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warm bath, lots of water, vitiams


I contracted GH about a year ago as well a few months before my 20th birthday from (who is now my ex-boyfriend) who was performing oral sex on me & later found out that ' Oh , well he always gets cold sores on his lips..' , well me being uninformed about this I had no idea they were all oe in the same . And I will never forget the moment my Gyno explained to me without even having blood work or a culture test done on me that I had contracted HSV-1 seeing from the lesions on the inner walls of my vagina . It was a horrible outbreak, excruciating pain , and she said seeing as most patients that contract it , there first outbreak is the worst . This first time I had my outbreak I was in such a depressive state , I did no research on this virus only took what medication and anti-biotics that were given to me , and tried to do nothing but block out these nightmare that ( I thought was )taking over my life , but thanks to the support of my mom and best friend I am a changed person .

So here I am 14 months later , and I am having another outbreak coming on .. I am on this website and finding great remedies for the outbreaks and learning about my body and the signs .. and finally taking a step in my own recovery .. a step that I should have taken 14 months ago .. I am now starting from head to toe and working on myself , and strengthening my immune system ! And having such a great time in reading everyone's stories and hearing there thoughts on this virus .. 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 woman . And 80-90% of them don't know they have it .

Well I am proud to say that I have it , and have already told the guy I am talking to that I have it ( as we weren't intimate yet ) and he said he would rather be with me having Herpes .. then another girl without it ... So I suggest everyone be knowledgeable & not ashamed of what you have , because it makes you the person you are ... I can't believe 14 months ago , I thought my world was ending .. looking back now I laugh , because it is only just the beginning :)

God blesss ya'll !!


For herpes outbreaks use raw honey or manuka honey it heals ten times faster.


Hello, everyone. I wanted to take this opportunity to offer up my story to you all and some of the things I've discovered about this virus and myself in the process. I was diagnosed with GH in December 2010 via a blood screen. I also had a swab done on a blister during an outbreak at the time. I assumed that the man I was seeing at the time infected me; it was not an easy conversation and, sadly, it did not go well at all. That started the frequent outbreaks for me: the stress. Fast forward to this morning where I found myself in my gynecologist's office yet again and this time around, we had a blunt, candid discussion about the disease. In reassessing my diagnosis from 2010, it was made clear to me that my antibody count was so high that I had been harboring this little bug for years and years...if anything, I passed it along to him and was only suffering my first ever outbreak due to the stress of being the relationship. Prior to him, I had abstained from sex for 20 years...tells you a little something about this bug. What I did from that point onward is what I truly want you all to know: I researched it TOO much. When you're desperate to rid yourself of the pain, outbreak, blisters, THE SHAME, you will do anything to make it stop and make it go away. I get that. But what you're doing by researching the hell out of this is only adding further stress to yourself, perpetuating the environment that this little virus loves: cortisol, a stress hormone. My desperation to rid myself of this thing has led me to taking both Valtrex AND Acyclovar at the same time (crazy and unnecessary), all sorts of herbs, I soak in things, I apply stinging alcohol to the delicate tissues on my body and for what? Desperation to make it stop. But it doesn't because I'm soooo stressed over it constantly. It has taken over my life and THAT will keep those OBs coming on. So here's what I suggest: stop. Just stop and think about this virus and how it can be suppressed without panicking. Take the suppression drugs if you want to, take the Lysine, take the Olive Leaf and the Melissa and the super vitamin C doses...but more than anything, accept that is a part of who you are and that you ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR CONTRACTING THIS VIRUS. Way too many people have it so feeling alone and isolated will only keep the virus at the forefront of your mind and, therefore, active. I urge everyone to find the means to make peace with yourself and - above all - FORGIVE YOURSELF because you did NOTHING wrong. You can live with this and love with this and be alive with this. It's ok. I promise you that. I want to extend myself out to anyone who wants to share their pain or frustration or suffering with me. Find me for total confidential discussion. I am empathetic and nonjudgmental. It might help to talk about this with someone who is just an entity on a computer screen. That's me. I don't want names or anything --- just want to be someone who understands and am here to help in any way I can. I wish you all well and - remember - you are NOT alone and you will NOT suffer at the hands of this virus.


Hey guys. Ive posted once before, but I'm gonna tell you that some of these remedies that people post are absolutely dangerous. I'm only 20, have had this for over a year, and I've done just fine without the harsh chemicals. I don't even take Valtrex anymore, I just take 2 pills of lysine a day. Stressing out will almost always make you break out. Stop stressing over something that you already have and can't control, and be happy that you're could be worse. Take care of yourselves, and it will all be okay.


ROSE PETAL OIL. I don't know if this has been posted before, as there are so many to get through, but home made YELLOW ROSE PETAL OIL is my saving grace.

I was very surprised when I first used this remedy, made for me by a friend. I thought I was going to have to cancel my night out but 10 minutes after using this applied topically on an outbreak I was getting ready and doing my make-up. I was very surprised to find the pain level down to zero by the time I went out the door. I was worried it was temporary relief and I was going to find myself coming home early and upset, but I had faith and left the bottle in the house. I continued to have zero irritation and completely forgot about it until the next afternoon when I felt the pain returning a little, and used it again. It was scabbed and healing by day 3. The next time I used it and it cleared up before even breaking out properly, and I didn't have the scabbing stage at all.

Rose petals have antibacterial, antiviral and antidepressant properties. I noticed my mood lifted and that I was feeling calmer the whole night after using it both times. I didn't know it was noted for being antidepressant until I looked it up afterwards.

You can prob buy it in the shops but
It's very simple to make.. it needs to sit for a month though.

Fill a clear glass jar with rose petals, cover with virgin olive oil and leave on a sunny window ledge for 4 weeks. After this decant the oil into a dark bottle and use topically as required.

It can be used on a whole range of other things.. acne, eczema, cuts, basically any skin complaint. It is 100% safe with zero side effects, and so no panic if the kids get their hands on it.

Dr. ritu

Natural Homeopathic remedies such as H-factor and Bio 88 work well for herpes. These are homeopathic nosodes and work on vaccine like principles.


I have HSV-2 i got it from an unfaithful boyfriend. I didnt know i had it until i webt to the emergency room because i was sitting in a hot car in 110° weather in jeans and i could not sit down. That day i discovered i had contracted 2 STDs from him.

My first OB was horrific! I was 19 and i didnt know what was going on because i had seceral other medical issues. I am currently on my 5-6th OB and im 21. I only have one or two sores an OB and they go away pretty quickly. But this one is terrible. Just as soon as the sores look like theyre going away more appear and its driving me crazy. This OB has lasted about 3 weeks.

The only thing i could think about doing for the burning was to put on rubber gloves and cover my sores. And to spray bactine on it but im not sure if its helping to dry it out. Twice a day i soak for about 20min in a hot bath with epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide and several times a day i dap rubbing alcohol on all of my sore. Hopefully this is working and hopefully it works for some of you but thank you for your advice and remedies ill b sure to use some of yours.

God bless you all


Most of the remedies on here that i've read are dead on.However i do not see how soaking in and drinking bleach can be good for you, even if it does clear up the outbreak. The more natural the better. I dont believe in prescription drugs and only took valtrex once for my first outbreak. That was 6 year ago and i only get maybe 3 outbreaks a year never lasting longer than a week. If your immune system is healthy your body will fight the virus on its own and you won't have outbreaks. Lots of vit,mineral,antioxidants, natural antivirals such as garlic. Eat your superfoods. After reading other comments on here I have one concern. A few ppl posted that they were just diagnosed and have no idea where they could have gotten because they are married.Herpes is sexually transmitted so here are your options. 1-You have had it for a while without having symptoms. 2- your spouse cheated on you. 3- you cheated on your spouse. You don't just get it for no good reason sorry.


I recently contracted what I am sure is the herpes virus. I wasn't able to get into my doctor over the weekend and I found this sight along with others. I used betadine morning and night and the baking soda remedy once in between that and applied zinc ointment at various times throughout the day. The unbearable symptoms subsided and the spread stopped almost immediately. It wasn't too painful and didn't have any negative side effects. Highly recommend. Thank you all for the help and support.

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