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I recently posted my herpes treatment story to PozGroup, COM and got a free month. Hope you will like it too:

Details of my condition:
I've had herpes since I was 20. I though my life was going to end. I started on Valtrex and soon realized that when I would take it, I seemed to have an outbreak every other month. When I didn't take it, I would have an outbreak maybe once a year. I found staying healthy, eating plenty of foods rich in antioxidents and staying away from stress is the best therapy for me.
Drugs I taken & Dosages:
Natural Lysene if it's really bad. Not sure of the dose, OTC medication.


Alcohol, caffeine, and soft drinks are some of the things that should be avoided if you have Genital Herpes. As well as peanut butter, nuts, chocolate, and anything containing bleached flour. Multi-vitamin supplements should be taken, lots of water should be drunk, and balance out your diet.

For Genital Herpes itching/burning/swelling/stinging/inflammation a good product is Herpeset. It's natural, and works really well and fast.


Ok..look up outbreaks for months, they say a cure, not a 100 percent sure,..another solution is to drink water with high PH levels. You can get this at whole foods or other health food stores..Your body is 70 percent water and bottled water, tap water etc is just keeping your body sick. Get akalized water and high Ph Levels usually above 8..another remedy I just heard of is BHT. I havent tried it, Im doing great, but you can do your research as well. Well wishes to you all.


I have been suffering from GH since I was a 15 year old little girl. So for 15 years now I have had to deal with something that is no ones fault! It happened and there is no changing the course of events that led up to it either. My first outbreak was so severe as many of you will know and understand..and I ended up being hospitalized due to severe dehydration, as I was so scared to drink anything, cause the pain when I peed was so extreme. I ended up getting a cathader put in to help with the pain when i urinated. This is an extreme case I guess, as I have never heard of anyone else being hospitalized with herpes! I have come to realize in the last 15 years that we are not alone, and should not feel ashamed about a skin infection. The stigma that surrounds people with an infection like this is terrible, but remember 1 in 4 people have the herpes simplex virus. It affects more people then you think. I know it may be hard for some of you out there who are new suffers to this virus...but if I can pass on any wisdom to you,it is this 'always tell your partner that you have herpes' People respect the fact that you care about them enough to try and protect them, and they will only love you more for your honesty! Your life is not over, and neither is your sexual life! Protecting others is the number one way to prevent this infections from being so prevalent in our society! Your not dirty, and your not diseased. Do we look at the common cold or flu sufferers in such a way? No we dont, but in all reality its a virus that made them sick also! Hold your head up and educate yourself, to protect yourself and your partner! In my opinion, based on years over reaccurent OB, the best possible thing is keep your immune system strong, and your body healthy. Drink PLENTY OF WATER, as your urine can become very acidic and makes peeing harder and more painful. The reccomnded sits baths kind of defeat the purpose, as we want or OB to dry up, and go away! Aviod moisture to the area, and after you have a shower or pee use a fan if at all possible to further dry it out! But keeping the area dry and clean is key! If your home environment allows it, be naked as much as possible cause the air is your best friend! For woman avoid tampons, as they cause reacurent outbreaks, and no thong underwear...both cause a lot of friction and an OB will ensue! White Cotton panties are best as it allows skin to breath. I believe vitamin C, and E are great helps, as Vitamin C helps to shorten the duration of an OB, and Vitamin E help to aid the skin in healing. Tee tree oil is a good option for drying out the sores but I would reccomend diluting it with water as it is a very strong antiseptic and might cause burning, again dry out the area after cleaning! Dont scratch!! Whatever you do as that will only open the sores up and cause infection to other areas of the body. Herpes can become reaccurant in the peri area, hands, face, eyes etc...mucus membranes are at a higher wash hands throughly after applying any treatments, ointments etc. Get plenty of rest, and avoid stress (easier said then done ) avoid long nights of partying and try and establish good sleep help the immune system stay strong! Now here is another one for woman out there (sorry guys I speak from experience) this will sound crazy, but get a clove of raw garlic, and tie a piece of dental floss around it tightly, leaving a dangeling string much like a tampon, insert the garlic clove into the vagina and let it remain there over night (not to be done during an outbreak) This is a preventative measure to be done periodically, that I swear by as garlic has some of the most powerful anti-viral properties none to man, that beats any pharmacutical drug on the market. For the guys and girls...chop and swallow one garlic pearl, with water 2x daily to reap the in the healing properties! I promise it works! Take care of your bodies, and remember that your body is a temple..what ever you put in it (no pun intended) can have good or bad reactions, from drugs, to booze, pills, and processed, or high sugar foods. The more natural healthy lifestyle you can adopt will lead to less and less OB, and who knows...maybe one day you will be OB free as it can happen! One love, and keep your chin up, and your head held high...your just as normal as everyone else in this crazy world!
Cheers, J9 P.S-WEAR A CONDOM!! :)


I have GH. Valtrex does not work on me what so ever. I took it for 3 months 500mg 2x a day, and it only made me sick. Outbreaks would happen every two weeks. I have been bathing in a tub of warm water with 3 bottles of regular 3% hydrogen peroxide, and it takes care of redness and bumps by next morning. $3 H202 vs. $240 Valtrex. Hope this helps someone out there.


I have had herpes for over 20 years and I have tried everything.... crazy things! I tried the prescription meds when I was first diagnosed and they didn't really help and they made me sick at my stomach and gave me headaches. Finally, I have hit upon 2 things that actually work,quickly and cheaply. I have done some trial and error self testing and I have struck gold. LoL First of all: Prevention - Vitamin D with D3, 400 I.U. a day. I started taking it for another reason entirely, so this was a really happy accident. I had been taking it for a while and ran out. Didn't think it was a big deal. I started getting outbreaks every month when I had gone months and months and months without any. I am very careful with my diet and know my trigger foods (bananas and peanuts) so I didn't know what was going on. I tried to figure out what I was doing different and I realized that the OB started when I ran out of Vitamin D with D3. Started taking it again and I was fine.... for a long time, and then I got cocky and ate a peanut butter sandwich; then another a few days later. Well, it serves me right - yep, I got an OB. I think if I would have stopped after 1 sandwich, I would have been okay. Before I started taking D with D3, one single peanut would give me an OB right away. Seriously. Please Google Vitamin D with D3 for herpes. Many people have had success with it and I strongly believe it has kept me OB free, besides the peanut butter incident. Know your trigger foods, too. Don't get cocky! Next up, Treatment: Tagamet - which is heartburn medicine. Buy the generic (Cimetidine) at Walmart, it's under $3 for 60 pills. (goodbye over-price non-working prescription meds!) Don't get any other heartburn medication. It HAS to be Cimetidine! If you have an OB or feel one coming on, take 1 pill 3 times a day, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then 2 at bedtime. I am not going to lie - by day 2 you are going to have some um, intestinal distress, but it's worth it because by day 2, your sores will probably be gone and I am not kidding. If you are like me, OB usually last 10 days so 2 is a cake walk and a gift. If you know when your OB is coming on and you start taking these, you may not get any blisters at all. Now, I have made some mistakes along the way - again, don't get cocky. If you Google this, it says to keep taking it once the OB occurs for a week to 10 days as directed. That is too much. Overkill in my opinion. But stopping once the blisters are gone? Not enough. I got cocky once and learned that the hard way. The blisters tried to make an encore presentation, so I started taking the pills again and this time I kept it up for 5 days,start to finish which is plenty, with a slight variation. Instead of taking 5 total a day after the blisters went away, I took either 3 a day or 2 before bedtime - not both. Worked out great. That was all during the time it took me to figure out not taking Vitamin D with D3 was messing me up. Since I started taking Vitamin D with D3 again, besides the peanut butter overdose, I have had no more OB. The peanut butter one was the worst I have had in some time. I knew better. At least the Cimetidine cleared it up in a couple of days. I don't understand why more studies have not been done with the Cimetidine. It's cheap, over the counter and works great. From what I have read (and the information is sadly limited) it suppresses the virus and puts it in remission immediately. I don't know if taking it every day would put it in permanent remission after a while and I can not recommend that because I am not a doctor and do not know what the long term effects would be. Short term use is apparently safe for heartburn sufferers, so I believe it to be for herpes sufferers. I should add that taking too much Vitamin D with D3 is not recommended. I am a small person and the 400 I.U. seems to work out well. I should further add I can't promise anyone their OB will be gone in 2 days if they take the Cimetidine as suggested, but that has been my experience. It really truly works like nothing I have ever tried and remember... I have tried everything! Crazy things!!!! I hope this helps someone else, many people if I have my way. Although I can't remember when I last had an OB, (it's been that long!!) I do remember it sucked. Even for those 2 short days. I hope someone has my same luck. By the way, my little self study has been going on for around 15 months, so I am pretty confident in my findings. I actually waited this long to post because I did not want to rush and give anyone bad advice or false hope. Also worth mentioning, I have been in a monogamous relationship for 4 years. We have never used condoms, (we discussed it; his informed decision) but abstain during OB. He is still herpes free, (I have him get tested every 6 months even though he says it doesn't matter) but we are extremely, extremely careful (I always know when I am getting an OB - 20+ years of experience)and.... he was already taking D with D3 when I met him because of a severe bone break. That may be a coincidence, but maybe it's keeping him from being infected. I anyone tries this, please post your results. Good luck!!!


I have had herpes for 10 yrs now. My obs vary. SOmetimes I can get one every 6 mos and sometimes they are every so many weeks. The med acyclovir I usually try to begin to take as soon as I feel the itch. The drawback to meds is usually you still suffer for days. Mine always occurs in the same place at the top of my vagina in the hairline. I found this forum just yesterday during the blister stage of my ob. Pain I tell you. So someone suggested New skin liquid bandaid. I usually use neosporin to help me thru the obs but it wasnt enough this time. I took a bath and shaved my vagina (read that here too), cleaned myself with anit-bac soap, dried with a hair dryer and blotting. I then applied the new skin. I dried it and reapplied. Instantly I felt relief from the pain. Don't know why on that. Here it is the next day. I woke and it wasnt completely gone but it was well on its way. I also have decided its essential to improve my immune system. I recently had a surgery and have been hit with ob twice in 2 mos. Sleep is my serious trigger. If I lose so much sleep I get run down then an ob is inevitable. I have been able to have one child vaginally since contracting herpes. Although my pregnancy was pretty tough. Use this liquid band aid. After 10 yrs of having this I am proud to have found an easier way to help the process. Herpes isnt the end of the world but damn its uncomfortable.

Cure Cure Cure for Cold Sores & Herpes

Ok, so we all know that different remedies for Cold Sores / Herpes affect people differently. This is my method for being Cold Sore / Herpes FREE, no real outbreaks because you catch it and prevent it from going any further then tingling/swelling. It does take some investing of time and money, but its well worth it.

Stay Away From:
Artificial Sweeteners/High Sugar Foods
Caffeine - Coffee! Energy Drinks! SODA!
Alcohol !!!!!!! (A glass of dry wine here and there is fine, but anything more, your messing with trouble.)
*Any foods that make you have an OB, its different for all people, but some are just stubborn and choose to have salty chips/salsa, when they know it causes an OB. Just stop taking these foods completely, pretend you are allergic.

Daily intake:
*You can take this in the morning with breakfast or divide it during the day or just take it at night.
50 mg Zinc
100 mg L-lycine
50 mg Garlic
1000 mg Vitamin C Twice a day Morn/Night
2-3 Tbsp. Coconut Oil mixed in in warm/hot water with lemon juice and 1 Tbsp. of Manuka Honey (raw honey also works, but it has to be RAW). This can be divided into three times a day.
* A good dose of probiotics, something broad spectrum and that has to be refrigerated. Stay away from market brands, go for something of quality, it makes all the difference. There are many to choose from, take the time and find one that is right for you.

When you feel/see/can tell an OUT BREAK is coming on:

*1000 mg of L-lycine 3 times a day along with an extra 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 100 mg of Garlic tablets. Do this as a Break/Lunch/Din regimen. Only one extra dose of probiotics - at Morning&Night.

*Take a garlic clove piece, and slice into thin layers, holding between lips till burning stops. This can also be done with a lemon, interchanging holding... and disposing after about 10 min a piece. Between this wipe lips with alcohol prep pad with at least 70% alcohol.

*During the day lips should only be cared for with light amount of Aloe or a special L-Lycine chap-stick which can be bought at many health food/Vitamin shops as well as online.

*Make a paste from water/olive oil and Zinc (crushed or powdered) put it on the 'would be sores'/swollen area at night and sleep on it. This can be done during the day as well if you have the time.

*Get about 7 solid hours of sleep for three nights in a row when you feel an OB coming on. This is important.

*Wash all bed line, towels and underwear. Tooth brushes should be disinfected after every use until OB or pre-symptoms are over.

For genital OB - take long baths in tub, or just sit in a large plastic tub with 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar and a 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil. As long as you can. If your popping a squat in a plastic tub, get a book and change the water every 1/2 hr. - hourly. This can be done at night for a long period of time, or can also be done in the morning for a 1/2 hour-You can eat breakfast or even set yourself up to check emails. Ladies- this may seem extreme, but it works -TRUST, its safe, and what have you got to lose. Using a turkey baster- new and clean you can douche with Cup of Luke warm Water, 4 tbsp. Coconut Oil, 2 tbsp of Manuka Honey- Squeeze inside self like any other douche-very lightly, hold as long as possible and release. You don't have to 'rinse' because allowing the Coconut Oil and Honey to 'penetrate' is good. You can even modify a tampon by cutting the end of a large tampon off- bout a 1/2 inch, placing it back into the holder and filling the end space left by cutting the tampon with coconut oil and a LITTLE honey, placing inside and pushing into you. You can have it in for about 4 hours at a time. I wouldn't sleep with it but I would put it in when going to work and take it out a few hours into work. It will soak into you and the tampon. Coconut oil is also good for yeast, its all natural and you shouldn't feel uneasy about it.

During the day ladies/men - Make a Zinc Paste with coconut oil and a LITTLE Manuka Honey - Put on affected areas between legs, be generous. Men you may want to wear some tight boxer briefs-maybe even double up or invest in some tighty whiteys to go under boxer briefs to make sure this paste stays in place and doesn't get your clothing oily, ladies wear a long wide/full coverage panty liner-spread away and keep it contained. Although you do want to drink lots of fluids, doing this at work can be difficult. All I can say is drink what you can and hold it so bathroom trips are minimal. Ladies, you may want to make extra paste and put it in a baggy for re-application after wiping from bathroom trips. Bring an extra baggie to use as a glove/applicator so your hands stay free and your using something clean to put the paste on with.

This is very invasive, but so is an OB. I'd rather be preventive then do nothing and suffer. If you also have meds, take them as well. Everything helps.


I soaked in epsom salt to draw the ooze from the blisters. Next I dabbed with a towel then place a paper towel over the surface of the OB. It felt much better than the towel and proved to be great for a thorough drying. I noticed shrinkage after my bath but I was still in pain. I proceeded to crush Tylenol PM into Abreva and Thank GOD with in about a minute, no pain! It absolutely works hands down.

God bless you all. This is tough to deal with but support communities like this one makes it more bearable. Stay encouraged and laugh laugh laugh b/c for us, crying is NOT an option. Remember no stress.

The Dr

I found a cure for herpes, drink food grade hydrogen peroxide mix it with 8 oz of water, follow instructions here at look up hydrogen peroxide cure for herpes, also research this topic over the intranet. I was cured in 2 mo. and suffered from this for 10 years. This kills all viruses in your body.
you can buy it online at

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