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The best remedy for hsv is cayenne pepper. Dab a paste on cold sore and cover with cotton wool as soon as u feel that tingling feelling. Cold sore will dissappear within a day it works for me and i continue to eat chocolate and drink coffee. Google cayenne pepper hsv remedy.


As another poster mentioned, cayenne pepper (also called fruit) capsules have good healing properties as well.


My child recently developed cold sores around her mouth. I traced it to a family friend with OH. In my research for a cure, I found that Hydrogen Peroxide proved to be of some benefit. Simply add 3 percent HP to warm bath water. 2 cups per about half a bathtub full. Water should be as warm as possibly comfortable. This will help oxygenate the blood through the skin, since HP is basically water with an extra oxygen atom. Viruses are destroyed by Oxygen in all cases, not some chemical or Lysine(which can cause organ problems). I'm experimenting on myself with 35 percent Hydrogen Peroxide added to Distilled Water, which you drink. Used in low doses, this will theoretically hyper-oxygenate the blood, which then kills the virus that causes Herpes. All natural plant remedies are is basically elements with a high oxygen atom content. In my experiment with bath water, my child has went from having out breaks every week to having OB once in three months. This alone gives me hope. My own experiment has shown no adverse signs in 4 months. The drink actually gives me an energy boost, gets rid of my 2:30pm run down, and keeps me alert during my long drives. Get your source of 35 percent HP from a reputable source, such as Guardian of Eden, and follow the instructions closely. This can be dangerous stuff if not properly mixed to a safe level. Never take it straight. Also, there are plenty of books on this subject if you do a Google search. It has only been 3 month now, my child is healthy, her sores are minimal and healed quickly. Three months passed before she had an outbreak, and the OB was minimal compared to her previous ones. So, I hope this helps someone out there. Keep hope alive, ask God for guidance, and protect your children from all harm.


So I am currently facing my 3rd OB in 2 years, so I guess I should consider myself lucky. I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in February of 2010 accidentally. I had Strep throat, and was taking antibiotics. The antibiotics gave me a yeast infection, and seemed to trigger my first OB. It was the worst pain by far I have dealt with in my life. I cried everytime I had to use the restroom, and the urine stung my sores immensely. I realized I contracted it after receiving oral sex from someone who had a cold sore. After my first OB, I didn't do any research, or look at any preventative techniques because I thought by ignoring it, and living my life like normal I didn't really have it. I was OB free up until a few months ago. I just moved to a new city, stressed beyond belief, not eating healthy, and not sleeping enough. So eventually I had my 2nd OB, and found this amazing site. I tried a few remedies, like the tylenol paste and the lysine. It seemed to help quite a bit. One thing that I did that helped me urinate without the pain was to get an water bottle, and, yep you guessed it, pee in the bottle so that the urine wouldn't contact my skin. It made everything soooooo much easier, although kinda gross. Lol. So currently I am in quite the predicament. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a few months, and he leaves next week for the Army. Concurrently, I am stressing about financial, school, and work issues as well, which has been stopping me from sleeping. Needless to say I am experiencing an OB, that thankfully isn't as bad as as my last 2. The second I felt that tingle, I started taking Lysine and Vitamin C pills, 3 times a day. I stayed away from sweets, fast food and alcohol. I also tried mixing Tylenol PM, aloe vera, and a little bit of rubbing alcohol into a paste, applied it with a q-tip, and dried it with a blow dryer. Immediately I felt relief, and took a Tylenol PM dose to help with my sleep. Thank God for this site, and for people like you making me feel like I am not alone. Hope this helps! =)


Seek the advice of a nutritionist that recommends a heathy eating plan and herbal remedies. HRP-C is an immune system booster and it works to prevent break outs.


I have tried several of  herpes treatment and not have good result. I normally got cold sore at the side of my mouth that ends up scabbing over and taking about 10 days to heal. I found HSV Zero and had success with it. With HSV Zero it can be reduced to 3 days or sometimes less to heal. The product has lemon balm as the main ingredient.

Vince Rodriguez

I had an out break just about every month for years and tried just about every remedy there is. then I was diagnosed with hyper tension and some one told me to take a tee spoon of cayenne pepper diluted in 8 of water first thing in the morning and before bed time. which I did not like at all,until I tried chicken soup instead of plain water and I also add lemon juice and chopped green onions to it. It's been two years since I reduced My cholesterol level to normal,high blood pressure and no herpes at all and as bonus I hardly get the flu.


Well I have had this condition for about a year now, im 19. When I get ob's they are untolerable. I decided to try the orajel thanks to the 16 year olds post and thank god I did. I couldnt even walk I was in so much pain. Ive had this ob for 3 weeks and I think it was triggered by having sex with my boyfriend who is aware I have it. We use protection at all times. I thnk he is jst too much and the tension from his larger size could be a reason for my ob right? Ive gt obs before after intercourse with him. Idk wat to do cuz he means the world to me but if his size is effecting me in this way do I just need to use lube or somethin? I dont have sex if theres any signs of an oncoming ob. I take valtrex as prescribed. I bought aloe vera gel 100% with no alchohol in it but it did nothing I bought witch hazel but im terrified it will burn and I have low pain tolerance so I dont want to make myself more miserable. I also bought the 1000mg of lysine but theres no way I can swallow that huge pill without spittin it up..update on orajel.. As im writing i felt relief but it didnt numb it completely. It kinda feels mentholish? Like a cooling effect but I feel that tingle itchyness still. Im scared to pee still and ive been holding it off wich I know isnt good but im a baby wen it comes to there Anything else that I can use to completely numb down there? Will ambesol be better then orajel? I bought the liquid bandaid but ive decided after using it on my finger for a tester to see how it works I better not put it down there. Seems very hard to remove. Any other anesthetics that are good for very painful ob?


I've been to a doctor about my herpes once. The doctor instantly said it was herpes. Well I was reading about some remedies, and I have figured out one that seems to be working for me (Day 1 of it and it looks gone completely already.) This morning I was feeling the small irritation that happens, (Only have had 1 other major outbreak that I went to the doc for,) and I instantly went and grabbed a bag of ice, some baby oil, and hydrogen peroxide. I rubbed in some baby oil to moisten the skin for the ice to be able to seep in. I then put the ice on and kept the ice on for about 10-15 minutes, didn't use a sheet or anything to cover it, so the cooling affect could happen immediately. After I was done with that, I used a Q-Tip and the hydrogen peroxide, you don't need much. Just enough to soak both ends of the Q-Tip in. I then put the hydrogen peroxide on, rubbed it all over my penis. Then I just put my shorts back on, and have been reading other ways to combat this horrible disease. That's just what I did, and so far so good.. I hope this works, it was the first sign and my first reaction. No more irritation, and no more pain it seems. I also took a few vitamins and plan on taking more throughout the next few days. Immune boosters mainly. Hope this helps, sounds funny to me. But yeah. Hahaha.


This is not a remedy nor a cure for herpes but it works on me every time I feel that burnning feeling before the outbreak. with a Q-tip apply Isopropyl alcohol 'rubbing alcohol' to the affected area a few times a day (it hurts a lot specially if outbreak is advanced)but you can bet it goes away in 2 or 3 days and to help prevent outbreaks take Lysine .Good luck.

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