank 'MY HOME REMEDIES' for this site, and for the people who contributed in giving their input.


Simple cure is to rid all junk foods ,avoid chocolates caffine peanuts ,eat more healthy foods like apples, broccoli spinach ect. I use to have outbreaks daily until i tried this and it really works for me. A healthy diet equals a healthy immune system ,the only time i have outbreaks now is when i eat the wrong foods ! try it!!! This work better than what the doctor ordered ! relief Thank God


so i just tried the tea tree oil. Its working so far it stings a little, kinda feels like icy-hot but the itching and burning is gone and its drying up


I will swear by the Tylenol PM remedy. I am a college student and got genital HS-1 from my boyfriend (he had an hs-1 cold sore on his mouth...I know it's really stupid of us. They don't teach you these things in school, haha). It's my first outbreak ever in my life and this is currently day 5. At first I thought I had cut myself shaving... surprise!

Anyway, tried the remedy and it's AMAZING. I might have done the actual mixing wrong though. I know the first post said use a blender but it wouldn't work so I just got a few Tylenol, let it sit in a little water until they were moist enough to mash up, then added the Abreva and a bit of cloves. Make sure to clean up the area first as best as you can and don't dip a used Q-tip in the paste. It will sting at first but it's well worth the pain for a day of relief. Better yet, I only put it on a couple of hours ago and it looks a ton better down there already!

It's a little expensive overall, but it makes a lot and it's worth it when you have to walk across campus all day.

Just wanted to say the Herpes remedy of..
Tylenol pm capsules.

Really worked for me... someone here on home-remedies recommend it.. I tried it.

you just mix, Abreva,cloves and Tylenol or Advil in small blender then add a few drops water to make a paste. then transfer paste into a small container. I put the paste on and immediately felt better. it stung a little yet it goes away. and you'll feel a good sensation I leave it on for a few hours and overnight if you like. either way it feels good.
also taking 3-4 100mg of L-Lysine a day for about a week. helps destroy the virus for good. well close to it, its suppose tp lower the levels of the virus. this lady here on myhomedies wrote that it removed hers permantly.
We all have our speculations of course yet trying it could help lower the virus.
also when I researched herpes on wikapedia, theres a micrbicide gel for woman called vivagel it's an antiviral lowers the shedding time. I tried to get it as a prescription yet my insurance didnt accept it. I might just buy it or get better insurance. or find something close to it at cvs, and femine wash and vagasil are also good. wikipedia has much usful information and goes into great detail about it. therapies like laser therapy, topical creams citis, vivgel,ozonated therapy, other alternative therapies such as baths with epsom salt, tea tree, apple cidar vinegar, before bath inserting garlic into the vagina while bathing is a good remedy also. black tea,douching with hydrogen peroxide, kidney,liver,colon cleanses.
and more..ok hope you heal from head to toe... tah,tah...


I read about this plant called Banyan root from the amazon. I bought a plant from ebay a few years ago, the ficus bengalasis type from inida oops if I spelled the name wrong.I mixed the leaves of the plant into a paste then ate it..yet not much happended. when I emailed the professor at UCLA that went to the amazon and studied different plants. he never replied to my emails about this plant its suppose to cure herpes for good. yet there are many different Banyan out breaks are getting worse and I accidently transfered them to my eybrows. I'm loading up on GARLIC,L-lysine,comfrey, epsom salt baths the whole nine. yet I need this thing completly gone. there are cure for it. taking 4x of L-lysine is a good cure, have the L-lysine mixed with olive leaf, astralugus, by a company called Quantum, then I try the parasite formula, and vitamin c powder, along with my homeopaths doctor blend of green formula with everytype of herb from alfalfa,sea moss, bladderwra dulfe, spirulina, chlorelia,watercress, wheat germ, broccoli, kale,marshmellow root,pau d arco,black walnut, chaparral,sage,ect the list goes on with the green formula. I take the grren formula drink mix it with water. yet I need something that will eradicate this.. When I read about the article it was in the Times magazine, it was a few years ago. and its packed away somewhere yet maybe somelike a scietist or herbologist or someone with a vast knowlede of Banyan root could help. I dont want to go blind beacause the bumps are sourrounding my eyes. I now wash my eye brows with pure castle organic soap, and perozide. yet I'm thinking of just using the peroxide till it clears up. since I already have herpes when I scratched my vaginia my eyebrow itch so I naturally scratched it not aware of the transfer of skin shed from my vasgina to my eyebrows. I really need relief no one really cares ok I'm feeling a little sorry for my self but I'll try to be strong ok?
I'll keep going the herbs, and this herb called Chaparral that I listed above seems to help a little. I swallow the herb by tablespoon, its horrible tasting, its an old native american herb around for ever. trick to taking it, I put water in my mouth the drop the tablespoon of herb then it dissloves the herb for easy swallowing.
when I read about herpes from wikiepdia if you scroll to the bottom under research there is eventualy info about this drug from Duke Univercity developed called Antagomir, that suppose to kill the virus completly.
under that is information about a drug called Vironova AB, made from a private company in sweden,its also suppose to kill the virus. yet I wrote to the company and sent many emails asking for a sample with no response. at all...

Is there anyone that can give me samples of any of those drugs especially the
1. Aciclovir, pill form and topical.

2. Vironova AB.from swededn

3. Antamagomir,Duke Univercity
or any of the other following
drugs in sample for at least 7 days or more. I would shine like the sun. I dont have good enough insurance to cover the cost I fugured maybe samples might be the best option for me I'll pay shipping and handling I just need the medicine for me to get better. othe fors of medicin from wikepedi to help herpes put breaks are Ibuprofen or tylonol pm, or acetaminophen mixed into a paste while adding ground up ginger and abriva I havnt tried adding the cloves or abriva yet I think I'll try it. theres also prilocaine,lidocaine,tetraccaine,aciclovir,valaciclovir,fanciclovir,penciclover(topical) and pill form. and docosanol over the counter. I havnt tried that yet I just spent my last few dollars on the other pills. the garlic and, L-lysine mixed with candida cleanse, and digestion, tabs and neem oil. that I'm taking back because I read oils areent good. it must be dried out. then I read about ozonated water therapy. I'm saving for a machine. yet if you know someone selling one that I could make payments to that would be nice.

I read about the therapies all of them sound good yet I feel that it can herpes can be erased from the body. I was raped by someone who had herpes. I'm in therpy it helps yet I think the only thing to trully help is to remove it from my body all together. from a careless mistake could cost me losing my vision. yet if I keep taking mega doses of the L-lysine and other herbs it's helping yet I'd like it gone forever and ever and ever and ever..

if you can send me samples and info
to my email
by the way thank you from my heart.


OMG THE WHOLE TYLENOL PM thing works!!!! Im in the middle of it right now.. It did kinda burn for about 3 minutes.. BUT after that i was able to walk normal... My sores are so bad i am barely able to walk.. this is day 5 of my outbreak.. Hopefully with this, i'll be so much better, Thanks to the Power of God, and this remedy.


Lime I start using limes three months ago and no breakouts yeat, I just to have breakout every two weeks im so happy with limes.For males cut a little piece of lime an then put it in your tool it hurts a bit but works once a day, I was using valtrex before and my body felt like S**T by all the side effects, it was worst then the illness so i did stop using it, and i did start looking for a natural way to fight herpes II, i dont know if it will work for a female. TRY IT.

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