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Sydney Australia

I read few of the notices on this web site when I got my second out break few days back on my upper pubis. I tried LAMISIL spray which is for Atheletes foot terbinafine HCI 10mg/g 15 ml spray bottle.
It around $10. I sprayed few times a day and after 24 hrs the sores are dried up still the area is red but no pain. I think this works for me. May be someone should try this and keep me informed if it can stabilise outbreak at the early stages.


Hi, everyone. I recently got the virus from a guy who had a cold sore and I didn't know about it till it was too late. We had oral sex and that was all she wrote. Something else I want to let you know is, I asked the dr about the different types and they told me you can have 1 or 2 in the genital area as well as 1 or 2 as a cold sore. Most cases are of the 1 on the face as a cold sore and 2 as the genital area, but they told me that you can get either as either. Just thought I would share that with you. I'm not a dr, so I don't know. When I first got it my legs would hurt and after 8 weeks the pain stopped. I figure the virus had made it to all my nerve areas so that is why they stopped hurting. I didn't know what was going on. I had never been sore like that before. I got diagnosed in June, 2011. I wasn't sure what was going on, and being that I'm 50 years old, I felt really stupid. I have been so careful all these years. Now I am afraid to even have sex. The guy I got it from feels bad cause he didn't know he had it and wants to continue seeing me, but he left town. Through all of this ordeal, I have been doing a lot of research on homeopath and natural things to use because I don't have the money for medications and I have so much drama going on where I stay, it makes ob's practically round the clock. The stress is unbelievable and they could care less.

I also found out -- this from the website listed after it..:

What causes herpes to recur remains a medical mystery. However, there are several internal and external events that can trigger or wake-up the dormant herpesvirus. The triggers most commonly associated with recurrent herpes infections involve foods high in arginine (peanuts, chocolate, soy, sunflower seeds), exposure to strong sunlight, alcohol, menstruation, and physical and psychological stress.

and that is something that could have caused this ob now, I was craving chocolate and ate 6 of those little bite size hersheys. I just found it out today, just before I found this website. The medication I was taking is harmful to your liver and can cause liver issues. I have taken the last pill I'm going to take unless it is a cure or homeopath. I have found that if you take Witch Hazel and put it on those cosmetic cotton pads that come in like 100 at the Dollar Tree for $1, and saturate the pad, then place it over the area where the ob is, it stings at first, but it is very soothing and you can sleep comfortably. I have also used the tea bags to try and help dry up the ob. I don't think they really worked and it was very uncomfortable. Had to go get pads and I have gone thru the change already. When I have to go to work, I use the witch hazel on a pad, just not saturated, and place it over the ob area. As it is, the ob is small enough area that I only need one pad.

I want to thank all of you who have been going through this longer than I have. You give me hope. :) I hope this helps anyone else that has this issue. God bless you all.


Hey guys! This site has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Thank you so much for forwarding your remedies. I have been take 1000mg of Lysine and it works! I feel like my pH levels have changed and I don't feel so uncomfortable anymore. It definitely helps to clear an outbreak a lot faster also. I have found that using Preparation H medicated wipes with witch hazel have also helped during outbreaks to soothe my skin and take away a lot of the irritation. Hope this helps.


Hi everybody. I had my first OB last week and I am frantic. I hope it's not hsv-2, I will be tested next week. Meanwhile I had my period as well and the pain now is unbelievable. The crazy part is that I had almost always protected sex, but not protected oral sex.
I found that green teabag can cool off for a little bit, but the best is TOPICAINE, a numb gel. It burns at first, but then it really ease the pain for a while.
Regarding sleeping at night I will give a try to tylenol pm that seems everybody uses with good results.
I hope to stay strong enough to make it and be able to get rid of this virus trough controlling emotions, stress and lifestyle. I think that's the key. I wish Good luck to everybody.


If anyone could answer this in comments, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm pretty sold on the Tylenol PM, however, it is only a topical treatment. Do any of you get internal sores? I do, and urinating is unbearable. The urine passes right over them and burns, everything becomes swollen, and I can't think of anything to soothe it. Maybe a douche?

The sores go pretty deep. I have type 1. I'm 16. My first outbreak was June 26th, today it's August 8th and I'm having a second outbreak. I'm due for my period soon and I dont want my outbreak to overlap with that. And I start my senior year in a week, ahah. Bad timing.


I was diagnosed with herpes in '09, but not sure which simplex I have. I took Valtrex once a day for a few months and no problems since the beginning of this year. I have no insurance so I can't afford the Valtrex, which I believe is the best medication for it. It's very expensive and you take it once a day; taking it for a full year greatly reduce your chances of an OB and decreases chances of transmission greatly. I think it's less than 1%. NOW, the most important message in this post is this: there is absolutely no cure for herpes; it is in your nervus system til you die. It can be on your butt and your upper thighs also, therefore; just wearing a condom ain't gonna do the job completely. Don't be afraid to LOOK/STARE at what you are letting to poke you or what you are about to poke. I would LOVE to tell y'all how I got itm but I'll just say this, I got it from my husband whom I was truly in love with. He's in the medical profession and ignorant about it or claims to be. NOW, on to my home remedy; try rosemary oil and tea tree oil at your own risk, both or essential oils. I drop about 5 drops of tea tree oil on bathroom counter and then add about 2 drops of rosemary oil and the mix with my finger and then apply to area. Now, I must mention this, I did use Zovirax cream until it ran out; the lesions were looking good and w/o redness, but I knew I still needed something to complete the process of eliminating the sores. I have no itching nor pain with the concoction at this time. You may not like the scent, but it's better than severe itching and pain. Most inportantly, please do not use the same towel to wash down there over the rest of your body and dry of with paper towels or a different towel until OB is gone. I'm sure you guys know this already, but if you see you kids buying condoms in stores, don't be afraid to tell them that condoms won't protect them from herpes and warts especially if they appear in places other than on the penis or in the vagina. The way I see it, having a baby would be the least of their problems. Oh yeah, hepatitist-c is just as horrible as HIV; it can live outside the body for more than 2 days on surfaces. People who die from that looks just like they're dying for AIDS. And there are a lot of celebrities with these diseases too. Sorry about the long post and use at your own risk and don't use too much of the rosemary; it has a potential to be very irritating to some. RESEARCH!


I was diagnosed about a month ago. It literally tore me apart. I was more afraid for my boyfriend then I was myself. He is very understanding and loving and I thank God he doesn't have it. I found hope and a lot of questions answered by getting a book about this terrible virus called 'Herpes Antidote' by Nathalie Foy.
Honest to God it answered a lot of my questions and gave me so much information about remedies, homeopathic drugs, supplements, Diet, where to get products for a GOOD low price and things to try so you don't transmit the virus to your loved one.

Your Diet is really important in prevention. Vitamin C, Neem *, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, Garlic etc.. and herbal teas such as Licorice (HSV-1 especially), lemon Balm and Sage HELPED me a lot.

This book really gave me hope and I'm thankful that the author cares so much about her readers and their well being.

GIVE IT A TRY! I know what your going through and you don't need to be in your bathroom crushing pills and making paste. There are easier ways. Get YOUR LIFE BACK and read the book!


I dont have a remedy. I was actually looking for something to help with the knots that I usually get with an OB in my groin area. After reading over some of the responses about people who have just in diagnosed, let me tell you.. I thought at 19 it was the end of the world as well. I thought I couldn't have children, no one would want me, i was marked for life. I am now almost 28 years old.. a mother to a beautiful child who is free of this disease. I am not in a relationship, but my disease does not keep me from having a significant other. I understand there are some people on here who feel no one will want them. Let me tell you this, that is not the case. This virus is so common amongst people it is sad. Just look at the pages upon pages of people confessing that they have it. I have told my partners that I have it along the years, giving them the choice on what they want to do.. I have ran into a couple of people who already had it or had a partner that had it. Others just dont care because they care about you. Some times my outbreaks bother me... sometimes they dont. They are usually predictable. Sometimes I have to go without the medicines sometimes I have it. Over the years I learned to accept the fact that I was given this without a choice. Although I dont like having it I do not allow it to completely shut me down and make me not want to gt out there and either educate or continue to find love for myself. I can honestly say that the virus has never broken me up with a boyfriend. I forget I have it until it pops up... but I deal with it and keep moving.. For those of you who have just gotten this virus, trust me.. everything will be alright. You will make it through.. you are not tarnished.. you are still who you are.. a beautiful person.

in pain in Tx

I was diagnosed with GH2 today. I thought I just had sores, didn’t realize what I had so I used triple antibiotic ointment. WORST IDEA EVER. I was in SO MUCH PAIN.
I went to my doc and she prescribed me a cream that numbs. I have used this and it doesn’t help the pain as much as I would have liked. I looked up this site and someone recommended Tylenol PM Paste. I tried this and it burned at first, but the pain is gone for most of the day. This is the best idea ever!!! Thank you soooo much for suggesting it!!! And all this support is so great.


I was diagnosed in June of this year, and I was only 19. It was the most horrible experience, and I thought my life was over. I just recently turned 20 and i forget that I have it, anymore. I went to the doctor, got tested and was put on medicine that will change your perspective about having hsv. I'm on valtrex and lysine and I haven't had an outbreak since. Don't be ashamed because you have it, I'm young and I PROMISE it gets better. Get yourself checked out and taken care of instead of the dangerous home remedies that can help for a day. Keep your head up guys:)

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