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nonie pula-arnold

trust me. this works.
anybody who has herpes and open sores on the inside or out this will work.
sometimes it hurts to pee, or to sit down or to stand up or anywhere around your 'area'.
if you have open cuts even on the inside.
orajel will numb the pain but first you must wipe yourself dry. itll burn for not even a second and then numbness. you can pee and feel free to be GREATFUL you can feel good about it :).
oh and as for the cortizone 10. its supposed to help heal MUCH faster. i just tried the orajel today and man i felt.. GREAT. please try this if you havent found an easy over-the-counter remedy. :))) happiest day of my life when i got both orajel and cortizone. i hope its the same feeling for you.

i am 16 years old and i found out i have gh2 yesterday but i had the sharp pains from my open sores for 5 days. this really works. dont believe me? try it. ENJOY
tell me how it works for you at


Read!!!! This works amazingly!!!! I have had this virus for about two years now I have only had two outbreaks my first I came to this site and tried the Tylenol pm paste and it didnt do too much good but just a few days ago I had my second outbreak...more painful than the first....I was in so much pain and was desperate....i use 'Pro Active' for my face and love it but the 'Refining Mask' dries my face out so bad so I figured if it dries my face out maybe it will dry my sore out....I was a bit worried that it would Sting bad since it is an open sore but to my surprise it didnt at all!!!! I had instant relief!!!!!! And on top of that it is practically gone after two days!!!! Im telling u this really works!!! Just make sure the sore is cleaned and completely dry then use a qtip and apply 'Pro Active Refining Mask' and make sure u allow that to dry before putting clothes on. It really works!!!!!


I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I have gh 2. My husband was unfaithful while on his military base, and I contracted it. I have been reading everyone's posts, and I must say I am sooo glad I found this site. I went to the doctor for treatment for a uti, and just assumed the bumps were related to that. After a pelvic exam, I was told otherwise. I have tried vagisil wipes, baby powder, neither helped. The aloe vera helped with the pain for a little while. I also tried a cold compress, which helped for a few minutes. I am running an epsom salt bath right now in hopes it will ease the pain. I am in so much pain I can't sit down, and it hurts to stand up. Urinating is possibly the worst pain I have ever felt. If anyone has any other tips, please let me know! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has this horrible disease.


I am a 32 year old woman who is married to a 33 year old man with GH. I remember the day he told me, he was so afraid I was going to walk right out on him! I understand why some people can't deal, but it is truly not the end of the world! My husband and I have a wonderful and healthy sex life, but we are very careful and never have sex when he even feels like an outbreak is coming on. Because of that, I have NOT contracted it. If I do, I know that it will be okay, because my husband loves me no matter what. Thank you for the helpful hints. Valtrex gets a little expensive, even with insurance! But, for those of you who feel like life will never be the same, I promise you it does get better. My husband found out he had GH on his 21st birthday! We have been together for almost 8 years, and I still do not have it. We don't use condoms, since I'm on the pill. But, we abstain from sex any time he finds even the tiniest red bump, just in case. I hope this will help some of you to know that there are people out there who will love you no matter what. Herpes is NOT a dealbreaker, unless you're an uneducated jerk!


Hello all, I thanked God for the day I found this site. I have not yet been diagnosed with herpes, but I have all the symptoms. I was forced into unprotected sex with someone I was dating, it was very painful as he is larger than normal and I hadn't been sexually active for a while. I thought I could trust him so I didn't worry too much for the first few days, the third day after I noticed I felt sore and had a perennial laceration and a yeast infection. I saught medical attention and was prescribed antibiotics and a cream and advised to do the sitz bath twice a day and after each bowel action. I am a nurse so based on my knowledge I had already been doing sitz baths. On the 5th day I noticed the lymph nodes in my groin began to swell. This alarmed me because that is a key sign of a STI. I asked him if he had anything he wanted to tell me like symptoms or anything of that sort, soon after her revealed that he had unprotected sex with a gurl a month before me. I was soo shocked, afraid, angry, riddled with emotions. Anyway, I then noticed large bumps (about 3) on my labia majora. They were painless and hard, 2 days later they became sore n raw and appeared to be canchre sores. They became more numerous and burned and stinged a whole lot. I went to the STI clinic and was told by the family nurse practitioner that it looked like genital herpes and I would have to do a blood test to confirm, but I would be treated for It just the same so I was placed on Acyclovir 200mg 5times daily. At first I took it lightly because I had already suspected that diagnosis so I told myself it was herpes as a means of coping, so a positive diagnosis wouldn't shock me. A day later I broke down into a spiral of depression as the pain became worse n worse, and nothing I did would alleviate it. I tried panadol 500mg, Voltaren 50mg, Arcoxia 60mg, I even tried emla cream and nothing helped. I was afraid of overdose. I have not yet received my result but I have already stared to cope with the GH diagnosis, so discovering it is something else would just be a relief. After finding this site I got the idea of making a paste, I had been walking wide and with a limp before and was at first afraid to try it but the pain and the discomfort and anticipating the questions at work I figured it had nothing to lose. So
1. Get 500mg panadol and 200mg Acvlcovir
2. Crush it
3. Mix some zinc oxide and emla and add the powder and make a paste
4. Apply generously to the sores after doing your sitz bath and drying with a blow dryer.
5. Enjoy the relief
I don't know if this will work for you, but the instant relief I felt made me cry as the pain stopped me from functioning
Mentally dealing with an STI is ok for me as I know 1 in 5 people have it and do not know, and I work with patients with these diseases every day. I never once thought I was immune as regardless of being forced, I took a huge risk.
All the best to u all, and please remember you are not dirty, you are all still beautiful, take this a lesson to be safer then next time, this condition only requires a mild adjustment of your life, so live it to the fullest just the same. <3


I believe I got this from an ex boyfriend that I had for 6 months about 7 years ago. This is my 3rd flare up since that time.

This is what Im doing to see if it helps

1-I used a mortar and pestle to crush my pills - Lysine and Tylenol PM
2-Pored a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a bowl and mixed in the crushed pills
3-washed the area with anti bacterial soap
4-used my mixture on the area with a q-tip to clean it
5-let everything dry
6-used campho-phenique in the gel form not the liquid
7-braved a small swig of that apple cider vinegar (YUCK almost made me barf)
8-ate one of the lysine and a vitamin c... both 500mg

the whole process hurts a bit... stings... but immediately my 4 bumps got super white and hard as if they were drying out... they seemed to turn into one large hard lump instead of separate smaller ones

We will see if this works... but already the pain and itching feels better as I type this


I've had GH for 6years. GH meds is expensive! I keep it dry which makes it heal faster..Ladies no undies at sex...not even with a rubber....from my experience noone has gotten it from me. As long as u stay away during OB your partner will be fine. Always douche with warm water after intercourse. Only me and my doctor knows so im not sharing with people publicly about it because word of moyth gets around you loose friends and regular life...Good Luck guys


oil of oregano p73. dilute 2-3 drops in 1 tablespoon olive oil and rub on genitals or open sores. expect pain relief right away as i tried this. oil of oregano=herpes' worst nightmare


Hello People. I Gotten GH2 in the Beginning of August. I Didn't Cry Or Anything The 1st Breakout Was CRAZY. I Lied To My Folks Saying it was A Boil. Doc Kept This Secret Since I'm 18. Took The Valtrex ALL of it Worked. After it was Gone Them Bumps Came Back.
Tried QuickClear, NO GOOD
Tried Tee Tree Oil, NO GOOD
Trying Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide(35%), ALL GOOD.
I Mean Damn.
Buy it at a Health Store.
Wear GLOVES When Handling
Use A Capful in your Water Bottle
Take it Once A Day.
2 Months Or The Whole Bottle Gone Later.
Hydrogen Peroxide is ONLY OXYGEN
NOTHING(Bacteria,Virus,Parasite) Can Live Off OXYGEN.
Do Your Research People....
Take Care :)


Remedy for and open sore: Make a Tylenol PM paste (the pill plus a little water). It helps to take the pain away throughout the day. Believe me, it works!

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