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I read various articles years ago about herpes and never thought much about them until 2006 when I reconnected with an ex girlfriend. She had recently gotten divorced and I was out of a relationship too and I guess the ex factor was strong so we ended up having sex. A week to 10 days later, painful little blister bump on the tip of my penis showed up--herpes. It wound up going away on its own after 2 weeks but then 1 month later it popped up bigger than before. And then a few months later, again... by the fourth time it popped up in two adjacent spots I understood the hell of being unable to tolerate the pain and anxiety for 2 week stretches every few months.
I read a medical journal that topical applications of sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) was effective at treating and killing the virus during localized outbreaks. Specifically, the journal published on pubmed in 1988 by W.S. Croughan and A.M. Behbehani from the University of Kansas Medical Center demonstrated that an application of bleach for 10 minutes could render the virus inactive. The logic is that the virus goes dormant in the fatty tissues around the nerve cells in the subdermis. During an outbreak, the majority of the viral bloom would move up to the surface prompting an ulceration. So, after reading up on it further--numerous accounts and anecdotal support are all over, I decided to pursue it by doing the following: I cleaned the area, carefully removed any of the skin over the outbreak area (debrided or sluffed it off) and this is painful, raw, and may bleed a bit. This is normal. Then, using a 10% concentrated formula (straight from the bottle), I dipped a cotton swab (Q-Tip) into the solution and then apply directly to the area. If you wish to take an analgesic or narcotic pain killer, do so before hand. It burned but not terribly so--strong irritation/sting is best description. It wasn't pleasant but very tolerable. I held the swab in place for 4-6 minutes, then light rinse and repeat with a new swab. You may notice the area and swab turning brown--this too is normal as the bleach is a strong oxidizing agent and the iron in blood hemoglobin is being reduced and complexed (rusted). Then rinse with cool water and cover with a bandage. The site will be raw for 1-2 days and begin to heal over. You may have a scab that lasts ~10 days. DO NOT PICK AT THIS SCAB as it may contain traces of the active virus and can reinfect while moisture is still present. As it desiccates, any remaining viral cells will die and the viral load in the dermis has been significantly reduced when the bloom occurred. The sudden presence of the bleach prevents the virus from 'retreating' fast enough. The scab will flake off and leave shiny, pink new skin in its place. This will heal in time. I did this myself and have never had another sign or symptom. It is gone and life is back to normal for me for the past 5 years. I highly recommend this technique as an effective, low cost, and safe means of treating herpes. This will work for oral herpes too but do realize that you will have a dark crusty scab on your lip/mouth for 2 weeks. I see this as a small and temporary price to pay for getting rid of it for good!


I'm 19 and was diagnosed with herpes yesterday. And I'm in pain. I have no type of insurance and it stings like hell right now. I took a Epsom bath lastnight and it helped until this morning. It tried the spots up. And barely caused any pain. But I don't know when I will be able to receive treatment. Please help. I can barely sleep at night. The person who gave it to me doesn't even care that I'm suffering. But screw him. I learned my lesson. Abstinence before marriage.


I just got my first OB about a week ago. It started as a small little blister ( I just thought was a pimple ) and didn't think much about it. Then the next day I woke up to get ready for work and it felt like someone had set me on FIRE down there. I went the whole day so uncomfortable and ended up leaving early. It kind of felt like I had a yeast infection, so I got the Monistat 3 day treatment hoping it would clear up everything. But after the first dose I noticed I had 2 more blisters. It hurt so bad, I just wanted relief of any type for just one minute of the day! I didn't know I had herpes until I researched vaginal blisters. I was so upset and heartbroken! The next day I visited my doctor an she said no test was neeeded. It was definitely herpes. She gave me an over the counter drug, but I really heard negative comments about it. So I came to this site hoping to find something to relieve the pain, and I did!!!
I first tried putting peroxide on a cotton ball and putting it on the blisters 20 mins and that helped, and an ice pack helps A LOT. But really worked was propolis! I got the pill form and take one by mouth and open one up and put the powder on the blisters!! IT RELIEVES THE PAIN IMMEDIATELY!!!! I feel so much better and it's only been a few hours! I know it's going to be a long journey, but you guys made it seem possible! THANKS SO MUCH!!!


I read a lot of the posts on here saying about propolis. Most people did not say where to find it. After searching high and low today I found it at Whole Foods Grocery Store. Seeing as it is a chain store I hope it can help a lot of you. I just started using it so can't account to the effectiveness...yet...


I've been diagnosed with GH for a little over six months, and I can't even begin to explain how much this site has helped. We all know the feelings of depression and disgust whenever an outbreak occurs, but coming to this site always gives me hope and reminds me that I'm not the only one. I hear a lot around the internet about home remedies of tea tree oil, and I'm not quite sure that I understand the procedure, so if someone could help me out, that'd be great. I need some recommendations for home remedies because I can't afford the medication anymore. Thanks, and remember; one in five people.


I have had GH for over 37 years. It does not go away. I don't get full OB but I still get them. I used paste mixture but when the mixture would dry and it touched other areas, it spread. So be careful when using anything. I never used anything that was moist because I read that it liked moisture, so I always dry with a blow dryer and keep it as dry as I can. I have tried vitamins, eating healthy, juicing, etc... For me, I believe it is stress. Just recently, I did find something that does work for me, it is not cheap but in 3 days the blisters are nearly gone or gone. It is ACS200. Again, it is not cheap. I spray it on the OB and take 1/2 to 1 oz orally until the OB start to disappear, usually after 3 days. I am going to try some of the other remedies mentioned. I cannot afford to take the ACS200 all the time. I don't like taking meds so I cannot comment on them. Don't eat any kind of nuts!! There is a list of foods that we should stay away from. Check the internet for list. Keep yourself updated on what is new. I wish I had. Thanks to everyone for sharing.


Alright I'm 23 male with type one herps on my penis and mouth. Have had it my whole life. My step was cheating on my father and when i was a baby chewed on the dirty condom. Lifes just just messed up like that. Believe I've tried everything. Meds to tea bags to just everything. first don't mess with the sore at all. Don't pop then nothing just clean them very gently with soap and water. Air dry then pour peroxide on the sores. Air dry then put a light coat of baby powder. Dont touch the sores. No masterbating, avoid trigger foods mine are oranges and choclate. Sucks i know. Wash your hand. Okay now for the fun stuff. Vitamin d3, echinacea , garlic i use raw, vitamin c and l-lysine. Take all these i prob take way too much but idc. And now for the secret i have been searching fory whole life tagamet its a heartburn med but you can buy the generic too just make sure it has cimetide in it. I got an o.b. Yesterday morning took valtrex and woke up with it being worse. At one pm today i took my first tagamet pill and now its 504 and i feel no more pain on my moutj or penis. swelling and gone down redness almost completly gone. And blisters.much smaller take 3 throughout the day and two before bed. might have some stomach pains but i cant stand this disease and when i have an o.b. I consider suicide yeah that bad. Im a great looking guy but this kills my confidence. Spread this knoweledge please the corperations dont want to patent this because they won't profit. If you took the time to read this i swear on my life it just changed my life. Used condoms, avoid trigger food, dont have sex during an o.b. And eduate others about this new remedy and please google it urself for herpes use. I am happy witj a sore on my dick and mouth never has it happened before. credit it to the guy who had it for twenty years i read his remedy tried it and its just amazing. Oh and one more thing that could help a slice of raw garlic on the mouth sore. Its helps me too not long though jyst a few seconds. Good luck everyone be safe your not alone


I just turned 22 years old and about a week ago discovered I had herpes. For some reason I am very calm about the situation, a little worried about ever finding a man or infecting my child but I am trying to make the best of the situation. Luckily my herpes is not painful and the sores or my mouth are not very visible. I am not curently taking any medicines but I would like to start soon. Only thing I feel is a tingling sensation on my mouth sometimes. So far I've tried medicated blistex for cold sores and a medicated cold sore treatment I got from dollar general, very cheap and from what I've seen helpful. The cold sore treatment tingles for a few seconds but to me that means its working! I would like to try natural ways and medication to see which works better. I would also like to find a friend to go through this with and talk to each other whenever feeling down. We are not nasty people, well at least I know I'm not I jus made a mistake having sex with someone I barely knew without a condom, this Is one of the biggest mistakes of my life but I have learned a great lesson and I know that soon I will be outbreak free and live the best life I can live! Oh yeah this shit makes me very sleep all the time, does anybody else go through that and what do you do for it?


Hullo, I've had oral herpes since I was a child. I've tried many different things, the usual cold sore drugs, weird things from online, ect. My favorite though is farely simple. It's non-sticky, doesn't have an awful taste, and is invisible.

This would be antibiotic cream. The clear kind (or white), and it MUST SAY 'PAIN RELIEF' I heard about it from my doctor, who also has random flare ups of this kind. Also, I rub alcohol on it, to dry it up. It works quite well.

Also, remember to:
-replace your toothbrush when its gone
-replace your lip gloss/chap stick
-replace anything you put near you mouth up to two weeks before you got the sore.

It's mostly common sense.

Herps for shurps

Here's my GH story on how easy it was to contract and my personal remedy:

I had received oral sex from a friend ONE TIME and contracted the virus right away due to cuts and razor burn I had going on at the time. The morning after the hook up I had a fever, swollen nodes, and a few red spots all around my labia and clitoris that were soo painful, the whole shebang. I went immediately to a cheap clinic and got tested. It was diagnosed as HSV type 1 in my genital area. I was prescribed Acyclovir and it cleared up in a few days.

However: I am a diabetic and due to my suppressed immune system from my condition I have break outs pretty frequently, I get small tears in my perineum and labia that do not form to be complete blisters but are a symptom NONE THE LESS and are very painful. I still use the dosage of Acyclovir, one 400MG pill around 3-4 times a day. But I found this herbal remedy to be extremely effective and maybe even BETTER than prescription Acyclovir and can be applied directly to the affected area.

-1 part aloe vera gel
-1 capsule of echincea
-1 capsule of bee propolis
-Few drops of tea tree
-Few drops of water
-Few drops of rubbing alcohol

-This will make an herby paste that you can apply directly to wounds and areas you feel may be prone to break outs, this provides instant relief as well as an obvious increased time in healing and stops break outs from getting worse. It may sting at first depending on your sores but it will go away and the aloe will soothe instantly, while echinacea/propolis/tea tree provides antiviral and antibacterial and promotes healing, and the alcohol acts as an astringent to which the virus practically runs from.

Try and get living aloe and all other ingredients organic for full benefits!

Other advice:
-Do not eat peanuts, or almonds, or any nuts for that matter, as they fuel herpes outbreaks due to arganine.
-Do not drink coffee, excess sugary drinks, or any diet drinks (aspartame I found fuels my break outs and is generally UNHEALTHY)
-Use antibacterial washes (Dial) to clean your blisters to prevent infection and irritation from germs and then dry the area with clean paper towels, and BLOW DRY your genitals to remove excess moisture that could breed bacteria, contrary to popular belief moisture INHIBITS healing, it does not help it!
-Keep your towels and underwear and any other garments separate as best you can, and clean them using hot water and a bit of bleach, a small amount of bleach will not affect colors and will help sanitize!

But most of all, remain calm, and focus on your general well being as well as your GH and you will have control over your condition in no time! Good luck!

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