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This has got to be one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. I contacted this disease nearly 20 years ago; I contacted it from my 1st love - he was older and obviously more mature than I was. He did not inform me until we were walking into the doctor's office. My very first outbreak was a huge blister on my left thigh; that's typically where I have my OB's, well, until 3 years ago. The guy I was dating at the time has it but never informed me, so I never told him. I knew that he had it because I was having an OB 2 - 3 times/mo. Prior to dating him, I hadn't had an outbreak in over 6 or 7 years. I'm extremely frustrated because I have an OB now! It's extremely painful and puts me in an emotional and depressed mood! I know where my OB's are derived from: chicken (which I never eat); sweet red wines and pops! I never eat chicken, due to the hormones; however, over the holiday, I felt the need to eat a frigging bird and I've been having irritations every since; the initial OB didn't come until today. Luckily, I'm single and don't have to worry about transferring this horrible STD to anyone. I no longer have insurance, but my cousin has the same disease and she sends me a few of her meds whenever I have an OB (whew)!!! She's the only one that knows about my incidence; I'm too embarrassed to share it with anyone else! I bathed in hydrogen peroxide and epsom salt, it's soothing for the moment, but the pain just won't go away. Thanks for the rememdies and be safe; I don't wish this disease on my enemy!


Two days ago i had a outbreak it felt like i had to pee every 5 seconds....didnt hurt was just very uncomfortable so i been taking lysin and ran out of my im just very uncomfortable right i figured since they say to keep gh dry i put a tampon in and it really is seeming to work very ob are very werid they dont really show they look like pimples and just piss me off. I also took a very warm bath in Aveeno Soothing bath treatment its made with Collodial Oatmeal, ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!When i got out i felt no irritation for the rest of the night slept like a baby. But today its back herpes is like hole in the wall you can try to cover it up but u always kno its there, and it makes its self known its not going anywhere, just gotta take it day by day. And pray that today will be ob free!!!

crushed & hopeless...

I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet- (TUCK PADS!) I'm 24 years old..and I just got back from the dr a few hours ago. I've been w/ my husband since I was 15. Married for 5 years and seperated for 2. During our 2 year seperation I had 1 partner and he's had 2. Neither one of us were tested and NOW 7 months later I'm having serious symptoms but we're not sure where/whom it came from. Needless to say I've been devasted. My soul feels crushed & hopeless. I've cried to the point of vommitting, I quit my job and drove all the way to california to be tested. (Small communities in utah are NOT very nice) now I'm waiting for the results in the 'hole' I've crawled into. -I don't feel I can cope w/ this everyday of my life. I know my husband loves me and he says we're in it together, but I'm scared that this is only goin to add onto the weight of our relationship obstacles. . . . . .I'm on here looking for help emotionally, and it feels good to know you're not the only one. I do have this advice so far...a midwife/dr. Told me to try TUCK PADS for the pain & blisters 'sticking' to my panties. GUESS WHAT? THEY'RE WORKING! You can find them at walgreens in the first aide section near the hemroid cream...they have witchhazel on them which DOESN'T BURN! And they're an astrigent so even though they're moist and cool, they're still drying out the blisters and they're sanitary. PLUS I just started the virusmeds & lysine. Only time will tell what's happens now- but for the immediate pain relief I strongly recommend tuck pads & ib 800... btw, the pads are for hemroids & women after childbirth.


I have type one-downstairs. The first outbreak is always the worst. I had mine 6 years ago and i still remember how HORRIBLE it was physically and emotionally. Unbearable. But since, I've only had two or three recurrences that have been almost undetectable. Little to no discomfort and barely any visible sign. It gets easier.


My wife has herpes simplex 2 on her bottom I found this cure it works very well and will help control future outbreaks. If you have a outbreak take 3 4 bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide run a bath put the 3 bottles in the bath water and soak for a 30 min. Repat 3 or 4 days and the herpes will have probably cleared up if not repeat. Your body will heal so fast it won't scab for the most part. If. You feel like an out break coming do step one and you will not even break out.


I have found that if you keep baby powder on a breakout that it helps with the pain and helps it heal faster. I have had GH since I was 15 and I am now 21. I have had very few break outs since then. I dont take any medicine for it and im not sure whyI have few outbreaks but I have found that keeping baby powder on it helps it heal faster.


I had them on my lip and held fingernail polish removal (with acetone) to them and used the walmart brand neosporin and its worked for me, if you catch it early it works best. When I started getting clusters of bumps in the genital area, I went to the dr, twice for the same time. The dr said he was 98% sure it was herpes. My ex husband had cheated on me so I knew it was a possibility. They tested for hsv (herpes), yeast, and other stds as well. They all came back negative. But I don't believe the drs actually tested for hsv type I which usually shows up 'above the belt' such as the mouth and face but can cause breakouts in the genital area though it doesn't have preference there. YOU CAN GET BOTH TYPES EITHER PLACE. I paid for almost 300$ testing later at a special private testing center and confirmed I do have type 1. Anyways, I'm 24, told I should do modeling, under 100 pounds, and have 4 beautiful and perfect children. Yet now, somehow I feel he has taken my health and I hate dating because I'm afraid that one day I could spread it to someone else and don't even know or can't explain it to anyone because I'm afraid of the stigma that comes with the condition. Or worse, my babies could get it from me somehow near their eyes or from a towel. Its devastating really.

Pee Wee

First breakout a few days ago YAY! Anyways I have had breakouts all my life on my mouth until I tried the Tylenol and ice directly on the blister, works good if you catch it at first tingle, it wont even break out most of the time. works the same on the down stairs ones too. I only have problems with breakouts when im stressed or drink Alcohol, or too much sunshine. Its not a death sentence just a minor annoyance. It could be worse. I hope this remedy helps? It works for me ;)

I have no idea what everyone is talking about... i have had this about 5 days now. it is the most unbearable pain i have ever felt in my life im on 3 meds. zovirax(cream) septra ds and famvir... so far ive only tried epsom salt baths they burn like hell as EVERYTHING else i have tried@! literally i am always in pain it never stops i can barely move i have 2 jobs and im in school and im having the hardest time explaining why i cant be there...i also have an outbreak in the middle of my bottom lip and NOTHINGGG has been working on it its only getting worse and this zovirax shit seems to be bull ! 5 days of constant pain i dont know how much longer i can do this.... i need so much help.


I found out I had herpes about a month ago, two weeks before my 23rd birthday (April 2011). I was devastated, I still have no idea who gave it to me. I have taken my meds (Acyclovir) as directed, but haven't seemed to work. I will talk to my doctor at my next appointment. I decided I wanted to have sex but had a few breakouts and so I figured I would put New Skin Liquid Bandage on them, within a few hours they shrunk. I didn't have sex until after they were healed and used protection, what I failed to do in the past. Just do not put the New Skin on open sores, it will burn like hell. Hope this helps. I have also used Tea Tree Oil and take Korean Panax Ginseng to help with stress. I'm a big time stresser, probably why I stay broken out. But Tea Tree Oil helps with shrinking breakouts.

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