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I just wanted to add something new.

My husband gave me herpes. I knew he had it when we started dating. I loved him with my whole being and quite frankly, would rather have him and herpes than live herpes free forever.

So, it was my choice. I don't like having it. It can be painful.

Two tips:

1.) For women, when peeing is traumatic, as it often can be, get a toilet top sitz bath (you can get them for like five bucks at the pharmacy) and at every pee, fill it with very warm water and pee into the sitz bath. It is the single best thing I've come up with to treat the single worst thing about the disease.

2.) I like to keep things simple. Eat the right foods. I don't take meds. When I have an OB, I apply manuka honey. It works FAST. So insanley fast. I've tried most everything and nothing works this quickly.


At age 18 and 5 months pregnant, I was diagnosed with a severe case of the Herpes Virus. It was so bad I was hospitalized for a week and the outbreak lasted a month. I couldn't take pain killers or other meds but I could use an over-the-counter drug that my doctor suggested and have been using in bad outbreaks over the years. It's called Burrow's Solution. It comes in powder or already premade. I suggest the powder to mix at home versus the premade since it gives you several applications instead of a few with the premade liquid. I am now 49 and have lived with this virus for almost my whole life. I do not take valtrex on a daily basis but keep it on hand for the first signs of a break out. I also use another over the counter called Cameseptine cream. It is made for the genital area and relieves pain and protects the skin. Both over the counter drugs are usually kept behind the pharmacy counter, so you need to ask for it. I found stress is my trigger, so learning meditation and exercising can reduce outbreaks. I've had years where I was symptom free and years I've had at least 6 outbreaks. As with many people who felt horrible with contracting the virus, I learned that honesty is always the best policy.If you're upfront from the get-go, you will find very little, if any rejection. Listen to your body and know your symptoms prior to an outbreak and it can really limit exposure to others. I've been either married or in a relationship for over 25 years and my partners have never contracted it. Life does go on and the virus doesn't define you.

sara eastern

I had been suffering from excruciating attacks of genital herpes regularly for decades before I identified the problem. Also from oral herpes since early childhood. A colleague of mine, who is specialized in Chinese medicine, told me that these conditions result from deficient spleen energy. He advised me that they could be redeemed by eating plenty of radishes and eliminating peanuts from my diet. Since when not one more outbreak, upstairs or down. May he be forever blessed !


I found out I have GH or HSV2. I found out literally 3 days ago, unofficially. But it is pretty obvious.
My story is that I often get bacterial vaginosis. Which I have now read that there may be some connection, so I am wondering if I have had it longer then I thought. Anyway, I decided to get checked out, just to make sure, which is was I sometimes do when I am having my BV symptoms. I went in to my dr with similar yet different symptoms then I usually have. (TMI) Drainage was different & this time I had abdominal pain. I also felt like crap, but no fever. Thought maybe it was because I got up super early that day. Dr examined me which was supppper sensitive & later told me my BV, yeast, & trich were negative. Great, I probably have something worse. She gave me meds anyway just in case while we wait for my gon/chlamydia results. Basically all week I noticed a 'cut' on my lower labia that I thought I got from shaving or something more intimate lol. Wasnt healing but I thought that was because every time I went to the bathroom I would just recut it... literally that night when I got home from school I knew something was wrong. It just didn't make sense that I hurt this bad. Everyday I have checked down there & haven't seen anything (nor did my dr apparently) but this time I really look. & I see a sore. I freak. I am devastated. I call my dr first thing in the am & tell her what is up. They call me in medications. Now it is day two & it has gotten worse. There are more sores & outbreaks. I am in a lot of pain but mostly when I got to the bathroom & cleanse. This sucks. I know the first outbreak is the worse.

My story is a little different because I knew the guy who gave it to me had it. He told me. Flat out. I knew he did. He is a nurse so I kind of trusted him in that sense. He takes his medications everyday, said he hasn't had an outbreak in awhile & we always used condoms. But once, the condom fell off so I wonder if it happened then. He was extremely sorry. But it still sucks.

I just want to get through this initial outbreak. I am taking my medications they gave me. I am still getting more I think & they are very active I should say. I need something smoothing to help for now. Any ideas?

I have read the aloe, baking soda, alcohol, etc. Which is best for the initial outbreak with semi open sores & least painful!?


I was looking for a natural treatment and found a few. I wound up going with HSV-Zero. It has like a dozen natural ingredients in it that they show tests results for. I've been very happy with it.


I am 23 and I was diagnosed with HSV1 on my genitals about 8 weeks ago. It all started when I had received oral sex from a friend of mine on a few occasions way back in April and had symptoms of jock itch. I thought maybe it could have just been because of his saliva or something and bought a topical cream for it. Then months went by and I still had it but I thought maybe it was dry skin. In the middle of September I woke up one morning with horrible diarrhea and headaches and a couple days later I was shaving my genitals and thought I had cut myself. One day later I had around 25 sores which escalated to possibly over 100 all around my entire genital area. I didn't want to believe that it was herpes but I just knew it was. It took me a week and a half to get into my gyno and in that time I was going through the worst pain I've ever endured. I did a ton of research and prepared myself for the worst. By the time I had gotten into my dr I had come to terms with having it and thought there's no reason to freak out because it is controllable and I'm going to have to deal with it anyways. My boyfriend (who isn't the guy that gave it to me) freaked out but was supportive. He was tested and it came back negative but he has in the back of his head that I got it from cheating on him which isn't possible since I never have ( he's been hurt by girls before) but now he hasn't been to my place in 8 weeks because I think he's afraid to have sex with me again. I got fired from my job a week after I found out I have herpes, I haven't gotten unemployment, and I've just been having such a hard time lately. I tried staying positive but now I keep thinking how no one is ever going to want to have sex with me again.
Well, anyways, I have the jock itch symptoms back and if anyone has any reccomendations on how to control the itch that would be helpful! Or has anyone ever had such a large dormant time before their first outbreak?
I tried a lot of the home remedies I read on here when I had the outbreak and the Tylenol PM paste worked wonders!!! I crushed up 4 tablets, put in a pump of anbesol, a drop of warm water and mixed it up, put it would totally numb it for almost an entire day. I also got a prescrip of Valtrex and once I started taking that it began clearing up. Also, when I got out of the shower I would blow dry my vaginal area and that helped a lot. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.


i am 17 years old and i just found out today that i have HSV2. i was devastated when i found out. i felt so alone. i noticed my first out break yesterday and thought maybe i cut myself shaving, never did i consider it to be HSV2. but after the pain and discomfort got worse and became unbearable i turned to the internet and after self-examining my sores, i quickly realized it had to be that. right away after work, i went to the walk-in clinic and the doctor, who thank god was female, took one look and said 'yep, that's herpes.' i felt so disgusted and ashamed. it took a lot for me to tell the guy i've been talking to lately the news i had found out and it turns out, he's had it as well, for two years. since i cannot get my valtrex prescription until tomorrow and the pain was even more unbearable, i, again, turned to the internet for help. i found out that i could use a type of aspirin, benadryl and vagisil as a paste. all i can say is i can actually sit comfortably without having to cringe. and after reading so many stories, i no longer feel so alone. thank you so much!!!!!


I have had this virus for the last 20 years i find drinking cranberry juice or eating dry cranberry or anything cranberry help a lot so you all out there can try it. As for the sign of a tingle of a ob i dab the area with some vinegar and i just don't get any blisters at all. hope this works for you good luck.


About 6 days ago I had my first outbreak. I'm only 16 and haven't told my parents yet...reading some of these has made me feel like everything is going to be okay. I do feel disgusting and worthless...hopefully it'll work out in the end. I go to the doctor tomorrow...kinda hoping it's a miracle and not herpes.


I had an outbreak yesterday, I get very few, maybe one a year and have had it for about 15 years. I saw this site to tying to find a remedy.

I tried putting Ivarest on it, worked for the nasty poison ivy I had this summer. It dried up the blisters with two applications, one yesterday evening and one prior to bed. The relief from pain and itching was almost instant. Ivarest is inexpensive, less than $5 at Walmart. Did it work or am I lucky as Hell?

I would be interested if anyone else tries it to see if it helped.

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