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I can't believe it took me so long to find out about bleach! I have had Herpes for 15 years and do not take anything because it cost too much money. I put bleach on it with a cue tip and almost instantly I am on track to healing!
Application of bleach to affected areas during periods of outbreak has been heralded as an effective home remedy for herpes symptoms. The most common recommendation is to wash the area with diluted chlorine bleach. This is believed to kill the virus on the skin, rendering it impotent for the moment and relieving symptoms. Scientifically, a study published on pubmed in 1988 by W.S. Croughan and A.M. Behbehani from the University of Kansas Medical Center demonstrated that an application of bleach for 10 minutes could render the virus inactive.


Heyyy ! Im 18 and got herpes from my ex about a year ago. I don't really have BO's that often but when i do they are bad ! I don't like taking Valtrex because when you miss ONE day you have a BO so i did some research and found a lot of people using Tea Tree Oil . I LOVE IT ! i got some from Walmart for$8 and some more at CVS for $8.99. My OB's were usually about 2 1/2 weeks long but with the Tree Oil and only taking Valtrex when i broke out they were only 4 days . All i did was shower and use Dial Antibacterial soap ( the foam so i could just pump it right on there *it burns a little8 ) then use hydrogen peroxide 3% and clean it when i got out , then but a tree oil on with a cotton swap ( it gets really warm dose not hurt at all ) and i was good all day long ! No itchy feeling or burning !! THE BEST REMEDY EVER !!! hope i help someone out there !!! STAY STRONG EVERYONE ! -Meg :)


I have lived with this wonderful gift now for a year. I had my OBGYN put me on Acylovir. Its the generic version of Valtrex. Its about thirty dollars per month, but I don't get outbreaks. To me, its worth the money to not have had an outbreak for a year. It is the only thing that has stopped the outbreaks. The home remedies work, but nothing stops an outbreak, this is the only thing that has worked for me.
I also had to have a lifestyle change, eat healthier, eat leaner protiens, fruits, vegetables and take vitamins that improve the immune system.


Ive had herpes for 10 months now, and unfortunatly I have a Very weak immune system, and I cant prevent OB's, I get them on average once or twice every two months. But what has worked the best for me to get rid of it when its does happen is, Apply hydrogen Peroxide 3% to sores with a cotton make-up applicator for 5 min. 3x a day untill the sore scabs and starts to fade then apply 1x a day. Let the hydrogen peroxide air dry then apply Baby Powder to keep area dry, its non-irritating, the a Aloe vera baby powder is best. I take Potassium (it supports your nervous system) 2,000 mg of L-Lysine, 1,500 mg of vitamin C, Calcium/ Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, and a Hair/Nail/Skin vitamin 3x daily. Eat lots of fruits and vegtables, do not eat peanutbutter, or chicken (chicken has been proven to increase pain sensitivity in the body) DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL OR TAKE ANY HARD DRUGS SUCH AS EXTACY, UPPERS, EXCT. These kinds of Drugs are VERY hard on your immune system and should be cut out of your life COMPLETELY. The only drug i would say is okay are Opiates to RELIEVE YOUR PAIN. In small amounts when necessary for pain it is not hard on your immune system. (Hey don't hate that im mentioning drugs, its better for someone to find out those kinds are bad on here, than finding out themselves and having a really bad OB because of a lack of knowledge)


STOP CRUSHIN PILLS & MAKING PASTES! Don't burn yourself with harsh chemicals, and stay away from anything oil based (oil base will just spread your sores!) -see your dr. and get on Valtrex. There is NO CURE so stay away from anyone/ any product/ or anything that claims to be it. Although there is no cure, there is HOPE. You can control your ob AND your life is FAR FAR from over! 1 in every 4 ppl has the herpes's just nobody talks about. Take Lysine daily (1,000 mg) and (3,000 mg) during an ob. Lysine counter acts what the virus needs to reproduce. CONTROL you're stress as much as possible. Take a multivitamin if you're like me and aren't the most 'healthiest eater'....during an outbreak, wear loose fitting cotton clothes. And the BE very CLEAN, try not to spread it by touching it! NO SEX during an ob & BE CAREFUL NOT to spread it to others as well! The sooner the blisters dry out, the faster you're ob will clear. You can use an astrigent but use a 'nice' one like witchhazel NOT bleach, NOT peroxide, and NOT alcohol! Why put yourself through MORE pain- right? I know everyone here is trying to help, but in desperate times...ppl turn to desperate measures, and sometimes make things worse rather then better. Your life isn't over....the minute your ob is gone you'll start feeling like yourself again and although you're always conscious of a tiny 'tingle' it will be the last thing on your mind! Good Luck and Best Wishes. We don't live in a perfect world- obviously! But that doesn't mean you can't live!


Dang guys i got this terrible disease from a cheating girlfriend about a month or two ago. So far I have had two consecutive break outs in a row. Desperate and willing to try anything. I have made an amazing cream that is basically the cure for an outbreak. All that is needed is some Aloe vera gel, Lemon balm capsules, vitamin C, tea tree oil and a piece of paper towel large enough to cover the infected area. Now you will get a bowl, squirt a good amount of aloe vera gel into it. Add the contents of the lemon balm to it. Crush your vitamin C and add. Then to top it off put the tea tree oil in and mix all of it together. I would wait around 15 to 25 minutes so that the vitamin C can be well dissolved into the liquid. What you can do to pass the time is hop into the shower and clean the infected area, or if your blisters have not yet been popped this is a good time to do so. After drying off you will need to remain naked. Now head over to your bowl and dip the paper towel piece that you ripped off until it is fully soaked into the mixture. When fully soaked, take it out of the bowl and place it onto the infected area. This will burn for a minute. But it is a good burn dont sweat it, i promise its worth it. Now what you will need to do is go sit down, relax, and watch some tv or do anything to keep you busy. It takes some time for your paper towel to dry. What i do is go lay on my bed, grab my fan, and point it directly at my genitals and watch tv. The fan is not needed but is very helpful in speeding up the drying phase. With the fan it takes about 30 to 45 minutes for it to dry. I do this right before bed also and i remain naked thru the night. Upon waking up if the paper towel is still there you can either keep it on until it falls off sometime during the day or you can take it off. But if you do decide to take it off i recommend that you wet the towel again with either water or the mixture. If you dont it will rip the scabs off that have already formed.
Now that i have told you my secret healing mixture there are just a couple of more things that i add to the mix just to kill the virus out quick. I take 5000 to 6000 mg of L-Lysine a day added with 5000-7000 vitamin C and 500-700 of zinc. I also only drink water and tons of it. With this combination of things it is like you did not even have and outbreak. This most recent outbreak happening two days ago with about 8 sores has already healed and gone away.
Well i hope i could be of some service to many of you out there with the same problem. Good luck.


I am 17 about to turn 18 and a college student. I'm a freshman and the whole college life is a stress fest. I am in a relationship with an older guy and he gets cold sores. We had oral sex but he wasn't having an outbreak so we didn't think anything was harmful about it.WRONG!!! Over the previous weekend I shaved and immediately after I felt alot of irritation which I thought came from me shaving then I noticed what looked like a little cut a day later. By this Monday I was ignorantly having my first outbreak. I have previously been hospitalized for major over stressing(asthmatic so dangerous to stress). I went to the doctor Tuesday and he told me that it was probably Herpes II. Naturally as a teenager dealing with stress and hormones I cried which might I add made my outbreak jump to an all time hell!!!! At first wen I noticed the sores I put peroxide and Triple Antibiotics on it and peroxide which didn't do anything for me except make everything look horrible. I kept using the Triple Antibiotics and petroleum jelly to help stop burning when I urinated but it barely worked. I started doing research and learned that I helped my outbreak spread and get worse. So I ended up coming across this site and I feel way better. I have been crying my eyes out(learned to stop that one). I feel alone sometimes and I feel disgusting. I try to clean the puss out as much as possible but lately the pain is becoming to intense!!! I haven't drunken anything in the past 2 days because I'm terrified of urinating. But all this isn't the worse of my problems besides this virus my dr called me yesterday morning and told me I had a bacterial and yeast infection. Now I'm taking Valtrex and some other medicines. Pain pills don't help. I have cream for the yeast infection that I have to use at night time only and that shit burns like the deepest pits of hell. I couldn't move for 3 hours. I am now taking Vitamin E pills;I busted them and applied it but it only worked until I had to use that cream. SO now I'm back on here looking for some help. I see that the Tylenol PM thing is a hit so I'm bout to try it. Everybody on this page has made me feel like I can do this.I feel like this thing has control over my life right now but I hope to soon flip it. Thank Everybody on here for their wonderful advice. Also the guy that I got it from is 100% behind me and is very helpful with the situation. He said if he has it then it changes nothing about us and that really shows me that even with this there is still a life for me. So to anybody that is having their first outbreak and you feel all hope is lost remember that with support, faith, prayer, and this website your life won't be hell all the time. I hope this Tylenol helps because I haven't shut my eyes in a full 24 hrs and I'm so tired.


I don't have any remedies really but I can give some advise..

1. Take many baths! It will ease your pain, use Epsom salt if you have it

2. If it hurts to urinate, do so in a warm bath (gross, I know but a dr recommended it to me and it helps)

3. Valtrex works amazingly, but it's expensive.

I got the virus when I was a senior in high school. I'm almost 20 now. Anyways. I know it's rough. And for you younger girls. Please please do not beat yourself up over this. You're not gross. It is not the end of the world. It took me a while to convince myself of that. I've dated two boys since I got the virus. I will be honest with you, I had sex with them and didn't tell them until afterwords. And neither of them left me for it or thought I was nasty. You do not need to tell everyone you date that you have it unless you just want to. You are not required. People don't always understand my thinking..but I didn't ask for this virus. I don't wish it on anyone!! But I don't believe I don't deserve to be happy or in a relationship because of this.

Do not try and ruin someone's life with it! I'm not at all advising that. Just look out for yourself. You cannot trust everyone with 'your secret'. And please, don't trust anyone besides your family to not tell. Not even your best friend since birth.

Goodluck! God bless you all.

Sydney Australia

I read few of the notices on this web site when I got my second out break few days back on my upper pubis. I tried LAMISIL spray which is for Atheletes foot terbinafine HCI 10mg/g 15 ml spray bottle.
It around $10. I sprayed few times a day and after 24 hrs the sores are dried up still the area is red but no pain. I think this works for me. May be someone should try this and keep me informed if it can stabilise outbreak at the early stages.


I have been using a serile lance or needle at the first sign of outbreak. next i evacuate all fluid by squeezing and capillary action via qtip. Lastly i apply A liquid bandage called 'new skin'. I have had intercourse same day with no evidence of outbreak on partner. Yea.

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