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I didn’t get a single breakout for about 1 year. I am taking Hyperisince and follow few basic s like walking 20 minutes everyday, eat light mostly veggies and try to avoid stress as much as I could. I’ll continue with this for 2 months and see if there’s any recurrence.


I'm 21 years old and was just diagnosed with GH in August just a couple days before my birthday. My boyfriend cheated on me and of course right after that I completely ended it , but now everyday I have to suffer for it . I have depression and knowing I now have herpes and feeling scared to have sex with anyone , it makes my depression 20x worse . I'm on my second outbreak . Seems like it's lasting longer than my first one . How can I get it away as soon as possible . It's uncomfortable and it's driving me crazy . I tried putting lemons on it , because I seen that as a home remedy and still didn't work and I'm also taking acyclovir . Any suggestions ?


My Bf has been having Herpes for long. We tried to get many alternate treatment. Nothing worked.

Recently my BF started having Ayurveda and Naturopathy medicine after reading a book by some Richard Teddy Frank. He is getting better.

It is not at all easy. Requires discipline. Tough but works out.

Hopeful for healing

Roughly 4 days ago I got the life altering news that I would now be living with GH for the rest of my life. I was devastated. This news brought pain to me, but not like the physical pain that came from the sores. My whole downstairs department is sore and covered with blisters. THIS IS THE MOST PAIN I HAVE EVER BEEN
IN. I can not walk, sit, pee or do anything really without being in tears. The worst of it all though is going to the bathroom. It's gotten to the point where i hold it in all day so I won't have to go to the bathroom and feel the excruciating pain. If anyone has some input on how to make going to the bathroom easier and speeding up the healing time, please let me know!!


Well I just got detected today that I have herpes and I'm having a breakout I use the bathroom and I just start crying because it's a horrible pain it's been 3 days I don't know what to do and worse of all I don't know how I got this I've been in a committed relationship for about a year and I'm just now having this breakout. I'm still waiting on my results but I just can't stand this pain I'm going through I want to kill myself!


Hi so I am 20 & I have been having break outs since I was 18. I found out I had GH after I had Hodgkins' Lymphoma which weakened my immune system, allowing the GH to present itself. If being bald and going through chemo wasn't enough I went through weeks of awful pain at which I still had to go in for treatment and I had no idea what was going on. Once my doctor told me I had Herpes I cried hysterically because I have only been with and still am only with this one man and I thought he had cheated on me and given it to me. But I told him what I had but when he went and got tested he was clean so then he thought I had cheated on him (like my tiny shrivelled self was a boy magnet). So Now I have HV-2 and no idea how I got it. My mom is getting herself tested because she thinks I might have been born with it because my dad dated a girl that had herpes and then maybe my mom got it and then gave it to me but it only presented itself in me because I have no immune system to fight it off. Well, now it's been 3 years since my first outbreak and I get them almost every month and I don't know what to trust as to how to fix it! I know there is no cure but I need help. My doctor gives me these big blue pills that I take for a week and I take em and the break out kinda goes away then comes straight back! And when I use baking soda it burns so bad that I just have to wash it off again. Any remedies for the burning and to make it go away faster! Please! I'm terrified to even have my boyfriend touch me bc we'll start to do it and then I feel them inside me and I just cry because I thought I had finally gotten rid of the soars and there they are back again and it's another moment that I could have given it to the love of my life. It never goes away and i just feel so dirty. I don't even know why he stayed with me after this. Just someone tell how to fix this?!


In addition to my first post: garlic has antiviral properties. Herpes is a virus. This may be the reason it provides relief.


I am a 49 year old female. The love of my life gave me herpes 20 years ago. First know the initial outbreaks are far worse than what you will experience after the first few. I have a mild outbreak about twice a year. Here are remedies that work for me; Epsom Salt baths-blow dry the area rather than towel dry, use a cool setting. Sprinkle cotton ball with baking soda and pat on effected area. I also get enormous relief from a peeled, pressed garlic clove. Place it on a cotton ball and press directly on sore; it will sting for a bit but then you will feel relief from the pain and itching. Keep it in place as long as you can, 10 minutes or so. If you chill the garlic glove first it will be even more soothing. Remember, the clove must be peeled and pressed (with back of a spoon or a knife). Your life is not ruined, you are still loveable! You are not dirty! Live your life and be honest with your partners!

21 And still understanding

I'm 21, and I've recently found out that I have HSV. I felt so alone, confused. I had my first OB about 4 weeks ago. It was the worst. I'm really disappointed in myself, because I just don't know how I let it happen. But I know I'll be just fine, with the work of the good lord. My OB seems to come when my cycle is about to come. And that is the most irritating thing because I can't keep my blisters dry. They itch like crazy. So uncomfortable. But I sit in ah warm bath with Vaseline bath salt, then blow dry myself. I wear cotton underwear, but I just don't know how to make it clear up faster. I be in pain for days! I'll get it together soon. It's just, you never know what you are capable of getting, so protect yourself.

Feeling great

I had my first my first outbreak nearly 4 years ago, of all the horridness, the pain and itching was unbearable. I literally freaked out as my GP said that it had no cure. The outbreaks were not that frequent initially, but every time I’d fall sick, it would resurface. I had so many sores this year that I was desperate to try anything to get rid of them. 3 months ago a friend suggested that I try this remedy- Rescue kit with Homeopathic H-factor Nosodes from Biogetica. I looked up their site and indeed they have had immense success with this product. They also have some research going on for an ingredient. I quickly ordered the product and started using the remedies. I’m so relieved to say that I’ve not had even one outbreak for a whole month now. Moreover, I’m feeling great from within. I truly endorse this product, it really works.

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