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Remember the 6 P's
Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Preformance

Quit smoking, quit drinking, eat bulk fruit and veg, heaps of water and exercise to increase the oxygen your blood can carry. Also lose weight if you are over weight because the virus loves the acidity levels in the body that the fat creates, also get into meditation and deep breathing exercises, don't pay it off, putting more oxygen in the body creates hell for the virus also assists in losing body weight, 70% of all toxins are passed out through breathing. And get 35% food grade
Hydrogen peroxide to smash extra oxygen into the blood...

I'm a fit SOB my Ob consist of a small lump no pain just a little tingle on me shaft that is all. Keep it simple no need to complicate the remedies by mixing this and that.
There will be a cure one day, that will only happen if the pharmaceutical stop making money off the sick and share the love... Hopefully not the sort of love that gave me herpes, haha peace...


I have had gh for 31 years now. After reading some of the posts on here I have to share the following with all of you- 1. Never, ever wipe what may be an outbreak area with anything! By doing that there is an extremely high chance of spreading it. 2. Never touch the area that is itching and especially if blisters are present. 3. Change your diet. No diet drinks. No Aspartame. Learn what foods contain higher amounts of Arg. and stay away from them as much as possible. 4. Take Lysine supplements and vitamins daily. 5. Get plenty of rest. 6. Keep your immune system up. 7. Do not use creams of any kind on the sores. Once they get warm and start to liquify the virus may travel with it and spread. 8. At night, wear boxers (guys and girls) and then some pajama bottoms cut off right above the knees. This will allow some air flow. 9. Do not lay under heavy covers so that you don't sweat in that area. 10. No matter how horny you get, and it seems that during outbreaks, I get horny. Resist the urge to masturbate. Having sex and masturbating does cause stress on your body and during that time your immune system is already down. (I'm not saying anyone here would be thoughtless enough to have sex during an outbreak. Of course you would probably respond by saying that's how you got it in the first place. There are some stupid people in this world and don't give a crap but there are much more people that do not know they are having an outbreak, have sex, and a couple of days later they break out.) 12. I have been taking BHT for 30 years. Not so much since Valtrex came out but up until then I took it daily. It seemed to help. 13. Get on a daily preventative dose of Valtrex from your doctor. It is now in generic so it's very affordable. 14. Do not over do it with Valtrex. Take as directed. It can take it's toll on your kidneys and liver.

If it makes you feel any better, my doctor told me that 40% of her patients suffered from Herpes. That is in 1 office, in one city, out of all the thousand's of doctor's offices in this country. You are not alone. Don't think you will never find anyone that will love you if they find out. Of course tell them before you get too far into the relationship if possible. If dating, be responsible and restrain from sex if you think there is a chance you may be breaking out. No need to tell your life's history to everyone you go on a first date with.

I hope this helps someone. I really believe in home remedies as well as taking Valtrex. If you cannot take Valtrex due to health problems then carefully reserach home remedies and use common sense.


I'm 16, just diagnosed with herpes. I was so scared at first, but i told my boyfriend, and he took it very well. I considered leaving him because i didnt want to risk him getting it, but he insisted he would take the risk and stay with me. I first felt alittle sore down there for a few days, not even thinking anything of it. I eventually looked and found around 3 little pimple-like white spots. I still didnt want to tell my mom cause i was afraid. I stupidly shaved and everything spread and got worse. I had to choice but to tell my mom. I ended up with herpes and folliculitis (bad spelling) but that was basically from shaving and had nothing to do with herpes. Vagisil itching cream helped SO MUCH with the burning while peeing.

What i did was i would use the bathroom, use a feminine cloth to clean the area, then apply the vagisil cream. Get medication immediatly!


I thought I would post a 'home remedy'. I have done this repeatedly and it works EVERY TIME and the outbreak stops and clears up in less than 48 hours.

Don't get me wrong, you still have the sore that takes a few days to heal but the outbreak stops dead... I have no idea why this works but it does....

So if you really want the outbreak to stop, here is the 'magic' way to do it.

First dab alcohol on the spot several times a day. -This just helps dry it up/feel better but doesn't stop it...

Second, take Energy-C drink ( at least 4 times a day. I usually do it for about 4 days total, just to be sure the outbreak doesn't come back...

That is it! For 10 bucks at Walmart, you can get the Energy-C packets (30 of them). I have done this several times and it ALWAYS goes away in under 48 hours (usually in 24). BTW, from reading the Enegry-C label, it seems to have almost the same ingredients as Air-born but a lot cheaper...




The emotional pain one deals with when they have herpes far exceeds the physical pain. Even a year after having herpes my eyes swell with tears everytime I think of this terrible disease that I have to live with for the rest of my life. The trick is to stop an ob before you get it. Everyone gets different symptons I usually get a pain on my buttocks. Once you get the sympton double your vitamin intake, take lysine and put vagasil or diaper rash cream on the area that tingles. If your fortunate, the ob will not appear. If it does the tylenol pm paste everyone speaks about works wonder. It does burn the first five seconds but after its pure relief and lasts all day. I use a few drops of water about four or five crushed pills and about three pumps of vagasil. It truly works wonders. Pop in two pain killers and you will feel so much better. I know its very difficult to live with this disease. Even when you are not experiencing an ob, it is in your head. Every itch, every pain feels like the beginning of an ob. Thank you to everyone that has shared their story, I have read them all and I no longer feel alone. My current partner gave me the disease, he has never gad an ob and if I had never gotten infected he would most likely still not know. Although I would like to blame everyone and anyone ultimately it was my choice to have unprotected sex and not demand my partner get tested. Although hes a wonderful person I cant help but feel angry that I must suffer the excrutiating physical pain from this disease while he is home free. God bless you all. Take care of yourselves and do remember it could be worse. You wont die from this disease, do not let it define you. You are beautiful and you will find someone out there who will agree.


Ok, so I have had herpes type 2 since I was 17, and I used condoms. I never wanted meds so I use to let breakouts ride out. I'm now 24 and I found this site so I said let me try, because I get o-b's 1-2 a year but when they come they last weeks. I've been in a relationship now and they understand. So I said I would not post till I have a o-b and I try all methods and tell y'all. First of all.. liquid, only makes it worst, it hurts and it gets no better cause u have to peel it off and u peel off the healed skin and the process starts all over.DONT DO IT!! Bleech...come on y'all don't b crazy...didn't even try that one...soaking in epson salt followed by perioxde helped sooo much, they started healing fast..I also use baby powder to help iching and sooo good. But the secrect is taking lystine 1000mg 3 times daily as well as using super lystine cold sore treatment on sores. YES! Super lystine cold sore treatment works on sores down there! I did this and they cleared up in 3-4 days. they told me to keep them dry so I put it on then baby powder over like a charm! I just happen to glance at the bottle when I was in the vitamin row at the grocery store..I knew it had to work since my doc told me to take lystine orally I knew that if I used it down there it would work and it I'm sharing...please don't give up hope bros, this works. So recap..soak in epson salt 30 min twice a day, air dry, put peroxide on sores, air dry, apply super lystine cold sore treatment, wait about 5 min and apply baby powder, also take lystine 1000mg 3 times a day. I promise u will see results, took me 8 years to find this blend adit works! 3-4 day clear up time. I know I only get 1-2 a year but my come on strong so if it works for me...I know it will help y'all! Tell me how it works for u I will be checking back!


I told u I'd get back 2 u on the bleach 1st then a paste made of lemon balm extract mixed w siberian ginsing my herpes have heal more in 24 hrs then in 5 days wash w dial then dry 4 times rub a bleached qtip over ur blisters let dry then mix powdered siberian ginsing w liquid lemon extract til a paste apply 2 blisters do every 12 urs n watch em vanish


First outbreak ever. Im 22. Cheated on my bf of 5 years. He doesnt have it. At first it started out as some perineal swelling, thought it was hemmorrhoids. Went to er as it became hard to sit. Was diagnosed with a uti. Stsrted having watery discharge heavily. That night noticed first little bump inside my vagina lip. Went the next day to get tested, she said for sure it was herpes. The swab was the worst pain in my life. In about three days i now have what feels like little cuts in about 10 different places on my vagina and anus. I am on Acyclovir 400mg 3x a day for 10 days, i started those tuesday night.
I just tried some home remedies that were on here. Hopefully it will help dry them up. Some witchazel pads for the burning, and i put some teatree oil on to help the drying, then i used a blowdryer on low setting. Its a cooling effect, still some discomfort but seems to be a little helpful. I made the biggest mistake of my life doing what i did. I look at life on a whole new way now and i am greatful for so much more.


A few years ago I discovered i had GH. I have a found a great way of treating it when I have flare ups. When I get out of the shower i use a poison ivy ointment called Iverest®. It seems to clear it up within a week. Try it,it work's for me with no irritating effects.

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