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i didnt get type 1 from a realtionship. i got my pretty little present from being a rebelious person. supressed childhood, once i was free i rocked my worlds socks off as often as possible. so its my own fault because i knew better and i just threw caution to the wind. but i didnt know it was herpes. my vagina was swollen and painful one day after sex and after a couple days it went down. then back up and back down. one side would tingle or go numb. then swell. and go back down. so i stopped having sex. i freaked out thinking i was having so much sex my vagina was reacting badly... silly younger me. and i never cared to find out. since i didnt have sex it never happened again. i though i was good. then i had a cold sore. but i was legitimatley sick. i had the flu and a fever of 106. normal i thought. then i went suntanning. and fell asleep. woke up with my entire face and torso sunburned and covered in blisters. normal i thought, i was just dumb and fell asleep in the sun. but then i had sex with the boyfriend, as soon as enough of the sunburn had cleared away to not be painful during sex. he didnt call me after a few days so i called him. he said i gave him herpes. i was confused. i didnt know how. we had sex again, we always used condoms but i didnt notice the condom missing until afterwards. sure enough, boom! Gh. its wasnt big. it was just 3 little blisters. cleared up in 1 day and a half. i dont get a cold sore unless im severly sick with a high fever, and ive had 2 out breaks that ive noticed with gh. again, just a couple tiny little blisters and within a day or 2 they are gone. i just happend to notice them because i was shaving. theres no pain, no itching. so i cant tell when im getting one. but, i do inspect my face and my vagina everyday. and when i find something on my face, i use campo phenique. i use it 2-3 times a day and i use blistex or carmax everyday. camph phenique really helps though because if you apply it as soon as the break out starts forming, its gone for me in half a day. campo phenique drys it out. its stings a little but youll be happy when you dont have a huge cluster of blisters on your mouth. as far as gh, im going to try some of these other remedies yall have on here. im not having sex so ive got plenty of time to experiment.


Put Benadryl gel or cream on any herpes lesions 2 or 3 times a day...that's it. The blisters will not form with the histamine blocked. Also, deep breathing during the day to relax! Try it!


I was recently informed that I had been exposed to HSV 1 & 2. At the time I couldn't find any medical answers for 'What do I do now?'. I have been doing a lot of research into natural methods of supression and treatment and I have found a lot of interesting things as I am sure most others have found.
There are two natural supplements that seem to have amazing reviews; Herpanacine and Herp-eeze. They have completely different ingredients and must be taken daily as a supressive therapy. These options may help.
I know how embarassing it is to walk in somewhere to purchase medication that is designed for GH, so, an idea for those of us who are a little faint of heart; don't be afraid to ask the person at the health food store for help, just simplify your request by saying you are looking for something for cold sores! :) It takes away a lot of the personal nature of GH and the treatments are the same!
I am now taking L-lysine plus and Dandelion supplements as a daily supressive and experimenting with the effectiveness of Propolis. Everything I have read suggests using L-lysine as a daily supplement not just when you have an OB because like most things it will safely build in your system and help shorten outbreaks when they do occur as well as fights the virus from the inside to retard the frequency of OBs. I hope this helps!


I'm a 28 year old female. I've been trying to survive OBs for the last 4 months. I'm not sure if I keep having recurrent OBs or if its just been one long continual one. Because usually less than 2 weeks after one set of lesions clear up, more are starting. It's genital HSV1, but now they are orolabial (and, god, INSIDE my mouth) I've only had 3 partners. Usually I use Abreva or ColdSoreFX. ColdSoreFX is better at relieving the pain than Abreva. I just got my order from Global Health Products for Dynamiclear. Holy Smokes! This stuff is crazy! Its a one time application, burns like hellfire and makes it so painful that you wanna puke this lasts for like 10 minutes and then the pain is essentially gone. I started to get my first coldsore on my lip on Friday, I put this on on Friday night and now its basically gone.
I find fragrance free zinc oxide is best for protecting the genital lesions from urine/friction (I run and bike a lot). Shea butter is also very soothing.
Because I'm active I use a liquid deodorant called 'Fresh Balls' (but you could use the female product fresh breasts or similar product) to reduce sweating and prevent sitting in a sweat bath of HSV sheddings.
I usually try to wipe with wet-ones or Provacare (a natural feminine cleanser) when I have an OB because TP can be too abrasive. Always makes some nice single package wipes that fit discreetly into a pocket or wallet.


I recently got an OB about 6 months ago after me and my boyfriend of 3 years had oral. I have type 1 so it was probably from a cold sore either he was carrying, or I was and passed it to him. Not only do I now have H, but I also am lucky enough to have gotten Pelvic Inflammatory disease(PID) because I am so sensitive down there and makes my ovaries feel-able through the skin :/ This has lead everything to be unbearably painful, especially when urinating. If you are sensitive and get an outbreak like me, try to stop it asap!!! It could lead to even worse problems if it isnt handled soon enough. Try eating mangos and fruit if you do not want medication. Also, make sure to get a lot of vitamin C and D, drink cranberry juice, and try putting yogurt on the sores. It sounds weird, but yogurt has some great vitamins that are key in keeping healthy down there and it eases the pain. Stay away from caffeine and sugar! And make sure to stay stress free!! Also, try drinking Chinese herbal tea with a little milk and honey. I am sitting here with my second outbreak and ran to the store today and I have been doing a lot better. Keep your head up, stay stress free, and remember that this can happen to anyone no matter how safe you are being.


I found out after a complete physical for. I've had STD testing yearly for over 20 years. More often when i have a sex partner or meet someone new. My habit was to have a mutual showing of 'papers' before taking it to level sex. I almost always used condoms unless i was in a committed relationship. i was STD free or so i thought. I was in a great relationship when i got the physical over a year ago. We were talking marriage and kids, so decided to have a prelim blood test JIC. It came back positive and i was in complete shock and heartsicknessness. I assumned my man burned me, i was angry but ready to forgive him. I confronted him and he got tested. He is negative! no Virus. WTH!!! i'd never had an outbreak, never, no bumps itching or stinging unless it was a yeast infection. We broke up consequently and i've mourned him for almost a year. I'm over him now and was pretty happy till i lost my job annnd. Guess what my first outbreak and no health coverage. I found this site and am trying Lysine, Vit b complex, garlic, and probiotic. Topically i applied Propolis+tea tree+plus aloe vera gel. It cured the itching and burning. I almost forgot it was there. its been two days and i'm hoping it works. I've been dating but check out when it gets to the point where i can't hold off the sex any longer. I don't have the nuts to tell em, nor am i willing to take a chance and burn em. I'm embarrased, depressed, feel worthless. I'm lonely, and hopeless. I thank God for my 25 year old daughter, she doesnt even know that my love for her is the only reason i havent checked out. I don't even know who where or when i got HVS can't even be mad at anyone


I had about 3 breakouts in a month and half and i started drinking lemon juice water (lemon juice bought from grocery store ab 1/8 cup to every 12oz water) and stopped eating almonds (bc i am on a very strict diet for work) and its been about three months since ive had a cold sore and i tan and drink just about every day. Also lemon juice is amazing for your complexion, acne or just overall glow of skin. Much love


I have tried this remedy and it has really helped me. 1 tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's)and 1 tbsp Floral Honey mixed in a coffee mug of hot water (like making a cup of tea). I drink this every morning after breakfast, I am 3 months out break free (exactly the time I started this drink). You can google Apple Cider Vinegar for more information.


hi people i completely understand wat every one is going through. i am too suffering from this virus which cant be gotten rid of. i treat myself with homeopathic medicines which are the only ones that can help get cured from this virus. i have not been very regular in the treatment but i get my outbreak only once a year now and i immediately start with the medicines and it get cured almost immediately. had i been regualr in taking my pills i could have cured myself.

but for all my friends who would want to try this alternative medicine which has no side effect you could get in touch with Dr.Rashid Wadia based out of Colaba Mumbai India. he is very famous and his medicines are courired abroad too.

trust me your life can be free from GH and from these chemicals, synthetic medicines with countless side effects.

take care.................


I read various articles years ago about herpes and never thought much about them until 2006 when I reconnected with an ex girlfriend. She had recently gotten divorced and I was out of a relationship too and I guess the ex factor was strong so we ended up having sex. A week to 10 days later, painful little blister bump on the tip of my penis showed up--herpes. It wound up going away on its own after 2 weeks but then 1 month later it popped up bigger than before. And then a few months later, again... by the fourth time it popped up in two adjacent spots I understood the hell of being unable to tolerate the pain and anxiety for 2 week stretches every few months.
I read a medical journal that topical applications of sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) was effective at treating and killing the virus during localized outbreaks. Specifically, the journal published on pubmed in 1988 by W.S. Croughan and A.M. Behbehani from the University of Kansas Medical Center demonstrated that an application of bleach for 10 minutes could render the virus inactive. The logic is that the virus goes dormant in the fatty tissues around the nerve cells in the subdermis. During an outbreak, the majority of the viral bloom would move up to the surface prompting an ulceration. So, after reading up on it further--numerous accounts and anecdotal support are all over, I decided to pursue it by doing the following: I cleaned the area, carefully removed any of the skin over the outbreak area (debrided or sluffed it off) and this is painful, raw, and may bleed a bit. This is normal. Then, using a 10% concentrated formula (straight from the bottle), I dipped a cotton swab (Q-Tip) into the solution and then apply directly to the area. If you wish to take an analgesic or narcotic pain killer, do so before hand. It burned but not terribly so--strong irritation/sting is best description. It wasn't pleasant but very tolerable. I held the swab in place for 4-6 minutes, then light rinse and repeat with a new swab. You may notice the area and swab turning brown--this too is normal as the bleach is a strong oxidizing agent and the iron in blood hemoglobin is being reduced and complexed (rusted). Then rinse with cool water and cover with a bandage. The site will be raw for 1-2 days and begin to heal over. You may have a scab that lasts ~10 days. DO NOT PICK AT THIS SCAB as it may contain traces of the active virus and can reinfect while moisture is still present. As it desiccates, any remaining viral cells will die and the viral load in the dermis has been significantly reduced when the bloom occurred. The sudden presence of the bleach prevents the virus from 'retreating' fast enough. The scab will flake off and leave shiny, pink new skin in its place. This will heal in time. I did this myself and have never had another sign or symptom. It is gone and life is back to normal for me for the past 5 years. I highly recommend this technique as an effective, low cost, and safe means of treating herpes. This will work for oral herpes too but do realize that you will have a dark crusty scab on your lip/mouth for 2 weeks. I see this as a small and temporary price to pay for getting rid of it for good!

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